Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tonight I Went Through Some Toys

  • Tonight I tackled getting some of the boy's toys downstairs. I still have to go through more. A lot more. I'm hoping that by Easter I have a few more big boxes of clothes and toys to give to my cousin. 
  • I was expecting Isaak to be like, "NO! That's mine!" But he wasn't at all like that. I explained to him that baby Alex needs some baby toys and clothes. He set aside toys that he thought were baby toys, and I think he did a good job. 
  • I'm moving all the Hot Wheels and Thomas trains from Mica's room to Isaak's room. He just plays with them more. 
  • I'm not sure what to do with all the Little People that Mica loved so much. Isaak doesn't have that same love for them. We have a lot of it. I want to keep some, but not all. I'd like to keep them with their sets. 
  • We may have a garage sale this summer.

I Think I Can...Win This

  • Maybe I will win, maybe I won't. I've been trying to win this DVD because my boy's truly love this story!
  • My Organized Chaos is having a giveaway for 5 winners to win a copy of The Little Engine That Could on DVD.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Have You Seen Tangled Yet?

  • I haven't! I want to.
  • Daddy took the boy's to see it while I was at work. Mica and Daddy liked it a lot! Isaak was still into the non-watching TV or movies stage. 
  • Isaak now watches just about anything in front of him. That's not really a good thing, but I do like that he can be entertained, while I'm doing dishes or making dinner. I still hear, "Mommy pick me up!" Isaak's much more of a cuddle, needy boy then Mica ever was. He also has that, "I do it" spark as well. Needy and independent, what a combination! 
The blog, Go Graham Go! is having a great giveaway going on! One lucky reader will win:
  • A copy of Tangled on Blu-ray/DVD.
  • Adult Size Large Green T-Shirt featuring Pascal the chameleon.
  • Adult Size Large Blue T-Shirt featuring Maximus the police horse.
  • A do-it-yourself paper lantern!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Yesturday I Watched Four Boys

  • Yesterday and the day before I watch my two and my two nephews. 
  • Daddy certainly helped. He did most of the running. 
  • I got the meals together. 
  • Mica and cousin Evan argued about how a drawing of a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow should look. 
  • I kept trying to tell Mica that there are different styles of drawing. I don't think he understood. Then I explained that you can hurt people's feelings when you tell them that you don't like their drawings. I said, "Just draw your version of what you think it should look like, and leave it at that." 
  • I went on to explain how he wouldn't like it if I said one of his drawings was bad. I think it finally sunk in. 
  • For the record, Evan's pot of gold drawing had more detail then Mica's. I didn't dare tell him that though.

  • Isaak and cousin Elijah played pretty good together. 
  • I heard my nephew Elijah crying in the living room, while I was in the kitchen. 
  • He was kind of a clumsy kid because he has the cold we had. I thought he just bumped into something like he did previously.
This is what I saw: 
  • Isaak had him tackled, and wouldn't get up. To make matters worse I said, "Hold on! Let me get a camera before you get up!"
  • Elijah stopped crying after I said that.

Isaak's Hives Are Much Better Today

  • Last night I gave Isaak a shower. Then I rubbed Calamine Lotion all over where he had rashes. I called it, "Magic Lotion"
  • Every 6 hours after the nurse called I gave him a teaspoon of Wal-dryl.
  • I usually wake him up right before I go to bed to go potty. We're trying to night train. Most times I wake him up he does go. ;)  He also goes right back to sleep.
  • Anyhow, when I woke him up his hives seemed bad. I just felt heat on his legs, and could see blotches in the 1/2 lit room.
  • By morning, the rash had gone away mostly. ;) I'm so glad!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Red rashes like this all over his legs, lower tummy and some on his face. They were warm too.
  • Yesterday Isaak had a few hives on his face. I thought his skin was just being sensitive. Sometimes I just get hives on my face for no apparent reason. Both of our boy's have had problems with baby eczema. 
  • Today the splotches were worse. 
  • Mica's allergic to Penicillin and I'm allergic to Sulfa. Grandma Spiehs and Grandma Apel are both allergic to some antibiotic's as well.
  • When I had an allergic reaction to Sulfa, it was BAD! I had to get a shot of Steroids. I looked and was shaking like a junkie. My face went from narrow to round. Grandma Spiehs thought my throat was going to close up. I called the allergy clinic, they said to take another pill and call if it was still bad in the morning. I'm glad Grandma Spiehs {Mom} knew better! I went to the allergy clinic the next day, and the nurse came in and said looking down at her chart, "It says here that you have hives. Where are they?" She looked up and saw them right away. Then she called other nurses to come in and see me. 
  • Mica got his reaction when he had his crazy staph infection. He was on IV antibiotics and broke out all over in the middle of the night. He also got the Rotavirus, which they now have a vaccine for. That poor boy had a rough go of it at 7 months!
  • Isaak's not as bad as Mica and I were. He got done with his antibiotic at the tail end of last week. I can't stop giving it to him. I put in a call to the doctor's nurse. Now all we can do is wait...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - A New Baby

  • My cousin just had a new 6 pound baby boy named Alexander Reed {Alex}. 
  • Our family is small, so naturally we were all excited to see baby Alex.
  • We just had a chance to see them this weekend. 
Baby Alex
 Isaak was sort of shy at first.

Once Isaak warmed up, he wouldn't leave Alex alone. He was beaming with smiles. I always have said that I had my boy's in backwards order. Isaak's totally into babies, and Mica could really care less.
Here's Mica holding baby Alex. He was a little more awkward. At least he asked to hold him. ;)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Naked - Privacy

  • Mica, who is five years old wants privacy when he's in his room getting dressed and while going to the bathroom. 
  • We give him the privacy he asks for.
  • The crazy things is that we give him a bath with Isaak. We see them both naked. Somehow it must be different when they are naked in the bath. 
  • Regardless of the difference, Mica is now fully aware of modesty.  I respect his want to be private. 
  • For a long time now he's wanted the bathroom door shut when he's going potty.
  • I think as parents we have to follow our kids cues. 
I am wondering when bathing both boy's together will have to come to an end? Mica has yet to ask to bathe alone, but if he's asking to be alone all other times, should I stop giving them baths together? Or should I wait until Mica asks to take a bath alone?

Tropical Traditions Organic Teeth Cleaners Review

I had an opportunity to try out Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaners.

They sent me a 4 ounce bottle of the following: Classic Mint Cinnamon

  • Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaners are developed with their famous Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil as a main ingredient. Long before modern toothpastes developed, people living in the topics used coconut oil to clean their teeth. 
  • The teeth cleaners are 100% all natural. 
  • They contain no foaming agents and fluoride. 
  • Teeth Cleaners come in three options: Natural, mint, and cinnamon
  • Their retail value is $7.95.

My Take:
  • I love the all-natural ingredients.
  • The consistency is fairly thin, which made it easy to put the paste on the brush.
  • The containers fit into the cabinet easily. 
  • The baking soda taste wasn't a huge hit in my family. Isaak liked it, but the rest of us were hesitant.   
  • I do feel like it cleaned my teeth well. The mint and cinnamon flavors were not strong when I brushed, but the slight flavor seemed to stay in my mouth longer then the average toothpaste. 

I Compared the Ingredients of Toothpaste:

Tropical Traditions Teeth Cleaner Mint All Natural Ingredients:
  1. Purified water
  2. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
  3. Baking soda
  4. Xanthum Gum
  5. Wildcrafted myrrh powder
  6. Stevia
  7. Organic essential oils of peppermint
  8. Spearmint

Crest Cavity Protection Fluoride Anticavity Toothpaste Cool Mint Gel Ingredients:
  1. I couldn't find all the ingredients on the tube. They may have been on the box that I already threw out. I really feel that they should be on the tube. 
  2. Active ingredient Sodium fluoride 0.243% (0.15% w/v fluoride ion)
  3. Helps protect teeth and roots against cavities.
  4. This scared me: Warning! keep out of reach from children under 6 years of age. If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Orajel Toddler Training Toothpaste Safe if Swallowed Fluoride-Free Ingredients:
  1. I knew what some of the ingredients were. Even this one that is supposed to be ok for toddlers had some ingredients that I was questioning.
  2. Purified water
  3. Sorbitol
  4. Propylene glycol
  5. Glycerin
  6. Cellulose gum
  7. Poloxamer 407
  8. Flavor
  9. Simethicone
  10. Methylparaben
  11. Potassium sorbate
  12. Sodium saccharin
  13. Propylparaben
  14. Citric acid

Tropical Traditions Organic Teeth Cleaners work for me! :)


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