Friday, August 20, 2010

Blood Filled Up in My Body

  • Yesterday Blogger deleted this blog out of my account; then shut down my entire account. 
  • All I could get was a code that said: bX-okzdoh.
  • Panic filled me. I literally felt like blood was filling up inside my body, and my head was hot. It was as if an important paper was took from my hands, tore up and thrown in the wind.
  • I was on blogger help most of the afternoon trying to figure out what bX-okzdoh meant. 
  • Someone left a comment that it was spammer, and that tried to clone my site. Blogger didn't know who the original creator was at the moment, so they shut me down.
  • I know a lot of people have talked about Wordpress being better then Blogger. In my mind everything has its ups and downs! Everything is powered by something bigger. At anytime things can happen to your site. If you have your own web page hosted by Go Daddy. Well Go Daddy can have problems, and boom your site can too. 
  • I've messed with both Wordpress and Blogger.
  • Wordpress makes it easy to make multiple pages, but try making a comment on a Wordpress blog. Usually it takes awhile to go through. Some Mommy blogs have a lot of entries when they give a product away. It's ever so SLOW on their sites.
  • Blogger is a pain with making multiple pages. I like their background options. I like that their comments go through FAST.
  • What have I learned through this?  Report spam sites to blogger. I've always had the cryptic code to type in while making a comment, but this doesn't always do the trick! Report a problem you are having ASAP! Blogger fixed my problem FAST! Maybe not as fast as I would of liked, but it said when I reported it that it takes two business days to fix. Mine was fixed in less then a day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Isaak's in a Toddler Bed!

Energizer Smart Charger Would Make My Life Easier!

Regarding the Energizer Smart Charger looks so easy!
It charges both AA and AAA batteries.
It has a 'fuel' monitor, so you know how much fuel is in each cell.

We use a lot of batteries at our house! We have two kids, so the batteries we use for toys alone is crazy. Then I go through a lot of batteries in the digital camera.

Having something like this in my house would be GREAT.

Energizer is offering up a $15 Target gift card and Energizer Smart Charger to anyone who posts a blog about the following topics:
  • Recapping your encounter with our Smart ChargHers at BlogHer
  • Review of any Energizer charger and/or Energizer rechargeable batteries
  • Why you think an Energizer Smart Charger would make your life easier
All you have to do is write the post and send it to This opportunity is open until August 27, 2010. This is only open to the first 200 entries only).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

He Chose Time Out!

  • Isaak wouldn't get his pj's on. 
  • Daddy asked Isaak, "Do you want a time out, or to get his pj's on? 
  • Isaak said, "I want a time out." 
  • That's where little Isaak went for two minutes.
  • When Daddy got Isaak Daddy said, "Isaak do you know why you're in timeout?"
  • Isaak said, "I didn't get pj's on."
  • Daddy told Isaak, "Go tell Mommy you're sorry."
  • Isaak came up and said, "Sorry Mommy" and hugged me.
  • Then I got his pj's on.

Not a Good Morning!

  • We woke up later then we should have. I don't remember my alarm even going off. Luckily Mica woke up, which woke us up.
  • It was raining. I was sneezing up a storm! I have a headache that feels like I drank a bunch of beers the night before, but I didn't. I call it the "Hangover Wanna be Headache." Why have my allergies always acted up the most when it rains out? Isn't the rain supposed to wash all the crap in the air away? There's probably so much pollution up in the air, that it takes awhile to wash it away.
  • Then Mica got a bloody nose AGAIN.
  • Isaak woke up poopy AGAIN.
  • I teach today, so I had to lecture for an hour when I first got to work. Surprisingly I talked pretty good I thought. There was an interview on my PowerPoint with an artist, whom I featured their work. I picked a girl that was fading in and out of sleep to read the questions, while I read the answers. Class involvement is the BEST. I don't really blame her for fading in and out of sleep when we were sitting in a dark room, it's morning time and raining outside.
  • Ending this post on a positive note: Daddy has an interview today with the Bemis to teach two, two hour classes for the Kent Bellows Foundation. This would look GREAT on his resume. Daddy found out yesterday that he's already listed on their schedule to teach, and he hasn't even had the interview yet. That's a positive sign! Keep your fingers crossed for him!
  • Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs (Mom and Dad) for watching the boys while Daddy (Travis) goes on his interview! Grandparents (Parents) are the BEST!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Trip to the Doctor

  • Mica had a doctor checkup. 
  • He is 44.9" high, which put him in the 86%. He is 42 lb 6.4 oz, which put him in the 63%.
  • Mica got three shots. He didn't cry, instead he screamed.
  • The doctor answered all my questions. 
  • He talked to Mica about how to blow his nose. We're supposed to put Vaseline in his nose regularly when he has issues with a bloody nose.
  • I scheduled Mica's next appointment for a kindergarten check.  


  • Mica goes to his yearly check up towards the end of today.
  • I always write a list because I get to talking to them, and then forget about 1/2 of what I was going to ask.
The things I'll bring up this time:
  • The kid won't blow his nose. He's 5, and should be able to do that. There was one two week period where he did blow his nose, and now won't.
  • He gets bloody noses. Probably from picking his nose because he won't blow it.
  • He hasn't had a problem with loose stools in awhile, but he's got a stomach like mine. When nerves hit, he gets loose stools. I'm hoping his was just toddler diarrhea.
  • The kid drinks a lot of milk, so I'm going to ask him how much he needs at his age? Usually people have problems getting their kids to drink their milk, not Mica!
  • Then I'll talk about what to expect with his kindergarten check-up. I'll see if he can get any of those shots now, since his next yearly appointment won't be until next August.

Hitting a Balloon into His Head

  • Isaak loved playing with Great Aunt Becky. Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got Mica a balloon.
  • Aunt Becky kept bopping Isaak in the head with it. Isaak kept saying, "Again!"
  • Aunt Becky said, "This is what we should of done to your mom when she was your age." Isaak reminds her of me when I was two years old. 
  • The story goes, I never smiled to anyone, but my own inner family. I'd just stare at people. Becky thinks that a balloon bopped in my head a few times would of made me smile like you see Isaak doing below. :)
  • All was good until Evan came up, hit the balloon too hard and busted it. Typical for boys. Mica did the same thing to Elijah's balloon.

Nephew Elijah Tesing Out One of Mica's Gifts, a Bowling Set

  • I know it's hard to see, but look closely, he has his bowling arm just right. 
  • He's his Daddy's son here! Uncle Tyson LOVES to bowl!

Family Birthday Party

It took Mica awhile to blow out his candles.
  • Here's the cakes. I like the robot one. I got the stuff to decorate that one, cut the cake out, mixed the frosting, and daddy decorated it while I cleaned. I'm making another robot cake next week for Mica's friend birthday party. Then I'll make preschool treats coming up.
  • I'll post the other treats I make soon. ;)
    • I decorated the space shuttle and give myself a C-. The red just was blobbing as I squirted it out. Of course if you remove it, it turns the white frosting pink. This is when I like cookies better then cake. With cookies you mess one up, throw it away, and move onto the next one.
    • Present time! Mica got little Toy Story figurine's (they are about an inch high) and army men with parachute's from Aunt Angela's family, a Toy Story Lego set from Great Aunt Becky, a bowling set from Aunt Terra's family (I thought it would be great to play with down our hallway), a Team GeoTrax train and extra track from Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs. 
    • He got money from Grandma and Grandpa Apel and Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent. We're going to pick out a bike helmet and knee pads for Mica with the money.

    Mica's in that goofy smile stage. If you ask him to stop what he's doing, and smile this is what he looks like.

    Preschool Get Together

    • Mica had his first preschool event for the year. This is the first time cousin Evan didn't join him. Evan started kindergarten today! I happy and sad for this. I'm happy for Evan, but I'm sad that Mica will have only 2 year old playmates while Evan is in school. I also feel for Aunt Terra, my sister who has a son that's growing up. I asked her if she thought she might cry? She said, "Yes." Just thinking about it makes me want to cry, and it's not even my own kid, it's my nephew.
    • Mica acted shy at his preschool get together at first. His so called girlfriend Alison was there because her sister Emma will be in Mica's class. Alison is going to kindergarten. 
    • There's more boy's in Mica's class this year, which is the opposite of last year. 
    • Mica was running around with a boy playing tag soon after we got there. I was a happy camper!
    • Last year Mica didn't seem to connect with the only other boy in his class besides Evan.
    • He has a Landon and Hunter in his class. One more boy might be joining the group. There is two girls counting Emma, the other one is Kadde (pronounced Katie).
    • I was asked to have Mica go on Wed and Friday instead of Mon and Wed. Friday is the additional day if they are signed up for 3 days a week. I guess only 1 boy is signed up for 3 days, so they'd like Mica in there with him. They are going to work on more advanced stuff that day since it's just the 2 of them. In particular math and reading. YAY!
    • Isaak held on to me with all his might during the whole get together. When I let go of him to signal that I didn't want to hold him any longer, he gripped on. When I set him down his eyebrows went up, and he'd start to cry. He might be cutting his top molars now.
    • Everyone is growing up way too fast in one way. Elijah and Isaak's have a mouth full of teeth now, talking clearer everyday, Evan is in kindergarten, Mica is starting to read site words. 
    • In another way I can't wait for more independence. Mica will be starting to read his own books in a few years, going to kindergarten next year, Isaak will be learning to dress himself towards the end of winter and those things will be less work for me.


    • I made a stencil for a space shuttle cake, and this is what Isaak does with the remainder of the box.
    • He was trying to walk around in the nude with a box over his ankles.
    • He got pretty fussy when he couldn't figure out how to get the box off!
    • You can still see his bowed left foot pretty good in this shot.


    • We got Mica a bike for his birthday. We bought it last spring. He has no helmet yet, so we improvised for now. He's wearing his t-ball helmet. We wanted to wait and see what people got him for his birthday before getting a helmet.
    • Mica does fine riding on a flat surface, but when he goes over cracks, or a slight incline he wants to be pushed. 
    • He hasn't figured out how to stop either.

    • Isaak's riding Mica's old bike. He hasn't figured out the pedal thing yet. His feet reach the pedal's. I just don't understand why it's so hard for these boy's to pedal. Is it really that complicated?
    • I ended up pushing Isaak most of the way, and he'd get upset because his feet wouldn't stay on the pedal's. Then he wanted to get off the bike, and push it.

    • Daddy converted the bike into a rocker for a bit. 
    • Isaak had fun!


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