Friday, August 19, 2011

Finally! Mica's Birthday Party!

Mica's birthday party was postponed last week due to sickness in the fam. I suppose it could have been again tonight.

Aunt Terra's whole family got it! Emerson now has a fever! He's also pulled out his feeding tube twice lately! That is why he most of the time wears baby gloves. Luckily Terra got it back in both times on the first try! YAY Terra! I didn't think she could do that! I know she's a nurse, but for adults not babies. Grandma Spiehs said that babies are easier because they don't fight ya. I think they'd be harder because their systems are so small!

Emerson is 8 weeks old now. He close to 11 pounds. We've stopped having 1 week birthday parties now that school has started.

Mica's birthday was on the 10th, Daddy's is on the 30th and Terra's is on the 4th of September. We celebrated them all.

Of course since Mica's the youngest, he was the star. He had a button down shirt and tie sitting out on his table to change into since today was spirit day at school. His idea, not mine. Then he got red frosting on his shirt. It came out! WOO HOO!

The cake story can be found here.

His first gift was inside a box of burritos. He pushed it aside and didn't even bother opening it until we told him burritos were not really inside the box!

He couldn't wait to put his Lego gifts together that Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got him! We made him wait until tomorrow. It was after bedtime, and his first week of kindergarten. Sleepy boy!

This isn't the best photo! But I think it illustrates how much Mica loves button down "handsome" shirts! He got one from Aunt Angela and one from Aunt Terra and zip ties from Aunt Terra. Aunt Terra didn't actually pick them out, Uncle Tyson did good!

He also got a few Cars 2 cars from Aunt Angela.

We got Terra these reusable homemade veggie/fruit bags from Miss Malaprop. I was impressed with how quickly they shipped and how much I got for the money! They sent a cute free shopping bag to! We also gave her a book I won off of My Baby's Green! Both sites I love!

Daddy will get his gifts on the 30th, when it's actually his birthday.

Our Walk Home From School

I picked Mica up from school.

Mica says, "Mom I have a new girlfriend."
I said, "What's her name?"
He said, "I'm not sure, but I like her!"
Then he told me, "I didn't want to tell her that she's my girlfriend because my old girlfriend from preschool might get cross if she finds out!"

The whole conversation cracked me up! The word, "Cross" was just too funny! Daddy reminded me later on that in the Thomas movies they use the word, "Cross" a lot.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


My parents told Isaak that they were going to visit Thomas. Thomas the financial adviser that is. He thought they were talking about Thomas the Tank Engine!

He asked if all his friends would be there?

Poor Isaak! He didn't get to visit Thomas the Tank Engine and his friends. He did get to color in an office though.

Something Girly

Want to win these? I bought them and want to give them away!

I'm giving them away here. You have to go to my Milking the Issue site to enter. If you have a little girl that's too grown up to wear them on her legs, you can have her wear them on her arms like Mica did last Halloween. Those sweet bones on his arms are BabyLegs.

I Think These T-Shirts are Fun For Boys!

I thought about skipping the toys and buying only these Mouth Man t-shirts for the boy's (all my nephews) for their birthdays. New Age Mama is giving away one {winner's choice}!
They have other animals to: Lizards, dragons, skeletons, puppies, dinosaurs and more. I'm just always looking for different, fun things to get because they all get so many toys. I like getting them something fun, yet useful!

For Christmas this year I bought them all these plates:
Images found here.
We've had so much fun decorating Mica and Isaak's plates at home. These plates were well worth the money!

I asked my one and only niece that's in high school if she would want one? She answered a quick, "YES!" They have even reviews from college aged kids online.

I just have to think of something small to buy to go with the plates.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

School Days

I know I've been talking about Mica and kindergarten a lot. It's what is new in our lives.

Today Mica wanted a cold lunch. He went to school and forgot to put his lunch with all the other cold lunches. Instead he put it by his feet at his table. He ate a hot lunch. Then his teacher realized Mica had a cold lunch when they went back into the classroom.
Mica's Lunchbox
When Daddy picked Mica up the teacher wanted to talk to him. She talked about how Mica is so great and is confident with art. Then she said how bad she felt with him missing his cold lunch! She's used to teaching first grade. Kindergarten is new to her as well. Kids and sometimes adults forget more when something is new or out of routine. I think that's pretty normal.

Daddy emailed the teacher Monday night to tell her that he fixed some numbers on Mica's paperwork. She emailed him back saying she was glad we got the paperwork back to the school so fast.

Then she went on to say that the first station they had at school was puzzles and building. We know Mica is strong in that area. He puts puzzles together like it's nothing. We got a defective USA puzzle from Melissa and Doug. They put in two Wyomings instead of a Colorado. It was a present to Cousin Evan. Aunt Terra called the company, and they sent her a free one! We in turn got the defective one. Mica pretty much knows where all the states go. If you ask him his capitols he knows them to. Transformers that I would have a problem putting together, is a breeze to him. According to the teacher, at school he was patiently helping the other kids. I've seen him be this way before. He helped Great Grandma Kent unwrap packages at Christmas last year. She has Alzheimer's disease and forgets a lot of things now. With Isaak, Mica doesn't really help him too much. Maybe it's because Isaak won't let him. Isaak went through the "I do it myself!" stage. Also he is particular about who helps him. I think Mica gave up a little with Isaak.

It sounds like Mica's doing good in school. Now if only we could build up his memory skills {remembering that his gym shoes are in his bag and that he brought a lunch ;)}! I imagine that during winter time, he'll misplace gloves frequently. I better stock up and should get my butt in gear with labeling Mica's stuff.

He still is very grumpy in the evening. It's just from being tired. We put him to bed early! Mica seems excited to go to school! He talks about his day when Daddy picks him up. I'm hoping it's just an adjustment thing that he'll get used to in a week or so.

*Side Note: I'm so happy I figured out how to have no background on my image! It was really easy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sleepy Kindergarten Boy

Mica couldn't even form full sentences tonight after school! Then when it was time for him to put his dishes up on the counter {a task he does all the time} he took them into the bathroom! I was doing my best not to laugh.

We put him to bed at 7:30 last night. Tonight he went down at 7:20. I sure hope he adjusts!

He had to skip gym because he didn't have tennis shoes on. I put tennis shoes in his backpack with socks. He forgot. The teacher didn't check.

His milk wasn't touched. He said he couldn't figure out how to open it, and forgot to drink it. He at least remembered to keep the cloth sandwich bags. I feared he would accidentally trash them. I told him not to. He did good.

When we ask him how school was right after school? He has all good things to say.

Daddy even spotted a girl giving Mica a hug goodbye today! ;)

Wordless Wednesday - Magnify

Mica got a safari vest from Great Aunt Becky for his birthday.

Cousin Evan lost a tooth. He was showing Mica. Mica was looking at Evan's gap through his magnifying glass.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mica's First Day of Kindergarten

Mica officially in kindergarten! He was excited and a little nervous.

After school I talked to him on the phone. He was talking my ear off with all the things he got to do. He loved that they got to go to the gym and playground twice. He talked about some of the kids in his class; said he was friends with a girl and another kid had the same name as someone in his preschool class. He liked his teacher a lot. They had hot dogs, but he couldn't finish his lunch. He was excited.

When I got home from work Mica and Isaak were fighting a lot. Mica was super tired! He looked tired! He got mad at me because he wanted to watch a movie and I said, "Nope!" I said after dinner it was time to get his nails trimmed, take a bath, get teeth brushed, read books and then bedtime.

School tired Mica out! That's one thing I've worried about. That boy still sometimes falls asleep in the middle of the day. His bedtime may need to get bumped up a bit. He may just have to adjust.

Trying Out Isaak's Halloween Costume

This dinosaur costume has gone through 3 kids now. Cousin Ethan that is in 6th grade wore it, then Mica and now Isaak's going to wear it.

Isaak was super excited to put it on!

We Think We Have it Rough

I think as humans we have to step back every once in awhile and look at our lives.  I got reminded of not taking things for granted yesterday at the preschool meet-up.

A lot of people were asking me about Aunt Terra and cousin Emerson. Terra's family wasn't there yet. I felt bad for not offering to pick up cousin Elijah. I figured they would have asked if he needed a ride. Emerson hates car rides. He scream cries every time he's in the car! Then he's wore out from crying so hard! Poor baby! I feel bad for him. They got there, but late.

It was introduction time. I was feeling really bad because Terra's whole clan still wasn't there.

In walks a set of  triplet boys that are joining the west campus preschool. One was a lot smaller then his brothers and he had glasses on. He was so cute, but I'm sure was the runt compared to his brothers. Not only that, but they had another older child (I'm not sure what age). She had a lot of problems. She was in a wheel chair, hooked up to O2 and a feeding tube. Their dad had to sit out in the hallway with her. There was no room for a wheel chair to get through.

When Terra's clan got there Elijah was crying, Terra had Emerson (hands full), Tyson had all other things (hands full) and no pathway to walk through. I grabbed Elijah to comfort him.

I was feeling bad for my sister's family and the other family with the triplets (who I do not know at all).

I was talking with a guy last week at work who has a niece that is 6 months old and doesn't use her left side at all. The doctors think she might of had a stroke in the womb!

We went on to talk about how there is always someone that has it worse off then you do. I agree with that. It's just that it is so hard to see when you have a family member that has a lot of problems of their own. In his nieces case they don't know what's wrong with her for sure. How scary!

My co-worker sent me this inspiring video over the weekend via Facebook:

Whenever you feel lesser then the next person, think about this guy that did so much with such a positive outlook!

Take your negativity and flip it around. I say this, it's not always easy to do. Let the little things go. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Preschool Meet Up

Isaak got to see his teachers and hang out with his fellow preschoolers. Mica loved it because he was friends with many of kids there from his former years at preschool.

Mrs L said that she didn't know what to feel about Mica not being in her class. He's been there since she started. We enrolled Mica early. He had just turned 3 and began preschool. We put him in early to A) Give him something to do. B) Give him better social skills. He was kind of awkward around other kids at that age. C) He was already potty trained and knew his letters. D) Cousin Evan was going, so we sent Mica to.

Isaak wasn't too bad of a leg clinger today! We played a few outdoor games and introduced ourselves. He really warmed up to Mrs K. She's the more outgoing of the teachers. Isaak knows how to cut and draws pretty well. He doesn't know his letters. All in due time.

What I'm worried about: Isaak calling Mrs L a boy! He has to me at home. She has really short hair. I keep telling Isaak that she's a girl. He looks at me odd when I tell him this.

Otherwise I think preschool will be good for Isaak!

Camping in Our Backyard

Since Mica's birthday party was postponed, we decided to pop a tent up in our backyard to make up for it. It's something we wanted to do most of the summer and never got around to doing until now.

By the way, I think everyone is over the tummy bug now! *Crossing my fingers!

We started the night out with dinner on our new outdoor furniture. Sorry no pictures of this. Our patio is cleaner, but not that clean.

Daddy wasn't planning on building a fire, but ended up doing so. Isaak and I went to get some stuff to make smores. When we got home Daddy and Mica had the tent popped and a good fire going!

Isaak was super excited to see both the tent and fire! Daddy said that Mica was a pretty good little helper.

When it came time for the smores, Mica didn't want to eat it because the marshmallow had black on it. Daddy and I kept telling Mica that the black was the best part! He finally decided to try it, and liked it. Isaak didn't want to eat his together. He had everything separate.

Mica spotted this in a crate by the fire. It's a butterfly caccoon. Mica came running down the hill and said, "Mommy you have to see this chrysalis!" I love when little kids use big words!

We slept in the tent. It was much colder then we had originally planned for. The ground was all wet just from dew. Isaak kept turning to the middle of the air mattress; pushing me practically off. Not the most comfortable night's sleep. Mica, Isaak and I woke up kind of stuffy. We have good memories though!

Once Upon a Time...

I made a chocolate cake in two round pans. Then I made 1/2 a batch of red velvet cake in a square pan. I was planning on having the two circle cakes as a base for the superman logo; cut out of the square cake.

This is where disaster struck! The red velvet cake crumbled to pieces when I tried to get it out of the pan! I was mad! A cuss word or two may have come out of my mouth. By the way I really do not cuss very often! Daddy told me to cool down! I vow every year that I'm going to stick to cookies! It seems like once a year this happens!

Here's my process: I spray the pan first, sprinkle it lightly with flour before pouring the batter in. The cake is fully done; toothpick comes out clean! Then it's really cool before I decide to pop it out! I even help the edges with a spatula. What am I doing wrong?

I decided to wrap up everything {even the crumbled pieces} and go to bed. In the morning I had a brilliant idea. Why not use the crumbled up velvet cake? One of my worst pet peeves is discarding something that is perfectly edible! I crumbled the cake up even more, added frosting to the cake, and sandwiched the two chocolate cakes together with it. Then instead of using tons of red food coloring for the logo, we used red velvet cake/frosting mixture. Daddy helped me.

Then I got a call that Grandma Spiehs was sick. The party was postponed anyhow. HA! Mica's superman cake is in our freezer for Friday.

The end; I should say to be continued. 


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