Friday, December 3, 2010

Not Afraid of Santa Claus

  • Aunt Terra took the younger two boy's (Isaak and cousin Elijah) to the mall for stroller class.
  • Santa was walking around, and Isaak ran up to him to give him a hug. Santa picked him up and Isaak wanted to cuddle with him.
  • This weekend we caught a few shots of the boy's with Santa when we went to get family photo's.
  • As you can see Mica wouldn't stop telling Santa what he wants for Christmas! The boy would buy out Toys R Us if it were up to him! Isaak was a little unsure of Santa at this point. This could of been when Isaak was feeling sick. He was complaining of a tummy ache as we left the mall.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Light Weight Tike

  • One of my student's just brought her one year old in to see us. Luckily he doesn't have stranger anxiety, so I got to pick him up. 
  • Man he is light weight. He made Isaak and Mica seem like giants; when they are skinny mini's. 
  • I feel sorry for my student and her little boy. The Daddy pretty much walked out of their lives. :( I know it happens. I also know being a single parent can be done. I couldn't imagine being a single parent, or being raised without a Daddy! 
  • Hopefully he has one strong male role model in his life. I'm a firm believer that it really helps a child to develop if they have both a male and female influence in their life.
  • I have few students that I never knew had kids. 
  • I couldn't imagine going through life not talking about your kids and having someone else raise them. Heck I can't even go an 8 hour day without calling and checking on my kids. 
  • The only reason I know they have kids is because they had to claim that they had a child to make their education less expensive. 
  • To me that is sad.
  • Their parents are helping them by raising their child, but are they helping them? They are not able to bond with their kid like they should. What happens when they get out of school? Do the grandparents give up their grandchild? That just seems hard on all parties. 

    Something Mica Would Love!

    • Have I ever mentioned that Go Graham Go is one of my favorite sites? Well it is! Another great giveaway is going on there right now! 
    • One lucky winner is going to win a custom set from Superstructs. This product looks like something Mica would totally get into!  
    • He loves to build anything. 
    • They sell them at Fat Brain Toys. This is my favorite toy store to look at in Omaha. They have a lot of different toys sold there. I'm a little bias because one of my favorite grads designs their website, and some of the toy packaging.

    I'd Love to Win This Prize!

    • This would be a great prize to win for this time of year. Mom Spotted is hosting a great giveaway! Not one, but five people are going to win $100 American Express gift cards
    • The gift cards come in packs of $25. 
    • I'd keep one, give two away as Bingo gifts {we play as a family} and give the last one to a co-worker that had half his house burn down.

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Wordless Wednesday - Hangin' Out With Ronald McDonald

    • I know lately McDonald's has gotten a bad wrap. On our trip to see Grandma and Grandpa Apel we did stop there. Going out to eat for us is a rare thing to do.
    • At least they offer apples in their kid's meals. The boy's usually split a Happy Meal. I also give our children some of my salad. I pack additional veggies too. This time it was snap peas that they munched on.

    Tuesday, November 30, 2010

    Tummy Flu

    • After the cute photo's that Isaak participated in last night {post below}, he told me, "Mommy my tummy hurts!"
    • We went home. Isaak laid down to go to sleep with a whimper. I thought maybe it was just drainage from his cold. 
    • I heard him cry before I went to bed. I went in and he threw up on himself and on his bedding. I put him in the shower with Daddy, stripped his bedding and made his bed up again. 
    • Isaak got out of the shower. I dried him off and cuddled him. I stood him up to redress him and wham, this time I was his target. My lap was cover in well, yuck and smell. 
    • Back in the shower Isaak went.
    • Daddy woke up six times with him and I woke up three. 
    • He threw up one more time for me all over his bedding again. 
    • I did a lot of laundry last night. 
    • I feel so sorry for Isaak! I hated getting the tummy flu when I was a kid!

    Monday, November 29, 2010

    Family Photo's

    • We went to get our family photo's tonight. I just couldn't pass up the coupon I found online. It was at Picture People. We got six sheets for $18. Usually one sheet is $20.
    • Our photographer wasn't very good at getting us to smile. One of us in every photo looked silly.
    • We ended up going with number 2. Mica isn't as smiley as he normally is in photo's, but he's not bad and the rest of us are good. We liked the first shot, but Daddy is shadowed. Daddy thought he looked silly in the last one.

    Memis Tree Turned to Cimis Tree

    • Isaak kept seeing Christmas tree's at Target and in ads. He kept saying, "Memis Tree Mommy"! I knew what he was talking about because he kept pointing when he said it. It sort of sounded like he was saying, "Ministry Mommy"!
    • Last night we put our tree up. I was a wondering how the boy's would be. Would they be touching everything? Would they break something? I have to say they were very good! 
    • Mica kept saying, "Mommy and Daddy Christmas is the most amazing holiday ever! Do you like Christmas"? Of course we do! Before the tree went up Mica wanted to add the star. When Mica found the holiday books and puzzles, he quickly turned to them. He was putting a book of puzzles together in no time!
    • Isaak kept trying to pull out ribbon and beads. He was in awe looking at the tree. Isaak grabbed random things to put under the tree. He started directing me on what to do next. Every time we'd add something to the tree he would say, "Yep". Soon the "Memis Tree" turned to "CimisTree". It now sounds like Isaak is saying, "Chemistry" instead of "Ministry".

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Lion King

    • We found this little lion in a suit case that we use to go out of town. We don't go out of town often at all, so it was like a new toy for Isaak.
    • He's been carrying it around and calling it, "Lion King." He's so cute!

    Isaak Got a Hair Cut

    • We have family pictures tomorrow. 
    • Last week Isaak wouldn't get a hair cut. He screamed. Today he got one. He was really good. The lady took off more then I imagined, but I like it. 
    • Aunt Angela should be proud. She makes fun of Isaak for having what she calls, "Girl hair." I happen to like his hair a little longer, but it did need to be evened up.
    • So here it is:


    • Here are our boy's and their cousin on Daddy's side, Payton. 
    • They don't get to see Payton that often. Mica was very happy to see him!
    • We went for a walk to see the train tracks. Our boy's are obsessed with trains! I just wish it wasn't so cold. Then we would have gotten better pictures.


    • Mica made an Indian outfit at one of his preschool's last week. 
    • He was so excited to have made it and has worn it around. He even wore it to our Thanksgiving at Great Aunt Sandra's house.


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