Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Here are a few of Mica's homework pictures. He has to read a poem or song five times, answer questions about it and than draw a picture about what he read. Daddy and I thought these were really good for age 6.

The ducks are going to the pond. I love the thought bubble, "Quack."

A cook making a grilled cheese sandwich. Above him are pots and pans. That is where we keep ours in the kitchen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WW Thanksgiving and Christmas

Wordy Wednesday this week! Thanksgiving and Christmas are kind of wrapped up into one for the Apel side.

This weekend the boys and I went Christmas shopping. We actually saw Santa. I know it's early, but he was in the shopping area we went to. Isaak was all bubbly towards him until it was time to take a picture. Mica on the other hand was stand offish. Later he said, "That Santa doesn't look like the one we see at the mall." I quickly said, "Ya. Santa gets helpers to look like him. He can't be in so many places at once. He has Elves to help him with making and wrapping toys too!" He seemed satisfied with my answer. Moral of the story: Take your kids to the same place to see Santa every year. That is if they hire the same Santa back again.

I made both Christmas and Thanksgiving cookies.

Meet Tom Turkey. He was so easy to make. I love how I found one last bag of candy corn on clearance! I totally think they should sell them into Thanksgiving time! The colors say both, "Halloween" and "Thanksgiving"!

 My husband loves football, so I made some footballs as well. Not really my thing, but they are cute!

I made a lot of Christmas cookies, but only took a photo of the Reindeer's food. I need to make more. Notice how I go to Donner and stop!

This was my Grandma's plate. I use it every year. I will cry one day when it breaks. More than likely it will be my fault, I'm accident prone!

Mica informed me that we have to leave Santa a letter telling him that the carrot cookies are for his reindeer and not Santa himself. Last year he ate 1/2 of one and left the rest sitting on the plate. Silly Santa! He also left our stove door open!

I was going to say that I'm thankful for kids that are well. Then Mica and Isaak got the stomach flu this weekend. I am thankful that both boys are doing great academically in school! Have a great Thanksgiving!

If you have a moment, enter my low entry here.

Monday, November 21, 2011

More Sickness

Well Mica was sick this weekend. Friday night he got the tummy bug, Saturday he acted just fine and on Sunday he got the tummy bug again. Odd! On Saturday he was wrestling with Isaak, laughing and acting his normal self. Sunday rolls around and he turns white and throws up.

Now Isaak just got sick. Another load of laundry in in the washer. I just hope Daddy and I do not get it!!! This kind of stuff has to happen when it's holiday time.

Coat Mission

If you are a regular reader, you may remember me discussing kids coats here and here. I've been annoyed with spending a lot of money on a coat; than the cheap plastic zipper breaking. I've found a few coats with metal zippers at Gymboree.

I got an email from The Boys Store tonight. They have a coat that has a metal zipper that is on sale:

The only negative is that it has no hood. Hats are so in. I almost prefer their adorableness over hoods. This English Biker Coat is made by Appaman. The original price is $84.00 and it's marked down to $58.80. It's fully lined, 100% Cotton shell, 100% Polyester Lining, Machine washable and can be put through the dryer.

Lulu Loop

According to Isaak, this classic toy is called a "Lulu loop."



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