Saturday, March 6, 2010

Some Paperwork is Finished!

  • I'm feeling a little better. I got Mica's second preschool forms filled out. I never would of thought that they'd need so much information on my child and us as parents!
  • Then I've had a 2 page survey to fill out on Isaak's orthopedic doctor appointment. Earlier today I had a phone call survey about the emergency room visit. A lot of busy work!

Gretna, Nebraska

  • I was talking about how I've never been to my friend Debbie's house in Gretna, Nebraska.
  • Mica said, "Well...we can go there, and to the pumpkin patch since it's right there too".
  • I thought it was pretty funny that he remembers that the pumpkin patch is in Gretna, Nebraska. We hardly go, or talk about Gretna.
  • Then Mica went on to say, "Daddy just don't wear that scary witch's mask like you did last time you went to the pumpkin patch"!
  • How does this four year old remember these things that happened in the fall?
  • I guess I remember things too. It's called a selective memory. I remember having a strawberry patch in our backyard, and my mom had completely forgotten about it. I remember how I broke my collar bone, when my Dad had forgotten how. I was only four years old when these things happened too.
  • Funny how I can remember things well, but would fail just about every standardized test in school. I had to be in all the chapter one classes. I sure hope that Mica's not going to be like I was with that!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mom 4 Life

  • I got an email from Mom 4 Life telling me that my order was going to be late because they didn't get their pre-orders in on time.
  • These are the fun socks I ordered for Isaak.
  • They said I could pick out another free pair of BabyLegs for the inconvenience.
  • You know places are a good companies when they do stuff like this.
  • I picked the Classic Brown Ribbed ones. They can work for a boy or girl baby gift.

Learning to Get Along

  • Go Graham Go is giving away a whole series of books about getting along by Free Spirit.
  • This series is good for Mica's age. The books range from the ages 4 to 8 years.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Home for Lunch

  • I only live about 7 minutes away from my work. Sometimes it's nice to just stay at work, socialize and get stuff done.
  • Daddy called me this morning, and seemed a little annoyed with the boys, Isaak in particular. I decided to head for home.
  • It is nice because when I go home, I do get a lot done.
  • Today I spent some time holding Isaak and read to Mica and cousin Evan. I ate. Then I took care of the many dishes in the kitchen, and ran my new dishwasher. The table and counters were a mess, so I cleaned them off as well (the best I could).
  • I asked Daddy to open the blinds to let some light in. Isaak kept saying, "Ninow", which is window. He wanted to bask in the sunlight. This brought back a memory from when I was little. I hazily remember laying on my dog's belly in the sunlight. It was so nice and warm. The only sucky part was when my dog wanted to get up. Clunk went my little head on the floor. My parents had to give up our 2 dogs when I wasn't even 5 years old because of my stupid allergies.


  • We all have colds now. I'm feeling it in my my head, Daddy is sore, Isaak is snotty and Mica has it the worst! He has a fever and nasty cough.
  • Mica hasn't been too into eating, actually took a nap yesterday and didn't run around like normal.
  • Mica said at nap time, "Grandma, I have my girlfriend and blanket that's all I need". He sleeps with one of our old Cabbage Patch Kids and that is his girlfriend.

Curious George Prize Pack Giveaway!

  • There's another Curious George Prize Pack Giveaway!
  • This time it's on the great site called My Wee View.
  • The pack includes:
  1. Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey on DVD
  2. Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey Soundtrack
  3. Follow That Monkey puzzle
  4. Curious George Mask
  5. 2 free kids Amtrack tickets (only valid with paid adult ticket) and if the winner is in the US.

Toddler Tools Series Books

  • Free Spirit is a publishing company that has books for children of all ages.
  • Go Graham Go is giving away a set of well mannered books.
  • I'd like to get Feet are Not for Kicking for Isaak. He likes to kick when his diaper is being changed.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


  • Isaak's newest word is: "Melmo", which is Elmo. I guess I've heard him say it before, but it really stood out tonight when I got out his "Melmo" chair. He pointed to his chair and said, "Melmo! La la la la." If you didn't know, Elmo sings, "La la la la".
  • He also say's table, Chap Stick, robot and a mess more. He's talking too fast to blog all his words.

3 Generations of Messed Up Feet

  • Blurry Isaak, but there we are. The two legs up on Grandma Spiehs' scooter are mine and her's. Her boot goes up a lot higher then mine. It's all our left foot.
  • My leg on the left and Grandma Spiehs' on the right. Our pants are pulled up to where our boot's stop. Grandma's goes up to her armpits I think LOL, just kidding. Her's does go up high though. Mine stops above my ankle.
  • Isaak's "Magic Shoes"- He's been asking to take them off. The shoe laces come untied a lot. Oh...and I can't forget, the bottoms are a bit slippery on our wood floors.
  • You can't tell in any photo's, but the shoes always look like they are on the wrong feet. The left one points to the right, and the right one points to the left.

Start and End to the Day

  • Isaak's always excited to go to Aunt Terra's and Uncle Tyson's house as well as Grandma and Grandpa's house!
  • He's also excited when I go to pick him up at the end of the day!

First Lego Movie Giveaway!

  • Jolly Mom is giving away a new movie, LEGO: The Adventures of Clutch Powers.

Annoying Song Day

  • I was in the senior's classroom today. I just started asking many students what song(s) are the most annoying to them?
  • most of my students weren't adding to my list. But...they sure were laughing at me when I was singing them.
  • Here's my list:
  1. Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer. This one tops the list for me. My guy students agreed! I'm not so sure about the girl's though. I happen to like the band, but this song gets in your head, and is annoying!
  2. On the Wings of Love by Jeffrey Osborne. This was the hit song on The Bachelor. I have to say it's pretty annoying.
  3. Barbie Girl by Aqua.
  4. We added to the list with commercial jingles.

Child's Job Chart Felt Board!

House Full of Sicky's

  • When I talked to my parents over lunch, Mica felt very warm and he was horse.
  • Mica woke up last night with a nightmare. It's very rare for Mica to wake up.
  • Isaak's been really poopy, whinny and waking up at night. I imagine he's sick to.
  • Daddy felt sick yesterday.
  • Am I going to come out clean? I hope so, but I've been a little snotty today.
  • Midterm exam's are next week. I need energy!

Finish Your Meal

  • Go Graham Go is focusing on good manners this week.
  • I like today's article titled: Raising a Well-Mannered Child Series Part 3: Table Time.
  • With our kids we try to put limited food on their plates and expect them to finish their meals. The article above talks about this.
  • Our kids have to try whatever it is on their plates because this makes them more accepting towards new or different things.
  • Both of our kids like asparagus, Mica likes grilled peppers and Isaak likes curry chicken. I don't make the kids eat things over and over that they dislike, but I do want them to sample whatever it is that we're eating.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is it Ok to Pick Favorites?

  • Awhile back I got a Parents magazine. Inside was an article titled something like, Is it Ok to Pick Favorites? I was thinking absolutely not!
  • The article wasn't saying that one of your kids should be treated better then the other, or that one is better then another. It was saying that your kids go through stages where one kid is in fact more pleasant then the other. Naturally we enjoy the one that is sweeter, quiet and helpful. After I read the article, I understood what they were saying. Yes I too have favorites depending on the stage my children are in.
  • I've known people that were treated lesser then their sibling their whole life. That is so not fair! I'm not in favor of this!
  • We LOVE both of our children! But I do have to say that Mica is driving Daddy and I crazy the last two weeks. His phase of not thinking he needs a nap anymore makes him difficult in the evenings! He can't focus on a single tasks, is grumpy and careless. He is also full of constant sound effects that pierce anyone's ears.
  • A few weeks ago Isaak drove us nuts, more then Mica. He went through a, "I want to do everything myself Mommy and Daddy" phase. He'd want to do somethings that he really was unable to do. He'd fuss over wanting to brush his own teeth. This is good, but not when he wants to walk or run with the toothbrush in this mouth. I'm so afraid he'll fall and ram the toothbrush up his throat. He insists on climbing into his car seat without help. Then he wants to put on his own clothing. He's not even two yet.
  • So do I play favorites? I try not to. But I do have to say that I too like one child more then another at times. It all depends on the day or in some cases week.

Training Pants

Monday, March 1, 2010

4 Year Old Drowned

  • In a hotel here in Omaha, NE there was an awful discovery...a hotel worker found a child's body in their pool. The worker tried to resuscitate, but it was too late.
  • I guess this is the second time a child has died in the same pool five years ago.
  • The little girl's parent's did not take her to the hotel. Instead she went with some friends of the family for a birthday party.
  • The media is starting to point fingers at the hotel. They are not responsible for this little girl's death.
  • I've personally been to this hotel, and know for a fact that they have a sign saying, "Lifeguard not on duty. Please watch your children. Swim at your own risk". I think there's a no jumping sign as well.
  • I couldn't imagine no one watching Mica, who is the same age as this little girl was.
  • At the pool there was no adults watching their kids. No one above the age of 16. Child neglect is what I call this situation.
  • I feel for the parents putting trust in someone to watch their 4 year old. Then this happens.

Take Shoes Off

  • I felt bad for Isaak this evening.
  • When we got home Isaak was saying, "Take shoes off".
  • He has to be in them for at least 12 hours, so I couldn't take them off. :(

Escape Artist

  • Isaak has a child proof door on his crib. We sometimes open it, so that he can climb out himself. He likes the independence.
  • I left the door ajar. I wasn't really thinking about shutting it. It's narrow enough where he wouldn't just fall out. The door is actually meant to stay open for when the child gets old enough to get in and out themselves.
  • Last night after putting Isaak to bed, I heard something. I looked over to his bedroom door, and saw two little feet underneath it.
  • He managed to escape his crib.
  • This makes me wonder how he will do in a big boy bed? Will he actually stay in it? I've read about little escape artist's doing damage to the house while the parents were sleeping.
  • I sure hope he's like Mica, and just goes down when we put him down. Time will tell.

Just a Few Questions

  • I had a few questions about Isaak's shoes, so I called his doctor's office.
  • The first one: Does he wear them while he's sleeping? Answer: He needs to wear them at least 12 hours a day. If he'll wear them more then that, have him wear them. So...the answer is yes, at least during nap time.
  • The second one: If he grows out of the shoes, do I call the doctor's office or the place where he got fitted for the shoes? Answer: The doctor's office. They'll write him out a prescription.
  • I always have more questions after the fact it seems.

Isaak Got His Orthopedic Shoes

  • We had to get up early this morning to go pick up Isaak's orthopedic shoes. The company Markell specially makes them. The shoes are called: Tarso Medius Shoes that are made over straight lasts. I should of taken a picture of Isaak with them on. Finding them online to show my readers what they look like is near to impossible! When I did find them, the quality of the picture was low.
  • They are not as ugly as I thought! The ones they used to size him were not pretty! (See below)
  • These are the ones he got. (See below)
  • He has to wear the left shoe on the right foot and the right shoe on the left foot. He walked like he was drunk at first. I'm sure we'll get stopped and told that we have our kid's shoes on the wrong feet.
  • Potentially the only problem is...Isaak loves to untie shoes! We'll have to tie them a lot! Then of course he may trip over the laces when we don't realize he's untied them. The little "Punk" already had the double knotted laces untied while in his car seat.

Plush Toys With Feelings

  • Kimochi means "feeling" in Japanese.
  • These plush toys actually have feelings inside with faces that represent the feeling as well as the name of the feeling written on them.
  • There are 5 different plush toys to choose from.
  • Go Graham Go is giving away one Kimochi as part of their Well Mannered Series.
  • I was torn as to which one to pick as my favorite. I like Lovey Dove and Huggtopus equally.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Talent Show

  • We got a notice that there's a talent show for Mica's preschool in March.
  • There's an auction of sweet treats afterward.
  • I thought I'd get a head start, and make some cookies today.
  • I'll just put them in the freezer.
  • Each boy got to take turns putting things in the mixer.
  • This is the tail end of their job.
  • This is Isaak when he got to eat a cookie.
  • This is Isaak when Mommy said, "No more cookies!"

Team Geotrax Map

  • Mica walked around much of the day with this advertisement tucked into his hands. It's a sheet that has all the Team Geotrax stuff on the page.
  • Mica calls this ad his, "Map".
  • He's misplaced his "Map" many times, and I've had to fine it.
  • Mica of course wants everything on the page for his birthday in August. He's starting to ask for things he wants for his birthday because he was invited to his first friend birthday party that's in March.

One of Isaak's Top Picks

  • Isaak likes this tool kit right now.
  • It has shapes you can put in the hole, and it says the name of the shape as it gets placed correctly. It also has gears, nails to pound in, screws to screw in. The drill really doesn't do anything functional.
  • I got this for Mica, so it's been played with through 4 kids now. I'm including cousin's Evan and Elijah since they are over at our house 2 days a week. It used to be one of Evan's favorite toys when he came over to play (when he was Isaak's age).


  • So...I'm just now getting the circus pictures up from Friday.
  • Mica studied the circus at preschool all week last week. The teacher's let the kid's paint their own faces. Mica was a bit disappointed when I made him wash his face before bed. It was hard getting it all off. He sort of looked like someone dressed in camouflage more then a clown. He had fun painting on his own face.
  • On Friday Daddy took Mica, Isaak, cousin's Evan, Elijah and Aunt Terra to the circus.
  • Daddy didn't have the best time in the world. Isaak was tired and Mica kept asking when it was going to be over? There were so many people there they couldn't get out to just walk around. Terra's clan was with them, so they couldn't just leave.
  • Regardless...Daddy got a few fun pictures.
  • The boys noticed this fun alligator waving at them.

Curious George Prize Pack Giveaway!


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