Tuesday, December 22, 2020

WW: Meet Warhol {Linky}

All I asked for Christmas was a new white gecko, and a dresser, or some kind of hutched turned into a gecko hide.

We bought a dresser from facebook marketplace, and we sold our coffee table that we've had for ever. My husband thought about my grandpa a lot when making the gecko hide. He inherited a lot of his tools. It was a good project. 

My husband knows a girl that's pregnant, and wanted to give up a few geckos. We took one in. His name is, "Warhol". It's off of Andy Warhol. I just thought it would be fun to have a white gecko, and decorate some of his hide pop art like. As it turned out, the tank has a faux rock pattern. So long, Campbell soup can tank paper. he does have a tent made by me, with Brillo logo on it. Warhol the artist did a piece, with Brillo in it. Then the gecko Warhol has a big Campbell tomato soup can hide. So far he prefers his log hide because it's familiar. It takes them awhile to venture out of their comfort zone. 

Some of you might be thinking, Why a gecko? Well I'm allergic to all things furry, and feathery. I was told that all dogs and cats are no nos, for me. No matter what claims are out there that certain dogs and cats are allergy safe. They are in fact just better than most. More power to you, if you can have one. Geckos fit me. They are friendly, have fun habitats, and are easy to care for. My son's actually cuddles. He'll sit under a blanket for up to an hour. They also like to be swayed/rocked. No joke! It's the only time Warhol stays still. 

Here's Warhol in his moist hide. Also known as a Mason jar with wet moss in it. 

Here's me with him. 

He tries to climb up the couch, but doesn't get far. Leather isn't easy to climb apparently. 

Mica was holding him here. Isaak kept saying, "Mica you have him in the circle of trust." I imagine geckos feel safe in hands that are cupped because it seems like a hide. 

Do you own a pet? What's is its name? 


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