Thursday, December 23, 2010

Plans Tonight

  • Tonight my two sister's {Aunt Terra and Aunt Angela}, my mom {Grandma Spiehs} and I are going to see Mannheim Steamroller. It's something my mom's always wanted to do. This is her Christmas present.
  • As parents get older, they get harder to buy for because they have everything they need. 
  • When it comes to my mom, we take her out somewhere usually now. Sometimes it's out to lunch and shopping, this time it's to Mannheim Steamroller.
  • A night out with girl's is so different for me. I'm used to boy's now. ;) I never thought I'd say that five years ago. I was raised with all sisters, aunts that were active in my life, my mom and my dad, which didn't like the typical boy things {like sports, fishing and golf}. Yep he's more of an artist, woodworker, gardener type.  
This is the video of Mannheim Steamroller's I liked when I was little:

This video was magical to me! I watched it over and over again!
The floating heads are cheesy now, but it was cool back then.


  • Daddy showed the boys a flick on YouTube about the biggest crocodile known to man.
  • Mica was super into it. Isaak was too scared to watch it. 
  • Later on Daddy showed Mica how to draw a crocodile. Here it is:
Daddy's Crocodile's
  • The crocodile above is how Daddy would draw one. Then Daddy drew the one below that to show Mica how to simplify it.
  • Here's Mica's version of a crocodile, well 2 of them:
Mica's Crocodile's, a Fish and an Ice Cream Cone

Close Up of Mica's Crocodile
  • I thought it was pretty cool!
  • The top crocodile is going after an ice cream cone. That's what they eat I guess. I thought it was a muffin. My bad!
  • Below the bottom crocodile is a fish. I could tell with the fins.

Little People Sets

  • These Little People Sets have been a big hit with Mica this year. He plays with them so different then Isaak.
  • Mica gets out the Fisher Price catalog he has, finds the set, and wants to set everything up the way it looks in the picture. 
  • Isaak takes as many Little People as he can find, and piles them in the Little People bus like sardines. 
  • I did happen to see a Little People bench flipped over with Little People laying in it. Isaak said they were sleeping. Off to bed they went.

I Elfed Us

Hip Hop


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Feliz Navidad

  • There's a site called JibJab JibJab where you can upload your photo's to create a video. 
  • It's pretty fun! The only bummer is that of course you have to pay to send it to someone, put it on a blog or on facebook. 
  • I took some stills to put on here.
  • My favorite part is when Isaak downs some jumping beans and starts jumping around. 

Girls Have Booties

  • I asked Mica last night, "Hey Mica do girls have cooties?" 
  • He evidently does not know what cooties are.
  • His answer, "No Mom! Girls have booties not cooties!"

Crazy Forts

  • I found a new product I love.
  • I a firm believer that kids should have some kind of tent system that's easy to build, simple to take down and can be stored away.
  • Crazy Forts is all these things wrapped up into one.
  • Our Kids Mom is giveaway a Crazy Forts.

SpotMat Giveaway

  • Two of a Kind is giving away a GelPro SpotMat.
  • I like the Striated in Cranberry for our kitchen. They have a lot of other color options and patterns!
  • GelPro SpotMat says on their site, "World's original gel-filled anti-fatigue floor mat reduces discomfort caused from standing on hard flooring. Great for everyone, perfect for those with back pain, foot pain or arthritis."

Wordless Wednesday - A Bow on Mica's Nose

A prop for a song he sang during his Christmas program at preschool. All the kid's had bow's on their noses.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Moose Horns on Mica's Head

  • I've been telling Mica that he has moose horns growing from his head. We call him, "Mica Moose". 
  • I told him that growing horns runs in the family. 
  • I told him how Mommy has a nub of a horn on the right side of my head. I have a small cyst on my head in the spot where one would grow. I had him feel.
  • Grandma Spiehs joined in, and she has more small cysts on her head. 
  • Disgusting I'm sure, but funny none the less!
  • I said, "See Mica! Soon you'll be growing moose horns too! I feel them right here". 
  • He felt around, and had wide eyes!
  • Yesterday Mica told me, "Mommy when I grow moose horns I can run them into people"!
  • I told him, "No! You have to protect your moose horns! They do come in handy with holding things that you get tired of holding with your hands".
  • Last night he picked out the book, Moosetache to read. 
  • I wonder if he's truly convinced that he has moose horns growing out of his head?

Preschool Program

  • Mica's second preschool program was today. He's in two preschool's. They are very different. 
  • The private one has all the bells and whistles. Full costumes for the Christmas program, graduation robes and a ceremony for when they leave the preschool.
  • The state preschool keeps it simple and practical.
  • We like them for different reasons. Mica get a lot more academics from the private one, but more social and exercise from the public one. I'm glad he's in more then one school.
  • I like his teachers at both schools.
  • I do think the private one goes overboard with all the ceremony stuff. They are in preschool. Sometimes I feel like if a pen were to drop everyone would know.
Here's how his simple program went today:
  1. A few songs. Added decorations for different songs.
  2. Santa came in for the kids to enjoy.
  3. Cake and punch.
I think Mica and the family had just as much fun watching him as we did during the other school concert.

    Guitar Playing

    Isaak's Busted

    • Here's Isaak's face that he banged into a chair the other day. 
    • He actually looks better now then he did after it happened. 
    • His poor little tongue was bloody two days ago. We caught him messing with his ouchy. His check is all bit up too. 

    Isaak Teaching Great Grandma Kent How to Play

    • The boy's love all their grandparents! We're so lucky that they have both sets of grandparents and one set of great grandparents! Not everyone has that.
    • Here Isaak is teaching Great Grandma Kent how to play with this toy. 
    • Great Grandma Kent has Alzheimer's disease and has forgotten how to do a lot of things. 
    • Isaak takes pride in teaching her how play all over again.
    • She wanted to play, and could not figure out how to pop the Mickey Mouse characters up. When they did pop up it startled her. She kept trying to play anyhow. We just reassured her that it was ok.
    • I do love how the boy's like to include her. They run up and hug her. They play ball with Great Grandpa too.
    • Mica called Alzheimer's disease, "Elder's disease".

    Work Christmas Parties

    • We went to Daddy's work Christmas party on Saturday night. I brought a huge plate of cookies/goodies and Daddy made a wonderful bruschetta appetizer.
    • Daddy's appetizer went within the first thirty min. We were the first ones that showed up, so people didn't start eating for awhile. 
    • My huge plate of cookies/goodies was gone before the end of the night. 
    • Mica had fun playing with the kids, while Isaak stuck to our side.
    • Later on we found out that one boy was too rough with two of the kids {Mica being one of them}. 
    • This is the first year we didn't watch Mica, and just let him roam and play. He's a pretty good kid. 
    • Just like with driving, you can't trust the other cars on the road. 
    • Mica and the kid his age didn't get hurt. They were just soar from being wrestled with. The wrestler was twice their size and old enough to know better.
    • My work party was today. They just have the employee's get together. It was during lunch at a restaurant called Grisanti's. I have 1/2 my food left.  It's really good Italian food! I filled up on salad and appetizers.
    • We always have a gag gift exchange. I ended up with a set of glass snowmen ornaments. I gave a wolf paint by number. I figured for an art school, a paint by number was a perfect gag gift.

    Monday, December 20, 2010

    Isaak Busted Himself Up!

    • Isaak was jumping around, per usual. He jumped up, and as he was in the process of going down he slammed his chin on our high standing red chair!
    • He has a busted chin and bit his tongue in the process. It looked like it hurt. 
    • A lot of people around here are falling on the ice outside. Not us so far. We just have one banging his chin on a chair inside the house.

    Alphie the Perfect Robot for a Three Year Old!

    • One Savvy Mom! is giving away one Alphie to her readers!
    • This is a perfect robot for the three year old. Totally an idea for me to get Isaak for his next birthday!


    • Kidorable seriously has an umbrella to match each kid's personality.
    • One Savvy Mom! is giving away one umbrella from this company!
    Here's what I like for Mica:
    This one totally fits Isaak:

    Gifts for Anyone!

    • If you have never heard of the store Hayneedle, you should certainly check them out!
    • One Savvy Mom! is hosting to give away a $50 gift card to this store!
    • Here are a few things I was looking at: 

    A Toy That is Great For Mica's Age!

    One Savvy Mom! is also hosting to giveaway: Gears! Gears! Gears!® Lights & Action Building Set.

    This type of toy is great for anyone that likes to build. Mica loves to put things together. Give him a train track or puzzle and he's all over it!

    The Boy's Love Seeing This Toy in the Stores!

    • Like I said, the boys love seeing this toy in the stores! One Savvy Mom! is giving one away!
    • If I were to win this, I'd save it and give it to Isaak for his birthday. He'd would be so excited to open up a present and see BIGFOOT the monster!


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