Saturday, April 9, 2011

Today I Went Shopping and Visited Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent

  • I picked up Grandma Spiehs and we went shopping. I wanted to go to this store called, No Girls Allowed. I was excited that there was a store that was for boys! I imagined a store full of boy toys and boy clothes. Hip in every way. There are so many stores out there for girls.
  • We drove around and could not find it. Finally we stopped in a store called, Chicks to ask. Chicks was a boutique type of store full of mostly girl things. 
  • We asked if they knew where, No Girls Allowed was at? It was a vendor in their store. It was a tiny corner that had stuff for boys and girls. Go figure. 
  • I was disappointed. My disappointment was somewhat relieved when I found out the stuff was 50% off. 
  • I ended up getting an Automoblox set of 3 cars. They are for ages 3 and up, so I'll probably give them to Isaak for his birthday, or Christmas. I do get stuff year around for Christmas. 
  • I also got a few boy wallets. 
  • Isaak loves to role play. Mica needs to learn about money {like which coin is a quarter and so on.}
  • We stopped to visit Great Grandma Kent in her newish home. 
  • Mica kept telling us that he was going to stay in the car while we went in to see her.
  • I honestly think a part of him was scared to go see Great Grandma Kent in her newish home. 
  • We went to see her once before, and Mica was quiet the whole time. He was acting pretty odd. 
  • We kept asking him why he felt scared, and he wouldn't tell us. 
  • He did act alright once we went in. Except both boys wouldn't give Great Grandma Kent a hug when it was time to leave. 
  • I wonder if it's common for kids to be scared of nursing homes and other homes similar to nursing homes?
  • Always in the past Great Grandma Kent and the boy's were magnetic. 
  • We then stopped in to see Great Grandpa Kent at his house. 
  • The boy's were really excited to be there. So much so that they didn't want to leave.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Like My New Necklace?

  • Mica made it for me at preschool yesterday. It has paper flowers with colored straws cut up and threaded between them.
  • He said that I could wear it today, so I did. 
  • My students kept asking me if it was Hawaiian day, but no it's Daddy and my 9 year anniversary.
  • Today is a very special day.
  • We're going out to dinner tonight. We're going with our kiddo's, but that's ok.

Cuddle Bugs

  • Once a week we have a movie night. This night we watched Tangled. I splurge on movies some since we don't have cable.
  •  Usually one kid cuddles with me, while the other cuddles with Daddy. This night they both wanted to cuddle with me.
  • As you can tell I have severe allergy eyes going on. I tried rubber stamping the bags under my eyes out in Photoshop, but then I looked very fake.

Wordless Wednesday - Circus

Two of Mica's clown drawings he drew this week:

They look pretty similar. One was for Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs, and the other was for our refrigerator at home.

Then Daddy and I went out this last weekend to some gallery openings. It's something we like to do, but rarely get a chance to do. We saw some people tight rope walking in a window. Crazy!

Then Mica went to the doctor yesterday and they put him in a circus gown.

I think something/someone is trying to tell us that we need to go to the circus. My choice would be: Cirque Du Soleil over any other circus!

Monday, April 4, 2011

And the Doctor Said...

Mica has perfect vision, perfect hearing and is doing just fine.
He weighs 46 pounds 3.2 ounces. 64.85% His weight has gone up in percentile. He is still long and skinny!
He is 46.75" tall. 87.36% He'll be one of the tallest in his class I'm sure.

Only Concerns for the Doc:
  • He has a mole on his back that we have to watch. Doctor says it's fine right now. If it gets bigger then a pencil eraser then we have to take him in to a dermatologist.
  • Doctor Harrison thought he might have to go through speech therapy with his past history. I don't think so. No one ever has trouble understanding Mica. He's compensated really well with having a tongue that is not perfect. Mr. Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue. We've tried opting him into the school district speech therapy early; he tested out of it.

Only Concern for Mica:
  • Mica was stoked that he was going to go to the doctor and not have to get a shot. I told him, "Sorry honey, you probably will have to get a few shots."
  • I kept explaining how shots are good. Grandma Spiehs had Polio, and Mica gets a shot to prevent that. 
  • Mica was pretty quiet at the doctor's office.
  • When the nurse came in to give him his shots, Mica kept saying that he wasn't ready. 
  • It ended with us having to hold him down and a few tears.

A Great Giveaway!

My Organized Chaos is has a great giveaway going on right now!

Fashionably Late - The Ultimate Blog Party 2011 {With Giveaway} is the post where she is giving away a $100 Amazon giftcard!

Summer Fun!

We have a super big yard for the city. I'd love a few more toys for the boy's in it.

Two of a Kind Working on a Full House is hosting a great $300 prize by Step2! They are giving away a roller coaster for kids!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Almost Had to Call Poison Control Today!

  • We came home from Costco, and of course there was a lot of stuff to unload. I knew we were low on dishwasher soap bubbles. I brought some up, and asked Mica to refill our tin that's under the sink. I got the tin out, and showed him where the wrapped soap bubbles were to fill up the tin. Then I shut the cupboard under the sink.
  • I was in the same room unloading groceries. 
  • I noticed something was in Isaak's mouth. 
  • It was the center part of a soap bubble!
  • He spit it out into my hand. 
  • I'm so glad Isaak did not swallow this! I would have been so fearful, and would have had to call poison control! 
  • Isaak got a lecture. 
  • This kid hasn't tried to put anything foreign in his mouth since he was crawling! 
  • He's Mr. Curious lately. Getting into the toilet, he bit a hole into a foam bowling pin that Mica has {didn't swallow any of it}, and now this dishwasher soap bubble thing!
  • I feel like we watch our kid's really well, I'm hardly in a different room from our boy's. Obviously I need to keep a major watch on him!

Lucky Penny Man

  • Mica found a penny in the parking lot of Costco today. He was so excited! 
  • I said, "Mica it's your lucky day!"
  • Mica said, "Ya! I'd like to thank the penny man!" 
  • I said, "Who?" 
  • Mica said, "You know the penny man. He's the one that spends all day dropping pennies for people like me to pick up."
  • I said, "Oh! That sounds like an important job that the penny man has!"
  • I wonder if someone told him this story, or if he made it up himself?


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