Friday, May 13, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. Our car was in the shop getting an oil change. I wrote on the drop off form to check the breaks. There was a squeak whenever I stopped. They checked them, and it needed back breaks because they were paper thin. Travis gave the ok | thumbs up for them to put on new back breaks. Travis is a pretty serious guy. If he ever jokes around it's because I came into his life. Ha! I know how to mess with him. I paid for the car. He came home with our other vehicle.

    I said to Travis, "I can't believe you'd pay that kind of money at that shop!" *Really it wasn't all that much. He said defensively, "But we needed new breaks. They were paper thin." I said, "That's what they said. Did you think to check them out at another shop?" He said, "Alissa they weren't that much." I said, "Got ya!" I got him for sure. Yes I'm a punk like that.

  2. We went to see my parents during Mother's Day. Mica said, "Grandma you look really pretty in that color!" It sounded like a compliment.

    He then said, "When you die we should put that color of dress on you. Then we should find an amethyst necklace to put on you."

    Instead of me closing the conversation I said, "Mica she doesn't like to wear dresses. She can't wear her special shoes with a dress." - She had Polio.

    My Mom said, "They don't bury people with shoes on."

    I asked, " will you walk through the pearly gate then? I guess you won't be doing that."

    We were all laughing

  3. We have an ant problem. I've been trying to keep the counter clean. It's just hard working full-time, and always making our own food. I've been wiping it down with vinegar, which ants are supposed to hate vinegar. Then I put Boric Acid with syrup around on bottle lids. What do you do for pesky ants?

  4. Isaak said, "Mom when I grow up I want to be a movie maker, a movie actor, and a hair stylist. I also want to have a family. How will I ever have time for all that?" I responded to, "Welcome to my world son." What did you want to be when you grew up?

  5. I was at Michaels with Isaak. They had all these classic books right by their cash register. I said, "Isaak why don't we get these to celebrate your class birthday." He picked out 12 Secret Garden books, and 11 Tom Sawyer | Huckleberry Finn books for his class. 

The Talking Shirt Review

My 10 year Mica is out of children's shirts. He's onto bigger, and sometimes more expensive shirts. I wondered if styles would be limited for adult shirts. Mica certainly doesn't act like a grown up yet.

The Talking Shirt has some great selection for everyone in the family!

The best thing about The Talking Shirt is that kindness is always in style! With patterns, colors, and characters they go in and out of trends.

They let me pick whatever shirt I wanted. The one that fit Mica's personality the most is the "Be Strong and Courageous" Tee.

I didn't even ask him if he liked the shirt before picking it out. It just fits his personality perfectly. The message is wonderful. He loves archery, so the arrows are perfect. I was right he loves it!

He's worn the tee four times now. He somehow got something black on the back of it. Guess what? It washed out. That's the one worry I have with light colored clothing. I do kind of wish they had the brown colored tee as an option for their men's sizes. Maybe if they let you pick a color that you'd want the tee printed on would be perfect!

About The Talking Shirt:

The Talking Shirt is a small shop. They felt the need to make shirts that are positive, and uplifting. In 2013 they began their journey to create the shop of their dreams.

They do have a lot of religious passages on their tees.


I love that The Talking Shirt has shirts for nearly all sizes for girls, unisex (boys included), men and women. All the messages on their shirts are positive!
  • Some shirts are baby and toddler sizes 0-3 months all the way to 5T. Not all shirts run in baby sizes. All running $20.  
  • I saw others that are kid sizes Small 6/8 to XLarge 18. All running $20.
  • Then they have fitted shirts for women, and some relaxed shirts. Sizes run from small to XXLarge. The cost is $24 to $34.
  • There men's selection is a little smaller, but growing. Sizes run from small to XXXLarge. The cost is $26.
Be Strong and Courageous!

I want my kids to feel empowered to do good in this world. I think this shirt supports that!


They have a lot of variety of colors for different tees. They don't give you the option to pick whatever color you want. I'm a big neutral color fan for my kids. They play hard, so I don't want dirt to show.

Check out The Talking Shirt: 
Remember to empower your kids by being strong and courageous!

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned for free in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Take-A-Part Build Toy Review

I'm always on the search for toys that can be built. My boys love toys like that!
I recently got Take-A-Part Build Toy to review. 

Mica built the Blue Race Car for this review. I think I'm going to give it to Isaak for his birthday coming up. :)

Each of their sets comes with 2 models to give the toy some variety. I kind of wish there were more things you could build. 

Other Sets:
  • Red Plane - I happen to like Red Plane the most. I think it's super cute!
  • Yellow Truck

Why Get Toys You Can Build and Take Apart?
  • Toys like this helps kids learn how to follow directions. 
  • Kids are proud of their toy because they built it.
  • It helps with development with hand-coordination, spatial thinking, building patience, and attention.  

  • Non-toxic eco-friendly rubber fiber material, safe to the children 
  • Large brightly colored pieces, easy for small hands to maneuver 
  • Precision craft, no sharp edges 
  • 50 flexible pieces 
  • Tools to get the job done
  • Directions  

I imagine the thing that would be horrible with a toy like this is if you loose pieces. Then you can't build what you want. If you loose a piece in a block set you can still build something else.

 One of the End Results:


For ages 5 and up. For ages 5 and 6 the child may need help from Mom and Dad at first.


$29.99, but on sale for $16.99. All their sets are the same price. 

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned for free in exchange for an honest review. I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

WW: Doesn't Fit {Linky}

I asked Mica to try on pjs that were in his drawer. I said, "If they are smaller than size 10 you really don't need to try them on." He's in a size 12.

We were both laughing when he came out of his room. He didn't even care that I took pictures.

These were a size 7:


Monday, May 9, 2016

Here's a Flower for Your Embarrassment

Do you remember how I told you that Mica has a girl that likes him? This has been on going for awhile now. 

Mica's in 4th grade. He's an older 4th grader. He has an August birthday. The girl that likes him is in 6th grade.

It started out where she invited him to eat with the 6th graders.

He thought it was weird because when Mica was in 2nd grade he remembers this same girl getting suspended from school because she stole money from a classroom. Mica's a kid that abides by rules. He doesn't like people that are trouble makers. He also has a great memory.

The girl seemed to find Mica a lot during recess time. Mica wasn't rude, he talked to her, but then ran away.

She gave Mica little plastic toys. Mica gave them to Isaak.

Mica said, "I just can't wait for the school year to end. She's going to another school. She's a little over the top Mom."

I never said anything because he is right it is close to the end of the year. She is going to a new school. He also didn't want me to say anything.

She asked Mica to help her with the Talent Show, and Science Fair. Mica declined. Remember Mica likes people that do not break the rules.

Early last week the girl gave Mica pictures of kittens. Mica passed them off to other kids in his class that wanted them.

At the end of last week the girl gave a flower to Mica's teacher to give to Mica. Mica was all embarrassed about that! He said, "Mom I had to walk up to get the flower. My teacher had a big smile on her face. I put it in my desk. One of my friends wanted it to give to his mom for Mother's Day, so I gave it to him. She just doesn't get that I don't like her. She's way over the top!"

My best advice to him was, "Mica some girls like boys that are hard to get. Just tell her that you don't want these things she's giving to you. Be happy that someone likes you, and glad that she's going to a different school next year." I think I may be contacting the teacher just to make sure she's aware of this situation.



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