Monday, December 31, 2012

Climbing Chairs and Trees

Today was eventful. We had Grandma Spiehs' family Christmas. It was postponed to today because on Christmas the hosts got the tummy flu. Round two of me making food.

Isaak said to me while I was making the food, "Mom you are so old, but you really look young. You probably don't want to look old because then you might die."  Kids say the craziest things!

I stepped out of the kitchen to go do something and heard a laugh from Mica and a cry from Isaak. This is what I saw:

Isaak thought it would be fun to climb our kitchen chair like it was a ladder. "Sorry son if you're going to do something so silly, I won't rescue you until I grab the camera." For the record he's alright.

Once we got to our destination I thought we came on the wrong day. No one was there hardly. Usually I'm running on the late side when a lot of food is involved. I'm not the best with my timing in the kitchen.

Isaak was well entertained with these dogs:

We ate, the kids played in the snow with their cousins and later on the kids got a three presents each from a big huge box. Great Aunt Becky asked a Christmas question and if the kid got it right they got to pull a present out of the big box.

When it was Isaak's turn he would not answer any of the questions. He all the sudden became REALLY shy! Somehow he got presents anyhow.

Mica of course was super outgoing.

Cousin Emerson had fun during this time!

I caught Aunt Angela in a really funny moment! I thought she might kill me if I posted this photo to her facebook wall. If someone posted something like this photo of me, I'd laugh my ass off!

The kids went to play outside again and then I heard Aunt Terra say, "Is that Mica and Evan in that tree? OMG they are as high as the telephone pole!" Sure enough they were! 20 something feet up in the air. Thank goodness they got down! I wish I got a picture of that one.

The boys came in and went downstairs to watch a movie. All the sudden my cousin's kid was crying.

This is what we heard, "Isaak threw a chair at Colton!"

We envisioned this type of chair being tossed in the air and hitting my cousin's kid in the head:

Then we found out my cousin's kid threw a chair at Isaak. Isaak said, "That didn't hurt!" Colton said, "Throw one at me!" Isaak threw one back at his head.

Then we were envisioning a lot more action. A flat out brawl; little kid style.

Then we found out they were throwing this type of chair back and forth at each other:

On our way home I asked the boy's if they had a good time? Mica told me that he wishes he had a sister just like Kensley; my cousin's other child. I told Mica, "That's wonderful you like Kensley. You are not going to have a sister though." Yep we're done having kiddos.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

This is a new band to me. The American band's name is Beirut. It looks like they've been around for awhile, so maybe some of you know them. I couldn't find that much out about Beirut. The singer is Zachary Francis Condon who started out being solo, and later added band members. They combine elements of both world music and indie-rock.

This song is called, Scenic World.

This song is called, Nantes.

This song is called, The Rip Tide.

You can read an article about them in the NY Times here.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Two Pairs of Underwear

Last night when we got home from work, I told Isaak to go in and try and go potty. He's fully potty trained, I just remind him sometimes. He has been missing the toilet. We've been reminding the boy to aim. That's a story in its self.

Isaak went and came out and said, "Can you believe I'm wearing two pairs of underwears today?" He said, "Underwears" instead of "Underwear". I just looked at him oddly, but was laughing inside.

The boy dressed himself with no help from me; except for me laying out his clothes. He should be doing this EVERY morning, but sometimes we're strapped for time; other times he's sleepy and stubborn.

Sure enough Isaak had on bright orange boxer briefs with puppies on them and Lightning McQueen briefs over the boxer briefs. It was a silly sight!

A little while later I said, "Isaak can you take off you clothes and jump in to take a bath?"

Isaak said, "Mom why do I have to take a bath?" I didn't really answer. I just said, "Please go get ready for you bath."

He came out of his room and said, "I know why I have to take a bath! It's because I was wearing two pair of underwears today!" I replied with, "Sure. That must be why." -Just to get him to get in to take a bath.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Underwear

Isaak tucked his shirt right into his new underwear. It looked kind of funny and cute at the same time.

An Item is Being Shipped to My Home Twice?

Early in November I ordered Isaak this puzzle from Frecklebox:

I got it way before Christmas. Isaak loved it. A bad picture, but here he is opening it. He even claims he's keeping the stuffing in the box because it's, "So soft!" -His words.

Today I got an email saying that my item I ordered on November 9 is being shipped out today. It had a picture of Isaak's little robot puzzle.

I emailed them telling them that I already got the puzzle. I hope I'm not being charged twice for it; or they are going through the work of making it twice. They of course haven't had time to respond back.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lego Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter

I've heard from Mica that he wanted Lego Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter for Christmas since October. It was that along with a game system, a full sized drum set, a Lego Marvel Super Heroes the Avengers Quinjet Aerial Battle and some kind of Ninjago book. This Ninjago Lego stuff is all over Mica's mind. He knows the character's names and what kind of powers they each have. He and his school friends play it at recess.

Santa can't afford all that stuff. Nor does he want a full sized drum set to be in our house. Mica thinks Santa can magically make anything appear. He also thought that since he only wanted a few things Santa could for sure get them all. Daddy got after Mica because he heard him telling one of his friends that he is getting all those things for Christmas. I kept telling him that Santa knows what Mom and Dad want him to have.

Mica got the first two things on his list. The rest of what he got, were other things that were not on his list. Things we knew he'd enjoy.

I made an appoint to have the boys donate a few unwrapped toys to the Salvation Army box and they both gave money to the bell ringer outside the store we were at the weekend before Christmas. They seemed happy to do both of those things. I was expecting to hear, "I wanted to keep that toy." But I heard none of that. The only thing I heard was fighting over who was going to put the toys in the box. They each got a turn.

I was expecting to hear on Christmas Eve or on Christmas Day from Mica, "I didn't ask for that!" But he didn't. He was happy with all his things.

Even though he seemed greedy before unwrapping presents; he turned around.

Here Mica is with his Lego Ninjago Jay's Storm Fighter:

Nintendo DS

Santa Claus picked Mica and Isaak up a Nintendo DS. Both boys have never had any game program, or cable TV.

They watch Grandma Spiehs play Solitaire on a hand held device and their cousin's have a game system of some kind. They have cable at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' to. Sometimes they ask me to fast forward our TV. Sorry, we can't do that with rabbit ears.

A game system was on Mica's list.

Christmas morning they unwrapped their joint gift and this was Mica's expression:

They had no clue what was in that box. They didn't even care to open it to find out. It didn't bother me in the least bit. Mica and Isaak built things all morning long with Legos, an erector set and a puzzle. They were happy and hardly fought.

Daddy opened the DS late morning. Then they were absorbed. Mica got Mario Brothers and I can't remember Isaak's game, but it was more educational. I was super excited because at Kohl's I got Kung Fu Panda 2 and Lego Ninjago games for future presents. I'm thinking Easter or their birthdays. I thought about giving those for Christmas to, but two games is enough right now. 30% off plus 2 $10 off anything in the store cards twice! That took our games from $28 to $6 and $10. One time the games were on sale to.

Yes we stayed in PJs all day yesterday, except to see if two shirts fit. :)

Mica and Isaak kept making their characters die. It will take them awhile to get the hang of it. Isaak said a few times, "WOW I actually made my guy jump!"

Daddy's sister, Aunt Laura to the boys called. She wanted to talk to Mica. I only heard what Mica was saying.

Mica: "Something happened to me that changed my world!" Pause..."I got a game system!" 
He said a few other funny things, but that one cracked me up the most.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Winter Hats

I hope everyone had a good Christmas; if that's what your celebrate.

I don't have the energy to do a Wordless Wednesday this week. I don't remember the last time I skipped one of those. I just don't think very many people will partake this week.

Mica had an ear infection, Isaak and I had a cold. Our plans for Christmas day got postponed because my Aunt and Uncle were sick with the tummy flu. Even though all those things were against us, we still had a great Christmas!

On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house (my mom and dad). My mom got all the grandchildren winter hats.

Here's Isaak's robot hat: 

Isaak kept saying, "I am a robot, bee, bop, do, bop." He called the above expression his, "Robot look". His eyes are big anyhow and they look HUGE when he has his, "Robot look".

Before presents were opened, Mica started crying. His Motrin had worn off and Daddy had to make a RUSH trip to a pharmacy to get some. He doesn't show pain often. I knew he was hurting. Once the he took his Motrin, he was better in 20 min, and bouncing all over again.

Here's Mica's monster hat:

In case you are wondering Mica's tongue is not black. He just ate a black candy cane. It turned his tongue black. Weird!

If you haven't been reading this blog for long, you may not know that Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue. His tongue was thin on one side. The doctors didn't know if he'd eat, talk and he had to get an MRI when he was 2 months old to see if he had any cysts in his brain. Luckily we haven't had any problems. Mica certainly eats! He hardly shuts up! His tongue isn't as thin anymore, but the line down the center isn't centered at all. I just thought I'd explain all that because his funky tongue really shows in this photo. Regardless, I do like this picture though!

Here's a shot of cousin Emerson's hat:

I caught some red eye. :( His hat is super cute. Emerson had 2 tumors found in the fall. They had to go through a lot to have the doctors on one page to treat him. Since he has Trisomy 18, they didn't want to risk his life more than they needed. He's been on light chemo. Two weeks ago they scanned him and found out his tumors are almost gone! :)

I was super excited to give cousin Kailey this shirt:

My one and only niece is heading off to college next year. This age is so hard to buy for. My co-worker has kids that go to the same school. They bought me this shirt and I paid them back. It's nothing she asked for, but I knew she'd love it.

I wanted to get photos of all the kids, but with Christmas all the present opening is at night and everyone is moving. It's kind of hard to get good photos.

I wanted to see my oldest nephew's expression when he unwrapped his gift. I put a gift card in a disco ball box. He's in middle school.

The disco ball is being used for a dance party Mica's having on New Years Eve. We invited kids to come over, so parents could go out if they wanted.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Off to Urgent Care

Mica woke up this morning saying, "My ear really hurts and I can't sleep!" I got the Neti Pot out to clear him out. He felt better. Then around 11 he was complaining about his ear once again.

His doctor's office was open until 12. They were booked. I had to leave a message with the nurse.

We decided to just take him to Urgent Care. He has an ear infection. I knew something was wrong. Mica is very tolerant to paint. Isaak on the other hand whines when nothing is wrong, and tells people he's a sick for a week after getting all better.

What is it about the holidays? It seems always one kid gets sick. On Thanksgiving it was Strep Throat. Last year we all had the tummy bug.

Merry Christmas...

To those that celebrate. I'm so ready for Christmas. Are you?

We will go to my parent's house, otherwise known as Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house tomorrow night. There we will have two options of soup, shrimp, crackers, sausage, veggies, fruit and cookies. I have all the presents for my niece and nephews ready to go. My sisters took care of my parent's gifts.

Christmas morning we will have Santa's gifts, our gifts and Grandma and Grandpa Apel's gifts. Then at lunch time we go to my Aunt's house, Great Aunt to the boys. There will be lots of people there, 35 I believe. Everyone brings things. We're bringing a cheese ball, a cauliflower dish, a sweet potato dish, holiday grapes and a plate of cookies. It usually lasts until dinner.

Today we went to the Derham Western Heritage Museum. It's a train museum. My sister's and their families went to. I'd say that going with all the above is fun, but also the kids join in on running ahead. We had 2 four year olds, 2 seven year olds and 1 tween. The tween was no problem at all. I tried getting good pictures. Sometimes they cooperated, while other times, not so much. I must be too annal because looking back at my photos there were more good one than bad.

The boys waiting for a train. Well not really. It's staged.

I really just liked the lighting of the flag against the window. No offense, but I haven't felt very patriotic lately.

 The 7 year olds and 4 year olds. Mica, Cousin Even, Isaak and Cousin Elijah. They are standing in front of a HUGE Christmas tree. If you don't remember, or don't know these boys were all watched by Daddy 2 days a week and by Aunt Terra 2 days a week before Emerson was born 18 months ago. They got to see each other a lot! They act like friends most of the time, and fight like brothers other times.

 See the little people in front of the tree? That's our kiddos.

Our kids visited Santa for about the 4th time today, this season alone. I didn't even mean for them to see him that many times. It just happened. Mica again was flapping his jaws and Isaak was touching Santa's outfit and beard.

Here's Cousin's Evan and Elijah. They hadn't seen Santa at all yet. Elijah kept looking down; except for one shot.

 See what I mean? Elijah was looking down.

Here's the train that the boys went in. I have shots of them in the train, but I'm saving them in case I need shots for WW. Sometimes Christmas can be too chaotic to get good shots. Otherwise they'll be for the following WW.

 Here's Daddy. Daddy was kind of a Scrooge today. Isaak must take after him. He still says, "I love Father's Day more than Christmas. I'm a Grinch."

 Here's one of the boys in the train, but that dang reflection bugs me!

They loved the wishing well. We gave them coins to drop in it that goes to help some organization. I forget which one. *Sorry Eljah for cutting off your head!

Mica ringing the train bell. He's looking at us as we were saying, "Ok that's enough Mica!"

We also viewed Christmas trees from all over the world. That was pretty fun. All the trees were behind glass, so the pictures of the trees were pretty blah. It still was pretty cool.

Shots I wish I could have gotten: The boys in a tepee. They went in, but wouldn't stand in the doorway. They just stood where it was all dark. I also wanted to get them all holding hands in a pretty arch way. I got them to all hold hands, but then they moved like a wave was taking them over. I'm the only one in the group that liked to take pictures; I didn't have help posing the crazy boys. I more or less had people say to me, "Come on Alissa! What are you doing? You'll never get them to all hold still." Oh well. I still got some good shots!

Christmas with Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions has a special going on right now. You can get a FREE 1 Quart (32 oz) glass jar Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil.

We love their powdered dishwasher detergent. It works so good!

Household Traditions Powdered Dishwasher Detergent With Enzymes - 5 lb.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nature in the Nude Review

I had a wonderful opportunity to review some products from Nature in the Nude.

I have to say that I couldn't be more pleased with the ingredients. I have to be really careful because as I've aged I've found that my skin is pretty sensitive! Anything with the ingredient, Methosulfate I can't use. I break out in a rash that won't go away until I get a shot of steroids. It's pretty bad. With Nature in the Nude I don't have to worry about harmful chemicals being in any of their products!

During the winter months I find that my skin gets really dry. I have to use more lotion.

Citrus Pick-me-up is a certified organic, energizing facial toner with the scent of grapefruit and orange. It is $19.99.

The ingredients include:
  • Witch Hazel Extract
  • Rose Hydrosol Water
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Grapefruite Essential Oil
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
Butter Me Up is a certified organic, nourishing body lotion with the scent of vanilla and honey. It is $24.99.

I have to add that I'm most excited about this product! I love the vanilla and honey scent! I use lotion a lot this time of year.

  • Aloe Juice
  • Calendula Hydrosol
  • Chamomile Hydrosol
  • Unrefined Cocoa Butter
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Vitamin E
  • Rosemary Extract
  • Vegetable-derived Emulsfying Wax
  • Fragrance Oils
  • Citric Acid
  • Benzoin Resin
  • Vanilla Absolute
Clean Freak is a certified organic, moisturizing facial cleanser with the scent of lavender lemon. It is $19.99.

I wasn't sure about this product. I've never been a fan of lavender. For some odd reason I had a product when I was pregnant with Isaak that was loaded with lavender. It was too strong and bothered my pregnancy nose. I have to say that the mix with lemon is pleasant.

  • Sunflower Oil
  • Saponified Oils of Coconut, Sunflower, and Castor
  • Unrefined Shea Butter
  • Unrefined Cocoa Butter
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Lavender Essential Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil
  • Rosemary Extract
Scrub-a-dub-dub  is a certified organic, exfoliating sugar scrub with the scent of chocolate coconut. It is $24.99.

I love this product to! The scent is so wonderful. I swear I could eat it, but wouldn't. I've never used a sugar scrub; I think I'm addicted.

  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Raw Cacao Powder
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Cane Sugar
  • Rolled Oats
  • Rosemary Extract
How to connect with Nature in the Nude products: 

Disclaimer: The opinions on the post are my personal take on the product. This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out. Nature in the Nude provided to me a free product to help with this review.
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