Friday, October 6, 2017

Scary Bloody Footprints Review

I am excited to share with you: Scary Bloody Footprints!

They are floor decals clings stickers. If you've been a reader for awhile, you know that I love Halloween!


8"x4" - 8 Pairs of Foot Prints - 16 feet total, on paper that's 10"x9". The footprint is the size of a woman's 7 shoe size.

They came on a white sheet. They are easy to peel off, and apply. I'm not so sure they are easy to reuse from year to year, but you could relocate them. I may move them from the bathroom, to our porch steps the week of Halloween.

I put them in the bathroom without telling anyone.

Under certain lighting it's hard to see the clear sticker. The bloody footprints look slightly real. Under other lighting you can see the whole sticker.

Mica and Isaak weren't fooled, but they did find it entertaining. It does feel strange walking on them. They are totally flat, but stepping on red prints at night throws me. Ha!

I decided to put a few sets in the woman's room at work. It's just the teacher's bathroom.

Coworker #1: Alissa did you put the bloody footprints in the bathroom?

Me: No. What are you talking about? 

I had her show me. 

Me: That's strange. 

Coworker #2: Alissa do you know who put the bloody footprints in the bathroom? It's disturbing, and I want them gone! It's too early for Halloween pranks! 

It's never too early for pranks. It's October, so it's not too early for Halloween pranks! 

Anyhow I never admitted to putting the bloody footprints in the bathroom. I kind of think of it like a Magician that doesn't reveal their magic trick. I'm not going to come clean to my pranks. 

They must have been easy to take off. They were gone in minutes. :( As Travis says my co-workers are kind of lame. I can't joke with them big time. Apparently practical jokes are out of the question. I love practical jokes just as long as they don't hurt anyone, or anything. I'm not into doing Jimmy Kimmel type pranks. You know where he decorated his neighbor's whole house with Christmas stuff, and later wrapped their car in wrapping paper, and filled it with balloons. These were stickers, so they weren't hurting anything! 

I was kind of bummed that my co-workers were so lame about the joke. It made me feel better when I told a few students about how I kind of got in trouble. They were cracking up! I started laughing as well. 

Safe With Water:

They stay in place when wet, so it is safe to clean floors. Strongly adhere to concrete, tile, and linoleum floors.

They work outside with the rain as well.


$6.99 for 8 Pairs. Prime shipping.

Do you decorate for Halloween? Are you a prankster? 

Disclaimer: I got these bloody footprints in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.

Random Tid Bits

My mind has be preoccupied with midterms (which were this week), and the Los Vegas shooting.
  1. I have most people passing my classes. It's a big step up from Monday. I was beginning to think 1/2 my 3rd year students would fail.

    I do have 1 student that never showed up on my midterm. She's been in, but never bothered to talk with me. I'm most certainly not going to chase her down. Every student here knows my door is always open.

  2. On the upside I have a girl in 1st year that has cancer. She's all about getting A's in everything just in case she does have to take sick time. She works her butt off, and does every extra credit possible. She's really on the ball. I like that she's open and fun to talk to.

  3. I had a "friend" from elementary, middle and high school that was in Los Vegas when the shooting happened. I say, "friend" because I know who she is, but we never really hung out. We're friends on facebook. Anyhow I just can't imagine the painful memories she has. She's posted happy pictures before the shooting happened. I don't know if that's morbid, or good because she's just trying to focus on the positive side of things. Who am I to judge? Anyhow she's ok.

  4. It seems as though they don't have much to explain the motive of the shooter Stephen Paddock. It's hard when one can't explain why someone did something so horrible. I think we all want answers. I do have to say that I call anyone like him a terrorist, and not a lone wolf. It doesn't matter what one looks like to me. If you kill or hurt a bunch of people, you are a terrorist in my mind. I'm not so sure he fits the dictionary definition of a terrorist, but maybe the definition has changed a bit over time. If a kid has a pocket knife at school - he or she could be asked to leave because of terroristic threats. What's the definition of a terrorist to you?

  5.  My sister tagged me in a post on facebook to design yet another t-shirt for the SOFT conference. If you remember I did a logo for them, then I did a t-shirt design for the event. I was never paid anything. I just did it. The thought of doing another t-shirt where no one can decide anything that they want just makes me shake my head back and forth. This one is for the siblings at the event. I'm thinking: Why can't they just have the t-shirts I designed for everyone? I never responded to the post. I acted like I never saw it. I'm such a bad sister.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

WW: Lunch Lady {Linky}

Isaak put this apple bag on his head and said, "I look like a lunch lady from school."

Monday, October 2, 2017

Silicone Stretch Fresh Food Covers

I report a problem: 

I buy containers, and the containers live longer than the lids. The lids crack.

I do have to say that we use glass containers all the time for lunches, and left overs. We both work full time, Travis and I do not go out to eat a lot, nor do we eat box meals. This cracking issue happened soon after getting the containers.

I haven't ran the lids through the dishwasher, or put them in the microwave. They are all gently hand washed. This cracking issue has happened with 2 different brands.

Do you have this problem?

I report a solution: 

Silicone Stretch Fresh Food Covers fit on containers well. You can get them on Amazon: for $16.99 on sale for $8.99. They not are about to crack, or break. These lids can withstand heat and cold. The silicone is medical grade, BPA free, and approved by the FDA. 


  • 2.6" - Good for jelly jar sized mason jars. We use this size for juice and smoothies. If there is extra juice I could put it in this jar size, and pop the silicone lid or a metal lid on it. 
  • 3.5" - This is great for most mugs. I could see making coffee the night before, adding it into a mug to put in the refrigerator, and having ice coffee in the morning. It would also work great for homemade chicken broth, syrup, or chocolate syrup. 
  • 4.3" - Kid snack sized bowls don't always come with lids. I'd love to have snacks prepared in the refrigerator ready for them to eat after school. Now we can do that.
  • 5.5" - If it were up to me I would have gotten 6 of this size alone. We use this size for our lunches all the time. For soup I need better lids than what our containers came with. It probably would also fit your standard soup/salad bowl.
  • 6.3" - Close to the 5.5", so a pretty standard size for a soup/salad bowl. These lids stretch, so it works great for the 5.5" bowl, just not as tight. It would also be wonderful for my smallest mixing bowl.
  • 7.9" - A medium sized mixing bowl, or my largest glass storage container. 
I do wish there was options for your choice of sizes. Maybe a choice between 3 buying options. Even the prices could vary. I can't see me using the biggest 2 and the smallest 1 as much as the others. The 5.5" I could use about 4 of them.

On the Amazon website they have a picture of a rectangle lid. This isn't even in the set. I think the picture should fit what's being purchased. Not everyone reads. Many are visual.


There are different tabs on the lids. This helps to slide them on, slide them off, and one tab has a hole in it for hanging it. I'm not so sure I'll hang them.

  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Freezer safe
  • Microwave safe

I could see me putting them in the cold, but I usually just put a paper towel over my containers in the microwave. They are kind of floppy for the dishwasher. Drying them is a bit awkward. I took them outside, and just flung the water off of them. 

Overall I'm happy with these lids! 

What size would you use the most? Do you have problems with original lids cracking like I do?

Disclaimer: I got these lids for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.


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