Friday, August 10, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. We have a new Education Director where I work.

    So far I've made an ass out of myself twice:

    1. I swore I didn't get my syllabi back from him. I've had them done, since May. They were in my junk folder. Now with email from home I get junk all the time, so I know to check that folder. Here at work I never get junk, so I never check it.

    2. He came into the break room. I said, "Oh yay you are eating with us today!" He grabbed his lunch, and took it into his office to eat. Now I'm thinking - is he that busy, or does he not like us? I tend to over think things like that.
  2. I went to a showing of a movie here for Breastfeeding Week called, Milkyway. It talked a lot about how many conservatives think of breastfeeding as gross because boobs have been sexualized so much. Many liberals think of breastfeeding as demeaning to women because they then feel the need to stay home, and not work outside the house. Considering I'm in the middle of many areas I disagree with both ways of thinking. Milkyway was a great eye opening movie!

    I breastfed Mica and Isaak for 2 1/2 years each. I was hard! Mica was born with a cyst under his tongue; making his tongue really skinny on one side. Had I not breastfed him his tongue may not have developed as much as it did. With Isaak, we weren't getting the right latch. I was sore! Both kids lost a lot of weight. Because I paid over $500 for a pump I was determined to make it work. Formula has high fructose corn syrup, and other bad things in it that isn't natural. I try my best not to judge people for formula feeding considering all the problems I had, but breast is best overall in my book. No other animal drinks naturally from another animal. I'm glad we stuck with it! Both boys went on to get some pretty major illnesses, so my antibodies went to them. I'm so lucky I had the support of my sister Terra, my Mom, the boy's Pediatrician, and the hospitals when the boy's were sick.
  3. My husband is a goof at times, and I love it. He used to be Mr. Serious. Are you more serious, or silly in nature? 

  4. I saw this tar on the street. It looked like George Washington's brother, or something.

  5. We went out to ice cream. They make it there. This flavor was Baklava Coffee. It was good. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

    I really loved the sign they had up in their shop!

Happy 13th Birthday Mica!

Dear Mica,

Happy Birthday son! You are now an official teen. Next Thursday you start 7th grade.

You've surpassed me in hight, you're always hungry, so I know you're going to keep on growing.

I still need to take you out, for a photoshoot.

Birthday Prank:

He needed a new water bottle for school, so I got him one. For some reason water bottles were a problem last year. One got broke twice, and another lost. He also asked for candy, so I filled the water bottle up with Sour Patch Kids - I know he likes them. I told him this morning that when you turn 13, you don't get wrapped gifts. The water bottle was his 1 and only gift. He knew somehow I was messing with him. As the morning wore on I came clean that he had 2 more gifts. He was happy.

Things You Like:
  • You're into survival games like Risk, Pandemic, and Catan
  • Wipe Out, or any other obstacle course show
  • You beg for Little Debbie snack things in the grocery store
  • Videos on The Black Hole
  • World history - In particular World War II
  • Reading anything
  • Volunteering at the library 
  • Music! You seem to be into Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, and Michael Jackson lately
  • Legos 
  • To make faces when I try and photograph you

Things You Dislike:
  • Bugs
  • If someone pops out at you, you get scared easily
  • You swear you don't like the outdoors, but seem to enjoy your outdoor camp
  • You dislike your brother coming into your room
  • You get annoyed when other people your age don't know classic songs
  • Eggs
  • Tasks, but they are good for you 
  • You've been watching Isaak more and more - When we're around you fight, when it's just you two you are friends
  • You want to try out for cross-country and possibly get into the drama department at school
I hope you have a great 13th birthday!



Tuesday, August 7, 2018

WW: Nature {Linky}

This is a garter snake skin that Mica found, and gave to Isaak. I love how you can see the eyes.

I also loved when I saw a bug encased inside a dandelion. 

A Thistle:

An Acorn:

I'm Not Sure What This Was:

Typical Nebraska Grassland:

 Does nature ever inspire you?

Monday, August 6, 2018

Tunic Review

I ❤️ the colors and patterns in shirts. I have to say that many shirts we have in the US are fairly bland. The shirts that Aincrso are so much more than typical US shirts.


I did have trouble choosing a Aincrso shirt. In the end I tried to pick a shirt that was different from anything else I've owned.

I also really liked their black shirt with colorful flowers on it. A part of me wished I would have picked that one. Not because of the colors, but because of the cut. I'm not a huge fan of the line right above the stomach line. The black tunic with flowers didn't have that same line that I noticed. In all they have 15 different choices, with varying colors and patterns.


I like all sleeve lengths. I do have one slight problem, I have ape arms - also known as really long arms.

Long sleeves sometimes aren't long enough.

Short sleeves can only be worn comfortably in the spring and summer here in Nebraska.

3/4 sleeves are ideal! They can be worn any season, and I don't have the problem of my arms being too long for the sleeves.

Where to Get This Tunic:

You can get it on Amazon for $19.80 on Amazon Prime.

What do you look for in a shirt?

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. I only review items I think my readers, or family can use.


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