Saturday, March 14, 2015

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday is all about me discovering something that is different. I don't want to post things that you and I have more than likely heard before. I want to find something different. It could be from another country, someone singing from the streets of NY, and more.

Rudely Interrupted is one of Australia's most celebrated bands. They are an independent rock group with 5 of the 6 members living with disabilities.  


They turn their disabilities into abilities!
Close My Eyes

I Am Alive

This is an interview that tells you all about the band. Wow they are amazing!

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Random Tid Bits

  1. It's been warmer outside, so I switched pjs. I was wearing flannel, and now I'm wearing thinner satin pjs. Isaak rubs my pant leg (not in a sexy way, just in a I like the feel of this fabric kind of way) and says every morning that I'm wearing them, "Mom I want a pair of these. They feel so nice." That kid is funny! 

  2. It's too bad these pjs only go up to size 7. Isaak loves Superman, and they are boy pjs that are satin.

  3. Since the weather warmed up the boys have been playing outside, and have been going for long walks. The neighbors have been playing outside to. Isaak is much more of an outdoor kid than Mica is. One day Mica said, "Oh is Jack (neighbor) out there? He is. I've got to go out there to talk to him about Minecraft!" It was just this week that he became into Minecraft. I picked up Mica a Minecraft handbook at the library. I think he was in heaven. I thought it was last year's obsession among kids. My boys do tend to get into trends on the late end. They liked Angry Birds when that fad was dying down. Do you know anything about Minecraft? All I know is that it's a thing that kids like, and that they are boxy characters. Mica's been talking about Minecraft like crazy, but I sort of block it out.

  4. Source
  5. I was rubbing Dad's shoulders and he said, "That's too light. No guy likes to be rubbed soft." I said, "I went out with guys that liked that." Mica said, "WHAT? You went out with other guys besides Dad?" 

  6. Dad's old boss decided he'd add to our account the money from vacation that he didn't use. Sounds great - right? He didn't tell Travis a thing. Typical of his ex-boss. Meaning - he doesn't communicate. All the sudden they both got a letter from the unemployment office saying something to the effect, You did not record your earnings last week. You will be penalized. You are still an employee at Larson Dental Lab...You failed... It was as if they want to audit him. That's yet another mess.

  7. Two of our friends had us over for dinner. They're not used to our kids being there. They said, "They'll probably only eat one piece of pizza." Travis is like, "Ummm maybe 3 slices." Then the host's said, "They probably won't eat salad right?" I said, "They'll have salad. They love salad actually." They each ate 3 slices, salad, and had 2 full glasses of water. I'm thinking we have human pigs as children. They stay skinny though. I bet they won't want to have us back. LOL

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Personalized Children's Book Review

I love books. Mica loves them to. Isaak likes to be read to, but he still working on the loving to read part.

KD Novelties makes personalized books, CDs and DVDs. They gave me a book of my choice that's a $13.95 value. They have free priority shipping with orders over $50. I picked Superman and Wonder Woman for Isaak. 

We're giving it to Isaak for his seventh birthday. Mica reviewed it and said, "Can I have one for my birthday?" A long time ago I got Mica a Sesame Street book through KD Novelties. He loves the personalization.

Mica thinks Superman and Wonder Woman is great. It has one of Isaak's favorite superheroes Superman, mixed with one of my favorites Wonder Woman.


The book is easy to order.
  • You pick if you are giving it to a boy or a girl
  • You add in the child's age
  • It asks for their first, middle and last name
  • You put in their hometown, and state
  • You can add in up to 3 friends, or relatives
  • You can write a dedication: Up to 75 characters
You end up with a hard cover 6 x 9 children's book. It has 24 pages full of colorful illustrations. Kids love that they are in the story!

Synopsis of the Story:

Your child is invited to the museums re-opening when it becomes a magical adventure when all the exhibits come alive! Your child helps Superman and Wonder Woman save the day by making Mxy the evil villain disappear.  - Source

The only thing Mica didn't like was how long Superman's hair is in the illustrations. He thought he looked funny with hair that long. Otherwise he loved the book!

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Pick Geek Guitar & Bass Pick Set Review

The boys got ukuleles for Easter a few years ago. Are they masters at playing them? Not yet. They are practicing. 

Dad is holding Isaak's ukulele here.

I just got Pick Geek Guitar and Bass Pick Set to review. They can work on Ukuleles as well.

First of all they have such great branding. The box, canisters, and picks are so fun!

I like that each pick has a different weight. The boys will use the ones with less weight for now. There is: Thin, Medium, Heavy, & Xtra Heavy. The heavy and xtra heavy are used more for a bass, or an acoustic guitar because they have thicker strings. The thin and medium are more for when you want to play a guitar quietly, and I'm sure the boys will use these kind for their ukuleles because the strings are thinner.

The different colors make playing a string instrument fun to!

Pick Geek Cube - 32 Assorted Cool Custom Guitar Picks for your Electric, Acoustic or Bass Guitar - Celluloid & Delrin (Tortex) - Light, Medium, Heavy - Presented In Two Uniquely Designed Metal Pocket Boxes - for Girls & Guys - A Perfect Gift - Guaranteed.
Our boys are getting them for Easter this year. The Easter Bunny is stealing these from me to put in plastic eggs. The picks will be part of our scavenger hunt.

The unique circular 'click-clack' boxes fit easily into any pocket or guitar case, and are opened by pressing on the center of the lid (click!), and then closed by squeezing gently on the sides (clack!).

Quality is assured by hand packing each container, and then adding a five year, no hassles replacement guarantee. And as if that wasn't enough, the pick boxes are being shipped in a FREE Kraft cube gift box, offering a bit of flare and making it an easy purchase for gifting.

A practical gift for any guitar, bass, or in my boy's case ukulele players.

Cost: $29.99, but they are on sale for $15.99!

Have you ever played an instrument?

 The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel'sThe Apel's

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