Saturday, May 22, 2010

Makin' Mud Pies

  • Two of a Kind is giving away a product I've never seen before called Makin' Mud Pies by Little Tikes.
  • I remember making sand pies when I was little, but I never made mud pies. It sounds like fun! I used to dig in the dirt with Grandpa Spiehs (Dad to me), and I loved finding worms.

Melissa & Doug Lemonade Stand & Accessories

Friday, May 21, 2010


  • Mica's been asking for a Beef and Cheddar Sandwich from Arby's.
  • We've never taken him to Arby's that I can remember.
  • He's only seen commercial's advertising their Beef and Cheddar Sandwich.
  • It's funny to me that he was asking for this because whenever we go anywhere to eat he seems to only want Chicken Nuggets, or something like it.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shoo Fly Shoo!

  • Isaak's scared of flies.
  • Quite the opposite of his big brother Mica who once killed a fly with his bare hand.
  • Isaak freaked out at home when he saw a fly in our window. I had trouble killing it, and he kept saying, "Mommy" in a scared voice.
  • It happened again when he saw a fly in Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' front door.
  • Once Grandma killed it with a newspaper, Isaak stood at the door and kept blowing almost like he was spitting at the fly on the bottom of the door over and over again.

I Heart Reese's

Twinkling Tees

Birthday Evening

  • We went home last night and had dinner, had Isaak open his presents, and ate some of the left over cake from the party that I stashed away in the deep freezer.
  • Mica was so excited to give Isaak his little Duplo set he picked out with me. I think Mica was excited because he couldn't wait to play with it himself!
  • Isaak sort of tossed aside his robot bedding. I imagined he would since it wasn't anything he could play with. I washed it up, and Daddy had it on his crib this morning. At the end of July we're transforming Isaak's crib into a toddler bed. We've got to wait until after Daddy's big art show. Regardless Isaak gets his robot bedding now.
  • Isaak then opened up his FurReal Panda. The age on this toy is for 4 and up. It was the thing he's loved in the store the most from Christmas on. I decided to get it for him. The only thing that he needs help with is to put the panda's bottle in his mouth. That part is a little tricky. But...he LOVES it! He was kissing, hugging, carrying it around and very protective of it. I'm glad I decided to wait and get it for him because at Christmas it was $40 in the stores, now it's $25. It plays Peek-a-Boo, laughs when you tickle it's foot, sucks a bottle, gets the hiccups and sleeps.
  • At the end of the night Isaak was singing himself Happy Birthday. This morning in the shower he was singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. He didn't get all the words right, but I could tell that's what he was trying to sing. His vocabulary has really taken off in the last month.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mommy, Daddy I Love You!

  • Isaak's still doing this things where he'll lay in bed and say, "Mommy, Daddy I love you" for 40 min.
  • It's cute, but I kind of miss the kid that went to sleep with barely any peep.

Blast Off!

  • Isaak was taking his bath toys and saying, "8, 9, 3, 2, 1 Blast Off!" and would drop the toy into the water.
  • He did it over and over again, and each time the number order was different.
  • Later on Mica realized what Isaak was saying, and he was trying to correct Isaak.

Time Out!

  • I went to pick Mica and Isaak up over at Aunt Terra and Uncle Tyson's house.
  • Cousin Elijah was taking a ball, throwing it up to knock stuff off the counter. Terra said, "Elijah, I told you to keep the ball out of the kitchen! You're going to time out".
  • Isaak said, "No no Elijah ball. Time out".
  • Mica tries being a third parent sometimes, and I think we'll have to deal with Isaak being the same way.

Goodbye to Throwing Food!

  • I'm so happy Isaak's finally out of the throwing food stage. It took long enough for him to get through this stage.
  • Now...if we could only get him to stop clanging his boots against the bottom of the table, and his spoon against his plate and table.


  • I had to write a post about my awesome niece Kailey.
  • She had to make a cheer leading squad to form a new cheer leading squad.
  • She made the first squad, and now formed a cheer leading squad with special needs kid's. They are called the Sparklers.
  • It's so neat that she is so caring. She was telling me about some of the problems they might face. Of course the kids with Down Syndrome will more then likely really enjoy the experience. The kids with Autism might have more problems. They will have to be placed away from the band.
  • She'll unfortunately have to deal with other kid's making fun of the team too.
  • Kailey took it upon herself to learn sign language to better communicate with special needs children a few years ago.
  • You can see her newly formed squad here.

Cousin Evan's Friend Party

  • Evan had a friend birthday party on Sunday.
  • Mica was a little to hyper because he didn't get a nap. Many kid's calm down when they missed a nap. Mica's the opposite.
  • They did some really fun things at Aunt Terra and Uncle Tyson's house.
  • They decorated their own apron that they got to keep. They made fruit birds, mini pizza's, and decorated their own cupcakes.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Isaak and Cousin Evan's Birthday Party

  • Isaak's turning 2 years old on the 19th.
  • Isaak loves puppies, so we had a puppy birthday party.
  • Cousin Evan turned 5 years old on the 12th.
  • He wanted to wear a tie for his birthday.
  • Here's the cake. I got to make two puppy cakes. Neither of them was I allergic to. Everyone that knows me, knows I'm allergic to both dogs and cats.
  • Here's Isaak about to blow out some candle's. He kept getting too close to the candle's.
  • Everyone yelled when he got too close, and it scared him. He started crying because he was scared. Grandpa Spiehs thought he burned his fingers, but he didn't.
  • Maybe next year he'll have blowing candle's out down.
  • Unwrapping presents was interesting. Isaak was so quiet during this process.
  • I wanted Mica to help him unwrap the presents because he was the only little kid that didn't have a party, and Isaak isn't good at unwrapping yet. Mica would start to help him, and he'd get too into it. It really didn't bother me that he was helping too much, but other people wanted to see Isaak unwrap his own gifts. Isaak simply didn't seem to understand, or care about this part.
Aunt Angela and Uncle Eric with Isaak
  • This is the present that stole it all. Aunt Terra and Uncle Tyson gave Isaak a puppy that barks and moves. Isaak was hugging, kissing and walking around with it.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs gave Isaak a mini Duplo Set and a Thomas Train wash set. Both Mica and Isaak loved playing with these things today.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Apel gave Isaak wooden cut out letters that Grandpa Apel cut and painted himself. Mica put them in order a few times on the floor, and already tried claiming them as his own by putting them in his room. We had to correct him.
  • Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent gave Isaak $10.
  • Aunt Angela and Uncle Eric gave Isaak a dinosaur set and a set of 3D flash cards. Mica tried claiming the flash cards as his as well.
  • Aunt Becky gave Isaak a FurReal Baby Kitty and a sprinkler ring.

Busy Weekend!

  • Friday night we were supposed to have t-ball practice. We went to the park, and couldn't find the team.
  • Saturday we had cousin Evan and Isaak's family birthday party.
  • Sunday Mica had a t-ball game, then Evan had his friend birthday party. We went on a lot of errands in-between today.

Cold Battle

  • Cousin's Evan and Elijah and Aunt Terra had a cold a week or so ago.
  • Isaak got it a week or so ago. He had a slight fever. Then seemed to get better, and yesterday during his party his eyes were all watery, and I wiped his nose I don't even know how many times. Today he's great.
  • Mica got it a week or so ago too. He seemed to get better. Daddy found that he was using Kleenex's so much that the bathroom trash can was full of hardly used Kleenex's. That's when I got out an old spit up rag to wipe his nose over and over again. It's gentler on his nose and on the environment. I got another one for Isaak.
  • I've been more like Isaak. I felt like I was getting a cold last week, felt better and now I'm crappy! I've felt off all weekend.


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