Saturday, February 25, 2012

Superhero Party

I saved the best photo's for this upcoming Wednesday. I do like these to! The Y had a Superhero Party. I offered to take Cousin's Evan and Elijah as well. We made a night of it. I took off work an hour early to pick everyone up at different places, got dinner and off the Superhero's went to the Y. They had fun!

Isaak wouldn't take his mask off for anything! All night he pretended to shoot webs.

There was plenty of this going on before the party:

I'm so glad they split everyone up into two groups! Cousins that are the same age stayed together and brothers got split up. YAY for me! I didn't want wrestling going on all night long.

Bad Hair in the Morning

This is how Isaak's hair looks most mornings:

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Why Ask, "Why?"

Isaak's officially in the "Why?" stage. Sometimes it's more noticeable than other times. When we read books he asks, "Why?" every time I turn the page.

Why ask "Why?" I told Mica that it's important for Isaak to ask, "Why?" because it means that he's learning. That's a good thing! I also explained that if he ever had a question in school to ask the teacher. Questions are great! They answer those gaps that were not quite filled.

It's only a problem when I read books that really don't answer, "Why?" I read this book by Dr. Seuss:

I didn't really know why a Wocket was in his pocket? Every page Isaak asked, "Why?" I had a hard time answering. I just said, "Well that monster likes to hang out in his pocket. Wocket rhymes with pocket. That's how they got that monster's name. It's very ironic that I'll be talking about Theodor Seuss Geisel, also known as Dr. Seuss tomorrow in my Illustration class. He's an important part of Illustration history!

Next time I'll pick a more logical book to read.

While we were reading I leaned over to Mica and whispered, "Mica this will take a LONG time to read! Isaak's in the 'Why?' stage. Every page I turn he'll ask that question." Sure enough Isaak did. Mica looked over at me and laughed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"I Don't Like Him Because He Cuts Onions!"

Isaak started saying a month or so ago, "I don't like Daddy when he cuts onions!" Odd I know. What two, three or four year old isn't odd sometimes? He actually seemed upset about the fact that Daddy cuts up onions.

I said to Isaak, "Mommy cuts onions to." I think most adults do in fact cut onions.

Every so often Isaak continues with, "I don't like Daddy when he cuts onions!"
Tonight when we went swimming I said, "Hey Isaak did you say 'Hi' to your coach?" He said, "Mommy that's not my coach! That's my teacher. I don't like him because he cuts onions!" Such an odd thing to say for a little boy! Sort of funny to.

For the record, Isaak likes his coach. He LOVED swimming lessons. He walked up to his coach the day before Valentines Day, tapped him on his leg and said in his tiny voice, "I hope you will have a good Valentines Day tomorrow!"

Today I Ran in Circles

This morning was nuts. Mica wouldn't listen and follow much of what we asked. He was excited to go back to school; after having Monday and Tuesday off.  He also couldn't wait to give his teacher copies of his president drawings.

I took the day off. I had to have Daddy write down the times of all the dropping off and picking up each kid. I'm horrible with remembering things like that! Daddy's better than I with time, dates and directions. Daddy usually drops and picks up Mica, while I drop and pick up Isaak at Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house. I hardly deal with dropping and picking the kids up from school.

When I took Mica to school I said, "Remember to give your president drawings to your teacher!" He said, "I know Mom." Well he got out of the car, grabbed his lunch box and forgot his backpack. His backpack is blue, our car is blue. Later Daddy said to me, "You didn't check? You didn't get out of the car to give him a hug?" I gave him a hug before he got in the car to begin with. I felt horrible. I felt even worse when I went back to give it to him and he told me he cried about forgetting his backpack!

I dropped Isaak off at preschool and left my purse there. His teachers called me on my cell phone while I was driving back to Mica's school to give him his backpack. Then I felt like crap because I was driving without a license. The crazy thing is, is that I hardly forget things. I'm one of those moms that for a long time had to remember a breast pump, a diaper bag, fresh milk, my laptop, my lunch, Mica's sippy cup and a change of clothes for both boys. Those were the days. It looked like we were packed up to go out of town every morning for many mornings. 

I went back to the preschool to pick up my purse and decided to go shopping by myself. That was so nice! This time of year I shop for next years fall/winter things. I had coupons for Crazy Eight and Kohls. I got Mica many shirts all on the clearance rack; plus the coupon.

Then all afternoon I had Isaak. He's so different by himself. He's really helpful and there is no arguing between two boys. Isaak helped me make banana bread and granola bars.

It was so nice outside that we were able to walk to get Mica from school.

The boys had our homemade granola bars for a snack, while I made dinner. We had Beef Stroganoff. I use plain yogurt and lemon juice in replace of the sour cream Daddy thinks it's different. I don't think so at all! I've been trying to make two veggies for dinner time.

We ended the night with swimming.

Grandpa Wanted Pie

Grandpa Spiehs (my dad) had his Atrial Fibrillation/Pulmonary Vein Ablation Procedure on the 21st. He did really well. I got a call from Aunt Terra (my sister) saying, "When you come up bring Dad some pie. He wants pie. The doctor put him on a low fat diet, but he wants pie. Mom said it was ok to give him some." So I went and picked up 1/2 a pie. They sold 1/2 a pie. Grandpa always watches what he eats. He's like the BEST eater ever. The guy has salad for breakfast. He's skinny as a rail to. Pie it was.

I walked into his hospital room and said, "Man you look white!" I was only kidding. The guy is always white.

Then we talked for awhile. It was nice having uninterrupted conversation. Mica and Isaak are not the best to have around if you are wanting to have a deep conversation with someone. Trust me, we've had talks about not interrupting.

Today Isaak and I visited Grandpa and Grandma Spiehs again. Only this time it was at home. I wasn't going to visit because Grandma said Grandpa barely slept in the hospital. When I brought up coming they wanted me to come. So we did.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WW: Presidents {Linky}

Mica our 6 year old who is in Kindergarten is really into president. He's been studying them at school. He wanted to see and draw George Washington. After that it lead to one after another. He's done seven so far. There's many more he could do. I think it would be fun to see him draw Nixon, the Bush's, JFK and Obama.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Mystery Shoes

Tonight Isaak had his last swimming lesson for a little while.

Mica sat out of his. Since Mica has an ear infection, we played this lesson by ear. We got the doctor's ok, but Mica told us before lessons that his ear felt a lot of pressure. So...he sat out.

After Isaak's lesson, he was getting dried off. I said, "Isaak can you get your shoes?" Isaak said, "I can't find them. It's seriously a mystery Momma!" He's starting to talk all funny like!

For the record Isaak's no help when he gets out of the pool. He wants me to dry him off, me to pull his swim trunks off, and me to put his dry clothes on. All while he wines about being wet, cold, says, "I can't do it!" and spins around in circles the whole time. I love that little punk!

Sibling Rivalry

Do you or did you have problems with your kids having sibling rivalry?

I'm sure my sisters and I did have issues with sibling rivalry growing up. Aunt Terra was 5 years younger and Aunt Angela was 2 years older than I. Most of the time we were not competing for mom and dad's attention. I'm sure they heard, "It's not fair!" some times. Looking back each kid should have slightly different rules based on their age, personality and maturity. My little sister shouldn't of have the same responsibilities as I did. She was 5 years younger. My older sister was more experienced socially than I. I was more of a wall flower, that stuck with my little group of friends. Venturing out of that little circle was intimidating to me. My sister's an I usually fought over stupid things. Like "Angie took my skirt and gave it to her friend!," "Terra cut my Barbie's hair off!" and "Angie's messing up my side of the room!" Now it seems stupid; at the time those issues seemed HUGE.

Mica and Isaak fight just like any other siblings do. It seems like now they play together in a more sophisticated way. Isaak will usually go along with whatever Mica has planned. Except sometimes Isaak isn't always in Mica's picture. That's ok, he doesn't always have to be. I don't want Isaak playing with Legos that are for ages 7 and up. Then Mica will be watching TV and Isaak decides that Mica should play catch with him. The refrigerator becomes a storage unit of balls that we take away.

Isaak's always been willing to help me. I'll ask, "Who wants to help me?" Isaak's always piped in by saying, "I do!" So he does. Mica's recently decided that he wants to help. Here's the catch, he only wants to help after Isaak says, "I do!" Here are different things that happen:
  • If I say, "Hey Mica how about you come in and help me?" Mica will say, "Ok." He helps for 2 minutes and decides that's enough and stops to go draw or build Legos. 
  • If I ask Isaak to help, Mica steps right in front of him {literally} and says, "No you always help! Then he proceeds to butt in on Isaak and Mommy time. I agree that Isaak helps more. He offers more. What used to be easy, Isaak helping; is now a struggle because Mica comes in to push Isaak out of the way. 
  • Sometimes I'll ask Mica to help, he gets tired of helping, Isaak comes in to help as well and Mica comes back in to say, "NO ISAAK {PUSH PUSH} I WAS HELPING MOM!"  
I have no problem with Mica stepping in to help me in the kitchen if that is what he really wants to do. It doesn't seem like he really wants to help though. He just wants to break in because Isaak has my attention.

A similar thing happens with cuddle time. We had a movie night on Saturday. The boys fought over who was going to cuddle with me. I tried getting them to take turns. Daddy was over on the opposite couch. It was me they were fighting over. 

Does anyone have any insight on sibling rivalry? I want to do what's right. It's not my intent to leave one child out of the picture. I don't like something fun turning into a fight.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be Creative Bloggers

There is this site called Draw a Stickman. You draw a stick character and go through a few other steps to draw things. It's a fun animation. The boys loved watching their stickmen walk, swim, fight off a dragon and free themselves of being eaten by sharks. Even Isaak drew his version of a stickman. It was a scribble drawing and he still moved.

Anyone can have fun with this site. You don't need an account and you do not need to be artistic.

Today Was a Busy Day

I started the day off with a big breakfast. I washed 3 or 4 loads of laundry between things. I wanted to get Isaak and Mica's bedding washed.

Between Isaak's accidents and sickness, I feel like I'm washing clothes all the time. I try and layer pee pads on Isaak's bed. Then I don't have to wash it all. I just strip layers. This time I did want to wash it all.

Isaak will go through periods of being dry all night and being wet consistently. We notice he wets more when he's growing and drinking more. I wish it would end though. Lately Isaak's wet, wet, wet. We don't use diaper. Just cloth training pants. I want him to feel when he's wet, but he sleeps right through it.

I went to the grocery store and to Costco. There are just some things I like to get at Costco: Cottage Cheese, Fage Yogurt, crackers, dried berries and cereal. Those things are our regulars.

I have to say that the boys were good. I have a plan to make shopping better. The boys do well when they have something to look for. Coupons work great for them! Grandpa Spiehs thought of making my own FAKE coupons. I'm going to try this. I'll cut out packaging on things we get normally and these will serve as the boy's coupons. They then will have something to look for. I might need to find some pictures online to print out for fruit and veggie coupons. It should help.

Then we came home for a quick lunch and I marinaded some meat and veggies. We're having fajita's tonight.

After that we went to see Aunt Terra's family. We haven't seen baby Emerson since his surgery. Not my choice. It's just that right after he had surgery Daddy, Isaak and I got a head cold. That took about a week to get over. Then Mica got it. I didn't want to take our crappy cold and give it to him! Even if his brothers had a cold to. It was nice seeing him without tubes all over! He's only having issues with spitting up. I guess a lot of babies that get G tubes spit up a lot. Little Emerson has two teeth now.

Then we came home and I made two beds. Isaak was grumpy by that time. He gets to be a little punk when he's in need of sleep. I wanted both boys to lay down and rest. Mica slept all afternoon yesterday with his ear infection issue. We then stayed up late to watch a rent movie called Dolphin Tale. It was a great family movie!!! Mica's been acting healthy as a tack today, but a nap after a busy morning and sickness should do him some good.

Now I need to start dinner and unload the dishwasher. There's always something to do. I'm just enjoying 10 minutes of sitting. Maybe that's the reason I started blogging. Not to record, but to rest. Not really; I guess it's true sometimes.   


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