Friday, June 21, 2019


This is sort of random, but also connected with circles. I keep noticing circles in things. 

Berries in a glass. I pick Mulberries during my lunch break. My fingernails always look awful this time of year, with all the berry picking. I put the berries in whatever is laying around.

We went out for Mother's Day - for my Mom mid June. Both my sisters are always so busy. If it were me, I wouldn't be able to stand being that busy! I like things low key. Life events happen, then I roll with it. I don't seek out events to make my life complicated. Do you roll with the flow, or are you always on the go? 

My family is super picky with food. One of my sisters is a vegan, my Dad is on a particular diet to help with some eczema that was happening around his eyes, my other sister is sometimes milk free, and my niece is gluten and milk free. When it's time to go out I can hardly take the decision making. It took 21 texts in a group text to figure out where we were going to go eat, for Mother's Day in June. I'm not crazy about group texts. I work full time. I like my phone to be on in case a boy at home needs to get ahold of me. I silence it, but it's constant vibrations. I had a moment where I wanted to scream, "Pick a place already! Then text me where that place is!" When I make suggestions they don't want to hear it. I said, "We could pick Flagship Commons." It's like a food court, but much more healthy food options and cool! My Mom didn't want to go there. She didn't say why. I joked, which may be the truth that she just wanted my vegan sister's input. Finally after 21 texts it was P.F. Chang's that we ended up. 

I must not be alone...when I told my coworkers about the 21 texts back and forth, and drama they didn't know how I could handle it. I've been living with guys too long. I like the way they choose things. They are super chill about the decisions that are made. I'm not even a big shopper! I like to know where I need to go, and get it. None of this look at purses for 20 minutes ordeal. Ha! 

This is one of P.F. Chang's lights. How cool. Maybe it was worth the 21 texts. 

This was in the ceiling of where Mica's Health Camp was. I already posted it, but it fits with all the circles I've been seeing.

Do you ever go through a time where you see something over and over again? Maybe in different ways.


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