Friday, May 1, 2009

Very Sleepy

  • Isaak's been snotty. He's cutting teeth, or something. He shoves his finger's way back in his mouth to chew on. I hope he kicks what ever this is because we have company coming from KC. He's been waking up to nurse. He also won't eat lately. He takes out whatever is in his mouth out, and looks it over. Disgusting I know!
  • I had to stay late at work last night for student portfolio review night. Then went home to clean.
  • Travis has been working late on a Mother's Day ring. He has to work tonight at the dental lab, so he can go to the zoo with us tomorrow.
  • It's just one of those times where we aren't getting very much sleep; plus there is lots to do.
  • On the bright side, we get to see some friends from KC this weekend, and go do things we don't normally do.

Monday, April 27, 2009

I Won

  • I've been putting my name in for these blog giveaways on mommy sites. So far I've won, pink pomegranate soap, Christmas Cozzies for kid's cups, toothbrushes that light up when you're done brushing, and now I've won this book off of!
  • I'm hoping someday I win some really big prize. But...I'm happy to win the little things too.
  • I got my book on May 6th. It is really fun! I was going to save it for a baby gift; but Isaak and Mica like it way too much! Isaak won't let me read very many books to him, so this is a keeper. The illustrations are great, and each page has touchy feely things/plus a music box inside.

Old Navy

  • It's worth going in Old Navy just to see how Mica reacts to the mannequin's. I was in the check out lane, and Mica went over to hug a family of mannequin's. This isn't the first time he's hugged one; it is the first time he's hugged a whole family of them.
  • The check out lady and I had a chuckle.
  • At first I was on him to come back and stand with me, but when I saw what he was doing I had to let it go. I just watched him.

Scaredy Cat

  • Isaak's afraid of the Koala changing tables in restrooms. Whenever I lay him down to change him he screams. Afterwards I pick him up, and he hugs me for dear life.
  • He's also afraid of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Yesterday we went shopping. When we went in the elevator, Isaak screamed! A minute later after we were out of the elevator he was fine. He did the same thing when we went back down.
  • My sister put Elijah (just over a year) on the potty seat. He was sitting by the bathroom door, whining and pointing. He wears cloth diapers, so he can feel when he's wet. He went potty right away. She decided to see what Isaak would do if she put him on. He screamed. I've tried putting him on the potty before bath; he screamed. I'm not trying to potty train him; I just want him to feel comfortable sitting on a potty. We started setting Mica on the potty seat at Isaak's age; he loved it. We were potty training him without even meaning too. I just wanted to get him comfortable sitting on the potty. I think Isaak might be our difficult one with this. He's still young, so I'm hoping he stops being afraid eventually.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dance Time

  • Mica being a crazy dancer.
  • Isaak usually joins in, but he was tired.


  • Mica has this wonderful habit of picking his nose. I'm being sarcastic.
  • He told me today, that I should stop driving because he was too busy picking his nose. Then went on to tell me that I was going over too many bumps in the road.
  • Crazy kid!!!!
  • I have an idea, STOP PICKING YOUR NOSE!


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