Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ugears @UkrainianBridges Review

I love toys like Ugears

Why do I like them? 
  1. They make my kids think before, during and after they create. 

  2. They are toys for older kids. Mica still likes getting fun things, but he's growing out of many toys on the market. The sets we got from Ugears actually are for ages 14 and up.

  3. Their models help push STEM learning: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Except I like to add in STEAM: A = Art. Their models have it all. 

  4. It was a bonding experience between Dad and the boys when they were built. 

Ugears were so kind to send us 2 kits to review.
  1. Ugears Dynamometer $19.90 | 48 Pieces | Level Easy

  2. Ugears Tractor $29.90 | 97 Pieces | Level Intermediate


The parts are all in sheets of a high tech wood. They really do not waist on packaging. I love that these models are not plastic!

The sheets look like this:

You want to pop the pieces out evenly to prevent them from breaking. We had to correct Isaak.

Here's one of the gears in the process of being put together:

Travis loved helping the boys put these together. He's like, "I could see making sculptures like this!" 

We did have some hiccups. Like how Mica thought he needed no help. He also thought he could get by without measuring things.! I think he learned how important it is to measure with his model. He also learned that not all instructions are just like Lego. The instructions for Ugears are all pictorial. 

Isaak relies on help much of the time, since he's 9 almost 10. He just learned to pop the pieces out evenly. 


The instructions had no words. I think the boys wished they had some words. It's nice for the company because their models are sold in other spots around the world besides the US. Their pictures are really detailed. 

I Almost Want to Keep the Left Overs: 

Ugears Dynamometer: 

This really turned out to be fun! Isaak did need help putting together the 48 piece set. It reminded me of something that would be in the movie Hugo.

Ugears Tractor:

The rubber band still could be added. Otherwise it's finished. Mica needed assistance with this 97 piece model.

Here They Are Together:

Excuse Isaak's, "The sun's in my eyes!" look, even though the sun was on the other side of the house. Ha!

Check Out Our Video:

Which Ugear model do you like the most? The Tractor or the Dynamometer? What could you seeing them add to their collection? They have 35 or so models on their website.

Disclaimer: I got both Ugears Models to review. Ugears did not tell me what to write, or think of their products. I choose to write about products that fit this site.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. Marketing flaw: Not having kid's jean shorts out before Easter. Every year I want to buy some jean shorts for my boys, but they are never out at this time. They go with everything. 

  2. I've come to a plateau with the "freelance" job search. There's 3 different ones, but nothing is promised. 

  3. My nephew Emerson had scans done this week. He has fractures on his spine. :( The poor boy can't communicate what's wrong. I feel for him!

  4. My student that attempted her life, attempted again. This is the same one that thinks I don't like her, when I do. :(

  5. Isaak's been off for a few days. He's snotty, headachy, doesn't want to eat, and is just lagging. He felt slightly warm, but didn't have a fever. I'm not sure if it's sickness, or allergies. Today (Thursday) he has NeSA testing, and school pictures. :( I sent him to school, but gave him an allergy pill first. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

WW: MyHeritageDNA {Linky}

My parents got me a DNA test kit for Christmas.

I was alway curious as to what I am. I knew where many of my relatives came from, except my Grandpa on my Mom's side. He swears he's English, but he has dark skin, and a wide nose. I thought for sure he had Native American or African in him. 

Here were my results:

I guess I'll never know what my Grandpa is. He's 91 and still kicking, but would have no desire to do a DNA test. Maybe I get my 1.1% Middle Eastern from him.

It didn't really matter to me where I came from other than the fact that I was curious. I kind of wanted to figure my Grandpa out through my test. Ha!

Do you know where your relatives come from? Would you take a DNA test? Does it matter to you where you come from?


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