Saturday, August 4, 2012


Mica's back float was great in swimming lessons today.

When it came time to dive, he kept flopping. It looked painful.

He's been telling us that his last coach said that he needed to breathe under water when he swam freestyle. Daddy and I both told him that he must of misunderstood his coach. I explained that your head stays underwater until you have to breathe; at that time you tilt your head to the side to breath. I demonstrated. I mentioned that you tilt your head to one side to breathe, then to the other when it's time to take another breath. I watched him swim the freestyle today. What does he do? He kept his head out of the water the whole time, tilting his head back and forth constantly to breathe. He totally misunderstood me. It was funny to watch. I knew what he was trying to do. He swam better before I talked to him about tilting his head to breathe.

Isaak cried almost the entire time last week. It was all because he didn't know his coach. He was crying out my name. I kept thinking, Do I go over there, or do I just ignore that my son is interrupting  the entire lesson? I went to stand up and the lifeguard pointed for me to sit down. She was his coach previously. I know Isaak and all the rest of the kids would do better if they had the same coach. I also know that's impossible.

I had two options sympathize with Isaak (baby him), or be the strict mom (give him a wake up call). I chose to be the strict mom. Isaak cries to get out of things. I always hated hearing kids whine; now I have a kid that whines! I told him after lessons last week in a firm voice, "Listen Isaak you can not cry the whole lesson! Other kids are trying to pay attention to the teacher (he calls them "teachers," when they are really coaches.) They can not pay attention when you are crying the whole time. Mommy is in the room, I'm not going to leave you. Your teacher is nice. You can't learn when you are fussing like a baby. You are a big boy!" Possibly I came off harsh, but I think he needed to hear that. Today I gave Isaak an ultimatum, "If you cry, you will not get school supplies at the store today." Again harsh. Guess what? He didn't cry at all.

He swam the length of the pool twice with no floater devices. All the other kids needed them.

Then the little punk a monk wouldn't go in the locker room until he got to say, "Goodbye" to his teacher (coach). It turns out he likes her after all.

Sing, Sing a Song Saturday

I started doing what I call Sing, Sing a Song Saturday.  I'm going to post one song on Saturdays that the boys or I like. 

The song may be part of a movie, a kid's video or just a song we like. It may or may not include words. I'll try and include why we like it and/or the history of the song/singer.

This week I thought I'd secretly let Daddy pick. He didn't know he was picking a song for this week. I just heard him say, "I downloaded this band that I really like. It reminds me of Bjork." I of course love Bjork. She is different and so is this band. This band reminds me of the band Sugar Cubes before Bjork became a solo artist. The band is called Rubblebucket. They are a little out there, I'm a little out there, therefore I like out there things.

Come Out of a Lady

Rubblebucket came out of Brooklyn, has been on Jimmy Kimmel and is on tour throughout the US now.

Friday, August 3, 2012

School Starts For Me Next Week

I may be a little, or a lot busy next week. School starts. I'm a college art instructor for those that don't know. What I'm hoping for: I hope students get financial aid that need it, and students get our art supply package. Those two things are the biggest needs. After those two things fall in place, then everything else will work out.

I'm confident that anyone who is not good with hands on art, can and will be taught. Sure they may not get A's, but if they try, they will learn. It's amazing to see some of the students really grow. A lot of them do.

Financial aid is getting harder to get these days. Too many people in the past were not good about paying off their loans. They've really tightened up on who gets access to loans. Many wait to the last minute. If their parent's credit is bad, they are denied loans until they get a different co-signer.

Every year I run into a handful of students that have no supplies, and can't afford to get supplies. In my opinion it's pretty important to have means to get these things to do the projects. I try and help when I can. I have a stash of supplies people have left behind to lend to people who come with nothing. I don't just hand this stuff over for good. I might run into another student that needs help at a later date. I can't imagine going to school and not being prepared for it. I have mixed feelings about lending stuff out. Does it show favoritism? Is it just me being a do gooder to people that really need it? The only reason I bring this up is because we've been talked to time and time again about not showing favoritism. It can be such a sticky subject in a teaching atmosphere.

Mica starts first grade in the middle of August. Isaak starts preschool at the beginning of September. I'm taking both boys to get school supplies this weekend. Isaak barely needs anything, but I'll let him pick somethings out. I want him to feel excited about school as well.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Kung Fu Panda Party in the Works

My son Mica wants a Kung Fu Panda party. I created invites to it last night. He loves the out doors, so the party will be outside; where kids can run freely.

This is the image I based it off of:

A few weeks ago we met up in a park and Mica saw these poles sicking out of the ground. He plopped up on them and pulled a Karate Kid. Except he had his tongue hanging out. :P

That's part of what gave me the idea to create his invites that way.

Now I just need to have the party. 10 first graders and a 4 year old brother seemed a little much to me. Daddy works on the weekends. I decided to call for back-up. My niece that's in high school will be helping me on this one!

I got Panda treats at the Asian Market for party favors. Once I know who's coming I'll get Asian fans or coin purses for the girls and Karate Kid Spinning drums for the boys.

I thought I'd make a water balloon pinata.

water pinata! Great idea for Summer Party
Should I make PBJ Sushi Rolls or Rice Crispy Sushi Rolls? We're having cake to. I'll set out carrots and a fruit of some kind to. It's not for a meal, so I don't need a lot.

I thought it would be so funny if I could find fu manchu mustaches for all the kids to take pictures of them. I don't know if that's going to happen though.

Master Shifu - master-shifu Photo

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

WW: Awkward Family Photo {Linky}

There's a perfectly good explanation as to why Daddy looks absolutely ridiculous.

Mica had to get t-shirts for his jujitsu class to fit under his uniform. I got him some.  

Mica opened the package and said, "Mom these will never fit me!" I said, "Mica they are small and made to stretch. I know they will fit you, they are a size 7-8." He put it on. Mica said, "WOW Mom you are right. It did stretch."

Off he went into our bedroom to talk to Daddy. I heard Mica say, "Daddy this t-shirt fit me. It stretches! You can wear one to!" Daddy said, "Mica it won't fit me! It's a kid size!" Mica said, "No really Dad it stretches. You have to try it!" So he did...

Ready for it?

I had a hard time keeping the camera still I was laughing so hard! I did get a good shot though.

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Monday, July 30, 2012


We closed tonight for the refinance of our home loan. I've been wanting to do that for awhile.

Instead of going into an office to sign tons of papers, a guy came to our house.

The boys were wound because someone new was in the house that they didn't know. Mica was trying to buzz his Lego invention around and Isaak was just standing there humming a tune. Daddy and I both sent them off to their rooms to play. Later on Isaak comes out to sit next to me. He was being good, so I didn't mind. Then Mica plops down on the other side of me. I knew we might have to send them into their rooms once again. When both boys are together it's wrestle time and fight for Mommy's attention time.

Mica started pulling on my hair and said, "Why won't this wig come off?" He said it a few times. I was wondering, What is that guy thinking? I didn't have a wig on! I've only wore wigs for Halloween. My hair doesn't even look like a wig. I pushed Mica off and said, "Come on stop that. It hurts. I don't have a wig!"

Mica's humor is a lot like mine. It's kind of funny, kind of not. We're both very random in our thoughts.

Isaak's Self Portrait

Isaak started drawing this last night on the chalkboard:

We thought it was pretty good. Remember he's only 4.

Our Busy/Fun Weekend

We had four adults and 1 child stay with us this weekend. Then on Saturday evening and night we had about 20 adults and 8 kids over (including us). Then cousins Evan and Elijah spent the night Saturday night along with our other company. I was so busy hosting, I didn't get enough pictures.

It started with cleaning, lots of cleaning before everyone came and after everyone left. This is what it's like when I clean:

That is my bed that I was trying to make. What are those two lumps? Mica and Isaak of course! I sort of did what most people do in the spring. I spring cleaned in the summer. At the party you would have never guessed I cleaned at all with the toys, people, food, you get the picture. Isaak and Mica make it hard for me to clean. I cleaned the coffee table about 6 times last week. Isaak's back into Play-Doh. It gets all over the place. Mica's into Legos and they get all over the house as well.

Daddy had our party planned way in advance. He wanted to have people over instead of get presents for his birthday this year. A few college friends have been wanting to come up to see us since the spring. Last year they couldn't come up because of the floods. A party was planned.

The boys were sort of double booked on Saturday. I didn't really mean for that to happen. A week and a half ago swimming lessons were over. We had to sign up for new ones and all they had available was a Saturday class starting on this last Saturday. I know it takes Isaak at least one lesson to warm up to a new coach. We decided Daddy would hang out with the company, while I took the boys to swimming lessons. Sure enough Isaak cried for, "Mommy!" the whole time! I was so annoyed with that! His old coach even stood there with him. I don't know why in the heck he was being so moody! After lessons I had a serious talk with him. With some kids it works to just give them time. With Isaak I just had to say, "Listen kid you need to stop crying and calling for me! Your coach is nice. I'm right there in the room. Listen to your coach and participate in your swimming lessons." He seemed to understand. Mica on the other hand was perfectly fine.

Then Mica was invited to a birthday party from 2-5. The child, Niko that was staying with us had no one to play with when he got back. Isaak had fallen asleep for a nap.

Daddy set up the Slip N Slides, and grilled. I cut up veggies and got all the stuff out for the party. We had a lot of food: Watermelon, another fruit tray, raw veggies, chips galore, dip, potato salad, a quinoa couscous salad, baked beans, burgers, brats, chocolate cherry chip cookies, zucchini brownies, root beer, beer, water, wine, lemonade and more I'm sure.

My friend Mark brought us lovely flowers and one of Daddy's artist friends brought him a pen she made out of wood. 

Our old Slip N Slide that we've had for 2 years is toast. It most certainly got played with though! They slipped on it anyhow and we added 2 more. 

We had wonderful conversation. I just felt torn between the inside of the house and the outside. Some of the outside people didn't know anyone else. Plus I was taking care of dishes, getting more of this or that mainly for the kids.

When people started to leave Daddy set up two tents in our backyard for our boys and cousin's Evan and Elijah to sleep in. They were excited! I opted to sleep indoors.

On Sunday the boys wrestled pillow in the tummy style:

Our company got attacked to! When Mica first saw Mark he said, "Hey that's the guy that likes to wrestle with me!" Then Mica laid down and said, "Niko can you rub my head?" Niko did happily. Silly kids!

I gave our guests many boxes of baby clothes! Niko will have a baby brother at the end of August, early September! I'm so glad to have some of my basement back!

They took us out for a lovely lunch. Mica scarfed down his food and 1/2 of Isaak's!

Then we went to the Lowes Clinic. I signed our guest Niko up for it. He had never been there. They made stacking Kung Fu Panda toys.
The boys with one of the stacking friends.

That was our weekend. Lots to do, but also fun.

Our company left. We went home, I ironed on their new patches from the Lowes Clinic, we cleaned, went to recycle glass and the boys took a nap from 4-6. I tried waking them up at 5:15, and they rolled back over to sleep longer. They were bushed!


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