Saturday, February 12, 2022

Stay Healthy #immune_support_supplement #immune_supplement #immune_booster

I hope all is well. Our family is good. I actually like the job where I work. Sure there are hiccups. But they are normal hiccups, not toxic ones. I felt like when the pandemic happened there was only toxic leadership jobs at first. Seriously! 

Isaak is in a better place in school than he ever has been. Straight A’s, nominated for The Rotary Honor Roll, his science fair project he did all on his own got sent to the district, and he mentor other kids! Let’s just hope he gets into the high school he wants to go to!

Mica is a working boy. He took the pre-ACTs and got a 27! He is in mostly honors courses. He had a group in one class that did nothing. He talked to his teacher, and did his part. 

Travis got a raise. He has a studio now, so it’s good to have some stuff out of the house. 

With these accomplishments I want to stay in a good place! 

It’s important to boost up your and my immunity during this pandemic and spring allergy season. So far-nock on wood we’ve only had two colds in the fall. Covid has managed to skip our house (that we know of) so far. I hope we don’t get it. We’re boosted, mask up, and don’t go very many places. 

Sickness can be out of one’s control. We take daily vitamins, try to eat right, and go on a lot of walks. 

Energy Immune Boost Formula has 10 boosters in it. Vitamin C, B6, E, zinc, elderberry, garlic, echinacea, glucosamine, probiotic, turmeric, ginger and more! 

Per usual I wish the bottle was filled to the rim to not waste so much packaging. I would even pay more if it was fuller. 

It does have a lot of good ingredients packed in each pill. A lot of the ingredients I take in the form of food. I have my family take this instead of their daily vitamin. 

Do you take vitamins, or do you feel like they are a waste of money? 

Stay well, stay happy! 

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.I got this product as a discount in exchange for an honest review. 


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