Friday, November 8, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. I asked Travis to put our work lunches in our cars last night because it was cold enough to be a refrigerator. I went out to start my car, and the key was just left in the door. Any random stranger could have easily stollen my 14+ Honda Civic. That would have made me sad! 

  2. I'm kind of wondering why he had the key like that anyhow. It works as a remote.

  3. I got a Jury Summons, for the first time. They sent me a return envelope, but there's nothing to return. It has a website to go online to fill out some info, but no paperwork to put in the envelope. What a waist of money and paper! Unless I'm missing something. Ekkk! Have you been on a Jury before?

  4. Not a great picture, but still funny! Isaak thought if he put his shirt like (the image below) he looked like a true Egyptian.

  5. Isaak had his first wire poke out of his braces. Just his luck - not - the Orthodontist Doctor is out of town. He has to go in on Friday to get the wire removed, so it doesn't drive him nuts all weekend. Then go back in on Monday to get the wire put back on.

  6. Mica had a few girls over, for their Science Olympiad project. Last week one of them forgot. I was so happy she gave us an, I Sorry Card. All is forgiven. It was funny listening to them work. They were so giggly. Isaak kept saying how annoying they were. LOL!

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

WW: Kailey's Wedding {Linky}

My niece Kailey got married last month. It was a pretty wedding, and reception. 

The only sucky sister told our Dad to put his camera away. I think she didn't want him getting in the way of the paid photographer. She didn't tell me that, but I knew to stay clear of the paid photographer. I didn't get any great shots of the bride. You know how it is, hustle hustle. I do hope the paid photographer did a great job. 

This one would have been good, had I used my camera, and not my phone. But they were like this for literally 2 seconds for me. 

My niece with my nephews that were the ring bearers. Too bad we couldn't of gotten Emerson turned around!

A few dance shots:

I did get other family members though! 

Meet my Dad and Mom! My Mom was off looking at the wedding party, so I snagged a single shot of my Dad. It was click, as fast as you can time.

 My Dad, Isaak and Nephew Elijah (both age 11).

My Dad, Mom, Nephew Evan and Mica (both age14).

Mica and Nephew Evan (both age 14) being goofy! Mica loves to do this, for photos.

Isaak and Nephew Elijah (both age 11).

The Bride's Brother, my Nephew Ethan (age 19 I think).

Mica, my Nephews Evan and Ethen.

Then my sister Terra wanted me to shoot some photos of her family. Well, she kept wanting me to shoot photos. She wants to use one for her Christmas card. Try shooting a photo of 4 boys, one special needs that bobs around a lot. Lots of things going on! The other kids wanted to hang out, or play. I wasn't expecting this at all. By the time I shot a lot of her family, my kids were so done. I didn't even get shots of them alone, or with each other. I think I shot 20, or so of just her family. With Emerson, you almost need an assistant. The next day she was after me getting the photos to her. I love her, but wanted to scream.

Here's us:

An Us-ie of Isaak and I. Isaak got sick later that night. He slept late the next day, was sneezy, coughy, and didn't look good. 

The highlight of the night wasn't the photos, it was the wedding, but also when my Uncle Dave was getting a beer - Travis and I started dancing with him all crazy like. He didn't honestly know what to do.

When was the last wedding that you went to? 


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