Friday, April 29, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. We got to swimming lessons way too early. I have a hard time, timing it. There's construction along the way + I make sure the boys take a shower prior to their lessons. Other kids don't shower, but they have a big sign saying to shower. Since we're their guest, I make sure we abide by their rules. 

  2. Since we were early the boys were wound up! They were playing with a girl. I had to get after them all, "Stop hitting each other with your towels!" and "This is not a gym. Stop running around." It was pretty funny when they decided that their towels were super hero capes. I can no longer get to swimming lessons this early!

  3. The sirens went off because of tornado activity. No worries, no damage, just a funky looking sky. Travis went to pick up the boys at school, and many children were crying, and freaking out. They were afraid. Do you get scared when the weather is wacky? I don't. The last time a storm was really bad in Omaha was in 1975, the year before I was born.

    The wacky weather didn't bother this bumblebee. I enjoyed watching it buzz around, collecting nectar.

  4. We finally made it out to the zoo to see our new elephants. They came all the way from Africa to the US. There were some angry people thinking that it was horrible we were bringing elephants from their natural habitat to a zoo, and making them travel for such a long distance was crazy! In Africa there are being killed by poachers. They also were lacking on food and water. Our zoo upped their weight a lot! They weren't shown off for a month.

    In June their African Habitat will open up. That land is huge! Just new elephant families will be in the smaller space they are in now. That way the babies can be with their mama's.

  5. We took the Skyfari. Until the African Habitat is completed we won't take that again. Usually you have a choice to go one way, and walk the other. Right now since it's under construction there is no choice. We literally did not see a single animal. Only construction! It was still a fun ride - except Isaak kept freaking out that his shoes were going to fall off.

  6. I've been thinking about Prince. I sure do love the music that he left behind. Somewhere is a vault of music that he never put out to the public because he didn't like the way the music industry was going. I know the likelihood of him being on something caused his death is very high, but I was hoping that wasn't the case. Anyhow it's sad that a lot of artists go down a path of drugs. He's been on my mind. I've been listening to him more than usual. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cariloha - Bamboo Bath Sheet Towel

One thing I love is super soft towels. I recently got a bath sheet to review. It's made by Cariloha. It's so plush, made with bamboo, so it's oh so soft!

White Colors with Stripes:
  • White with Caribbean Mint - The color I picked
  • White with Hawaiian Sand
  • White with Blue Lagoon

Solid Colors:
  • Shoreline Grey
  • Hawaiian Sand
  • Caribbean Mint
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Graphite 
  • White


This towel sheet is super soft. It's unlike any other towel I've ever felt. Their earth-friendly viscose from bamboo bath sheet towels are just the answer. They are luxuriously plush, odor and snag resistant. Made from a blend of renewable viscose from bamboo and cotton, Cariloha bath sheet towels are perfect!

It's a twisted bamboo yarn that is loomed perfectly to 600 grams per square meter and features an infusion of special silicon softener, resulting in an even softer, finer hand for increased bamboo-soft comfort.

It's called a sheet, but I think of it more as a gigantic, soft, plush towel. 

You can use them in the gym, at the pool, in the car, at the beach, or in the comfort of your home.

Fabric Blend: 

50% Viscose from Bamboo | 50% Turkish-combed cotton


Dimensions: 40" x 70"

A regular towel is 30" x 56"


They are a bit pricy. $59.00, but on sale for $44. That is for one towel. I'd love 4!

Disclaimer: I received a discount for the Bamboo Bath Sheet Towel that was discussed in the review. The opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

WW: Look-Alike {Linky}

We went to the zoo to see our new elephants from Africa this last weekend. That will be another post. In the aquarium I saw these things:

They reminded me of something, but I couldn't think of what. Donald Trump's hair? Sort of. A character from Sesame Street? I couldn't think of what one. A character from Fraggle Rock? I couldn't think of what one for that show either.

Finally I figured it out.

Fisher Price's Sing-a-Ma-Jigs.

Just for your entertainment here's a video of them covering Hey Jude. They are so odd!


Monday, April 25, 2016

Alley V Review

We had the best time on Saturday night! My family was invited to Alley V.

Alley V is located near Oak View Mall - 3375 Oak View Drive • Omaha, Nebraska 68114 • 402 255 3225. They have 20 lanes of bowling, weekly live entertainment, games, laser tag, meeting rooms, bars, a restaurant, and more.

I was expecting it to be fun, but it surpassed my expectations. We will be going back!

We were greeted by their team. Their staff is so nice!

We got to bowl a few games. 

Each lane has a TV that you can change what's being played on it. 

Isaak cracked me up. I swear one of these days he's going to break the floor with how hard he rolls it down the lane. He kept telling me, "Mom you can put the fence up like mine, so your ball won't go in the gutter." I played horribly. Usually I get strikes. Not that night. You can say that I'm inconsistent. I still had fun though.

Mica did a dance after each time he bowled. He kept trying to give me tips on how to bowl. ;) The TV set that shows your score showed where your bowling ball should go to knock down the most pins.

Travis had a grumpy day, which he said ended when he walked into Alley V. He was having so much fun.

By the 2nd game the boys figured out how to put their pictures on the score screen.

Travis' fake grumpy picture.

Alley V has a wide selection of bowling balls.

They boys discussing who was winning, and who was loosing.

Their lanes are super clean! They have screens at each one. The screens pop out at different levels, which makes them from a distance appear to be a V shape.

They have shoes to rent. I have my own shoes, but everyone else was given shoes to wear.

Their food is AMAZING!

When I think of bowling alley food I think of cheap quality. Not Alley V! Their food is made fresh that day. We got to choose a pizza and an appetizer. You can eat in their restaurant, or while you bowl. We ate while we bowled.

Alfredo Pizza sounded great to me, but we went with Classic Pizza: Sausage, Pepperoni, Bacon, Mozzarella, and Basil.

We chose Southwest Rolls to share. After that I was stuffed. So many other dishes looked good on their menu. You can go to Alley V just to eat if you don't feel like bowling, or playing games. Their food is that good!

Alley V has meeting rooms to rent. 

There is one meeting room to rent that has bowling.  

 Other rooms have screens that come down. They can break away to play games if they like.

Alley V has weekly entertainment, food that's prepared daily and bar with a wide selection of drinks.

It's perfect for people that like sports to come hang out! I love the lights that look like they have blue bowling balls in them.

After we got a tour it was time for some games.

Laser Tag was a blast!

I've never played laser tag before. The boys love it. I have to say that I love it to. The only rule that's hard is: No running. 

Alley V has 3 climbing walls. 

The first time they tired each wall. After that they raced.

Arcade Games

They have a ton! We played Pac-Man, Air Hockey, basketball, we drove motorcycles, Isaak played mini bowling, and the list goes on...

Alley V just has so many things! I loved our experience there. 

Sunday through Thursday: 11 AM to 11 PM
Friday through Saturday 11 AM to 1 AM
Connect with Alley V:

Thank you Alley V for such a great time! 

Disclaimer: I received free passes for all of what was discussed in the review. The opinions are 100% mine.


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