Friday, January 17, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I think it's really sexy that Prince Harry is walking away from his royal duties to honor his wife and mother. He has to do what's right, for his family. It's crazy that I could careless about the royal family any other time.

  2. My coworker helps me with Wall Critiques. Basically I took it on to critique student's wall spaces before they have a digital portfolio. I go over their work, their work habits, their personality traits that could enter their work more. I told her this year I want to give them each an artist's name to look up that reminds me of how they work. She gave me a handful of designer's names. I emailed her back saying, "I understand why you want me to add designer's names, but it's for Illustration class and I don't know how the student's designs will look. They just started Design and Layout class." She understood. I hope I didn't rub her the wrong way. I don't think I did.
  3. Travis has to go get a scope done soon of his throat. Long story short he had to get surgery on his esophagus when he was 19. Now when he eats he has trouble with his food going down. At first it was funny. He'd get hiccups. Now it's rather scary because it happens more than we'd rather. We wonder if he has scar tissue that's built up there. His parents have both had problems with that from different surgeries they've had.

    I'm not looking forward to all the medical bills, but it's something that needs to be checked out!
  4. Isaak had Strep Throat right before Christmas. That bill came in. $546 for the doctor and lab fees! With insurance it is $240.69. Medical bills are crazy high!

    I just read an article where it costs more to have a baby than a woman can make in a month. It's been like that for awhile!
  5. Isaak is in Art now, and he's loving it! I hope it's just as loved as the piano is for him.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Scam, Scam, Everywhere Are Scams

I ordered Isaak a gold Steel Drum, for Christmas. It was ordered on November 3rd. He wouldn't tell me what he wanted, but I thought he'd love it.

Their image. Oh they probably stole that too.

It never came. I had inner freak outs many times over this. The first was when it was a few weeks until Christmas, and I never got a tracking number. The next one came when I clicked on their website, and poof it was gone. Then another inner freak out when I clicked on my order, and it was gone. I also saw what I ordered on facebook, and the company kept on changing. I wish I would have seen that one before I ordered it! When I ordered it, I saw nothing suspicious. I looked it up on Google, and nothing came up. The freak outs kept on coming...

Now it's been reported to PayPal. I also sent an invoice to their customer service email. I don't know if anything will come of this. I tried.

Piss off Flowershave, Highlife Technology LTD. Just trying to bring awareness to the whole situation.

Crazy thing...I know who 2 of the scammers are on facebook. One made the mistake of saying something about the product taking awhile to get to people. Then the one told me to look up another, and ask him.

I was really happy when Code Piano came through. They gave me the product to review.

Have you ever been scammed before?

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4 Home Improvement Projects for the New Year

The start of the year is the perfect time to carry out home improvement projects and enhance your living environment. What’s more, home projects don’t have to be overly expensive or time-consuming. There are simple ways to improve your home and create a better living space for you and your family. Here are four home improvement projects you should consider in the new year.

1. Do a major house clean

A clean, tidy living environment will boost your home’s visual appeal and make it easier to complete your daily tasks. Maintaining a clean, organized home can also have several benefits on your mental health. According to, housework can effectively reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Creating a peaceful, clutter-free environment encourages a calm mind and good mental health. Now is an ideal time to do a major house clean and donate any items you received over the holidays but don’t need or want. This will help to prevent clutter from accumulating in your home. Make house cleaning fun and quick by getting the whole family involved in your cleaning efforts.

2. Upgrade your household appliances

Upgrading your household appliances is a great way to boost your home’s appeal and increase functionality. Modern appliances are far more energy-efficient than older models. This means that upgrading can also be an excellent way to lower carbon emissions. Some of the most cost-effective appliances to upgrade in your home include your boiler, radiators, and kitchen appliances like dishwashers and kitchens. When upgrading, make sure to look for models that are economical and will complement your existing decor. For instance, Washrooms offer a wide selection of vertical radiators that are cleverly designed to provide more heat to a room when there is not enough space for a traditional horizontal radiator. They come in a wide range of stylish designs to create an eye-catching focal point in any room.

3. Freshen up your home interiors

There are so many ways to freshen up your home interiors. This includes repainting your walls, replacing old carpet with modern styles like laminate flooring, and adding new furnishings. While cleaning, it is the perfect time to switch up your decor and inject some personality into your home style. You should try experimenting with vibrant colors and patterned wallpapers, adding some wall art, or purchasing some trendy home accessories like rugs, cushions, and mirrors.

We're in the process of taking apart our loveseat. We want to use the parts (like the furniture tacks) to refurbish shelves. I'm playing with the idea of making a few ottomans or poufs with some of the old loveseat as well.

We bought two decorative chairs to replace the loveseat. I'll share updated pictures when the torn apart loveseat is out of our living room. 

4. Boost your curb appeal

Your home exterior is extremely important as it sets the tone for what the rest of your home is going to be like. Luckily, you can easily enhance your home’s curb appeal with simple improvements like repainting your home’s exterior, tidying up your yard, replacing your windows and doors, or installing outdoor lighting. Make sure that you also inspect your home exterior regularly to check for any signs of damage to areas like the driveway or roof. If you notice anything, then have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent any further damage to your property. You should consider hiring a professional landscaper if you want to give your curb appeal a serious boost and get your outdoor space looking in top condition.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I'm Addicted to Goji Berries

Goji Berries are so good! Have you had them? 

I was always too nervous to buy a bag (expensive), only to find out I didn't like them at all. BUT I splurged, and love them!

According to Medical News Here's all the Perks in the Superfood:
  1. Protects the eyes
  2. Provides immune system support
  3. Protects against cancer
  4. Promotes healthy skin
  5. Stabilizes blood sugar
  6. Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep
  7. Prevents liver damage
Since Douglas County, where I live is the highest county in the US with Influenza A, and has had cases of Tuberculosis, I need all the immune help I can get.

How to Eat Goji Berries:

They can be eaten in sweet dishes, or savory dishes. The berries themselves are sweet, and have a kick of spice to them. I could see having them in a quiche, stir fries, in muffins, or in scones. They taste great plain, or in plain Greek yogurt.

I made Goji Berry Scones for the week.

Goji Berries are great for adults, and kids. My kids loved the scones.

Where to Get Goji Berries:

Lots of places! One of my favorite shops is Vitacost. They always have great products! Check out some great deals here:

What's your favorite superfood?

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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

WW: Octopus {Linky}

I was walking behind where I work. Oftentimes people use spray paint back there. It's an art school.

I thought this looked like an octopus. Do you think it does?

#pencilcase #pouch Review

Mica's super into anything space, or galaxy. This summer we're going to start the process of redoing his room. His room right now has streets painted all over it. There's nothing wrong with streets. It's just that Mica's past playing with cars and trucks. I think we'll paint his room with a blue grey, and add galaxy paintings on canvas. He has a locker in his room, and we may repaint that to be dark blue.

He watches YouTube videos on space, wants to go to a high school that has classes on Astronomy, and reads a lot of books on the subject.

I recently got a Fresh Twister Jumbo Pouch to review from zipit:

zipit has a lot of cute cases on their site!


It has the name zipit for a reason. It zips fully shut, and unzips all the way. I did find it got stuck in one spot (zipper wise). 

Patterns in Fresh Twister Jumbo Pouch:

Race Flag


It's pretty big. Much bigger than most pencil cases. 9” x .78” x 5.9” 

What You Can Carry in it:

Anything small! I was trying to think of things a teen would want to carry in it.

Art Supplies
Rubber Bands
Paper Clips/Alligator Clips
Ear Buds
Phone Charger
Chapstick/Makeup for Girls
House/Car Keys
First Aid
And Much More!


$9.99 Free Shipping if you spend over $35. I think the cost is very reasonable; considering the size and the cost I've spent on other pencil cases in the past. I love that it has a lifetime warranty!

Don't hesitate to get one. I'm thinking the Easter Bunny will leave 2 of these, for the boys. Why wait, for back to school time? They can use them now. 

Do you have a pencil case you carry around? We have a drawer at home, I have a canister at work, but I carry a case on my cart to go to the classrooms. 

Disclaimer: I got this product for free, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Friday, January 10, 2020

Log Home

If you remember from Sunny's Tipi post I had his new setup:

One day we'll get it right. Changing their setup can be stressful on them. That's why I thought he wasn't pooping AGAIN. Turns out he was using his new tipi for his outhouse. 

That log Travis found. The yellow on it is wax. Sunny can fit through it. 

Splooting and sleeping...again. He's nocturnal.

He loved hanging out there. But we had to take it out.

Travis said, "There must be some bug in it. It's creating a mound of sawdust under the log!" I said, "We don't want Sunny to get anything. Take it out, and shake it. Look to see if you can see a bug." He did just that. I said, "If there's a mound of sawdust again we know a bug is still in there. Can we put the log in the oven to kill the bug?" He said, "No the yellow stuff is wax." 

The sawdust happened again. Out went the log! 

I'm kind of sad he doesn't have it. I hate where we keep changing things on him. I don't want him to get a parasite from whatever the bug is! 

I've learned that there's a lot to learn with pets! I've never had anything but a frog and fish. 

Random Tid Bits

  1. I'm not really starting out the semester the best. Usually I have more done, but we had one week less on the break because Thanksgiving was so late. 

  2. On Sunday Mica was talking about how they go back to school on Monday. I rolled with it. I sent them to bed early, from all the late nights previously. We got up early. Mica went to the bus stop. When Isaak's carpool didn't seem to get there, I had him call her. Turns out there was no school. We called Mica, who was wondering why he was alone at the bus stop to tell him it was a Teacher Planning Day. The award for the best parenting of the year goes to us!

  3. On Tuesday the bus didn't show up for Mica, so Travis had to take the kids to school. Thankfully there's enough room in our Subaru for his bus stop kids.

  4. I'm ready for wellness. Isaak had Strep. Mica had some nasty cold. I swore it was Strep because he got it after Isaak. He never got a fever. His sore throat came and went.

    My Mom and Dad were really sick. My Mom had to go in to get a chest x-ray, was put on antibiotics and a steroids.

    My Sister Terra's whole family got Influenza A. It's the worst in the US, right here in Douglas County. I was worried about my nephew Emerson, with having an already compromised immune system. He's ok.

    One of my Uncles has been in and out of the hospital, since before Thanksgiving. He's having internal bleeding, crazy number for his hemoglobin. He had to get an iron fusion, blood, and more than one colonoscopy.

    One of my Aunts had a UTI.

    One of my cousins turned jaundice. They rushed him off to the hospital. He had no health insurance. Too old to be on his parent's, went to college later, so he doesn't have a job to help. I'm sure an expensive scan later...he had to get his gallbladder out. The surgery was just this week. He got health insurance through school; as of January 1. It was like cement. They had to keep him in a day later than normal.

    Have you had any sickness in your neck of the woods, so to speak?
  5. That whole thing with students complaining about a few questions on my test last semester...lingered. The Education Director emailed me about it 3 times. Every time was right before the end of the day. His mailbox was full, so I couldn't email him about it. He never called me in to talk to me. I feel odd about that. A girl had problems with 4 questions on the final exam. There were 120 questions on the exam. Yes one was picky, so I'm changing that. The rest were not. First thing on Mon. I see the girl. I smiled and said, "Hi!" She looked down, and didn't say anything. I'm thinking this is more her problem, than mine. If she's going to get that upset over 4 questions on a test, how is she going to be in the work world? 

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Sunny's #tipi #teepee #leopardgecko #diy #craft #gecko

Our Leopard Gecko Sunny got an upgrade tank. He had a 10 gallon. After doing some research we found out it is just too small! He needs a warm side of the tank, and a cool side. He should have 3 or 4 hides: One on each side + a moist hide when he sheds.

On Facebook Market Place I kept my eye out for an upgrade. Finally I saw one! A 30 gallon tank for $30. We had to buy a top cover, but that was a good price. I got some non adhesive shelf paper, for the base. He was in the tank as soon as Travis cleaned it up.

We filled it up fast.

I had this ingenious idea of making Sunny a Tipi, for a hide.

I seriously decided his tipi plans on Christmas Eve Day. I went out to get the material. Then on Christmas I started making it. I kind of felt like he deserved nicer things, than he had.

I knew I needed some kind of base just to help hold the sticks where I wanted them to be. I used the lid to Orange Slices bought at Walmart - God I love those things!

Then I figured out that most tipis online have 6 sticks. Kitchen skewer sticks are the perfect size for Sunny's tipi, so I used them. I just stabbed holes with a knife tip, and stabbed the skewers through. Then I tied the top with hemp rope, and secured it with Elmer's Glue.

After the anatomy to the tipi was made I had to cut out the canvas, and I started sewing. I sewed around all the skewer sticks, and I sewed the door open.

When I was all done, I took the base out. BUT it was too flimsy, so Travis was nice enough to cut out a masonite base. He glued the skewer sticks to it. I think that's great because it's less likely to tip over. 

I debated on using fabric paint to make a pattern, sew beads on (he just licks, doesn't eat things off like that), or add the God's Eye I made last year out of toothpicks and embroidery floss. I went with the God's Eye. It was the perfect size, and I liked the colors. It was originally made to be a Christmas ornament. 

I worried a bit with the top of the skewers, but Sunny doesn't climb in his tank. Only when he's being held. He'll climb up to your/my shoulder every time. The tipi is really steep. We didn't place it near anything where he could get from one thing, to the top of the tipi. 

Here was his new set up:

I couldn't see him enjoy it because he was sleeping under Travis' sculpture hide. I learned a new word lately. When an animal lays all flat like to sleep it's called, "Splooting". Sunny sploots all the time!

It didn't take long before I heard Travis say, "Sunny is in your Tipi! Come look! It's the cutest thing!"

Sure enough he was checking out the tipi. 

Do you see the back corner? That's where he typically poops.

It was days where we didn't see any poop in his poop spot. He always poops there. I was thinking, Here we go again! Do we need to start giving him baths, and put him back on meds? Then it dawned on me...I bet he's shitting in his tipi! I told Travis to check!

Sure enough...there was about 5 poops in his tipi.

His tipi is his outhouse! He likes to poop in private.

What's the craziest thing you've ever made?

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

WW: Kidney Ear {Linky}

This looked like an ear to me, but I guess it was a kidney. It was in Mica's Healthcare Academy room.

Help Me Deicide...

We have a microfiber love seat. We've had it for years. It's really showing it's wear. I've scrubbed, washed, and now when I clean you can see scrub spots it's that filthy. I really need a maid service. sigh! Travis sits on one side. He's typically dirty from working outside, and on sculpture. Isaak sits on the other side. He's a messy boy.

I want a new loveseat.

Looking at prices, it's in someways cheaper to buy a couch with a loveseat, than just a loveseat on it's own. I like our dark brown leather couch.

NFM also known as Nebraska Furniture Mart has a lot to offer. It's good for the area because it's locally owned. BUT it's bad for the area because it's so big that nothing else moves in, and survives.

Most of their stuff is neutral. I enjoy sitting down to see if I like the fit of a loveseat, but online I'm seeing way move I like than NFM has to offer.

We have faux painted walls: Yellow, then glazes of red, the glazes of brown. I really don't want to repaint them. I love our walls!

I could go with a neural colored loveseat, and cover it with something colorful. In that case, I might as well keep what I have, and cover it.


Go the opposite of red-orange (wall color), and go with a blue-green loveseat. Our couch is dark brown leather, so anything will go with it.

I'd really like an accent loveseat. All I can find online are accent chairs, or accent couches. Most are not sold in the US, or are $1000s of dollars. So many people are saying, "Just make your own." I may like art, but I don't trust myself with a sewing machine. 


I like this, but who wants a loveseat with no arms? That's not a cuddle friendly loveseat. 


So do I just keep looking? Cover the loveseat I already have - repurpose it? Buy something plain, and cover it? 

Look up "bohemian" and "patchwork" couch, or chair, and I typically like most of it. 

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I'm ready for Spring!

Mica is taking a school trip in the spring. He's going to Chicago. 

I'm so ready, for this to happen, for him and us. 
  • I'd like to be done with the monthly payment, for his trip.
  • It will be nice to have a break from Mica, and Mica have a break from us. He's a good kid, but I honestly think everyone needs a break from their routine at times.
  • He'll have fun! 
I really love that their bus is a company has more than one staff member on duty at all times. One of their staff stays outside their door in the hallway at night; to make sure nothing bad happens. Kids would have trouble sneaking away. Mica's a rule follower, but you never know peer pressure could set in. I teach college aged kids, and have seen the change in what I like to call "kidadults".

The boys haven't been to Chicago, since they were this old...

It's really time we all go again. A great friend lives there. We could stay with him.

Mica will experience the big city once again, without us.

I know Mica's not flying, but I'd like the best carry-on luggage. Do you have any brands you recommend? We have toiletry bags, bigger suit cases, but nothing in between small and big.

I'm not sure what Mica's itinerary will be, but with it being Chicago there's lots to do. Here's things I would want to do:

  • Eat a Deep Dished Pizza
  • Go to the Museum of Science and Industry
  • Check out art at the Chicago Art Institute
  • Visit The Bean and other outside sculptures
  • Go up the steps to the Willis Tower, ok maybe the elevator
  • Visit Chicago Cultural Center (one I haven't been to)
  • See Sue at the Field Museum
  • See Jelly Fish at the Shedd Aquarium
  • Experience art at Smart Museum of Art (one I haven't been to)
  • Experience more art Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art (one I haven't been to)
  • Get a taste of culture at the Swedish American Museum (one I haven't been to)

What would you want to see in Chicago?

I do love those city passes, but I kind of feel like they make you go see things you don't want to see. Then you don't go see things you do want to see.

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New Year...Deep Clean

I'm not one for New Years Resolutions. I just think people make them, they follow them for a month or two, then break them. There's nothing wrong with that I suppose. I just make short term, and long term goals. They are typically connected to New Years at all.

As soon as the New Year was over I'm said, "Ok let's get cleaning!"

I happily took down the Christmas decor. Usually it's a, "Crap we have to take down all the pretty thing!" This time it was, "It's great to get the Christmas decor down. One more thing done!"

The first thing I deep cleaned was the kitchen floor.

Travis is so apprehensive with moving the fridge out to clean under it. He worries about the waterline, and the cords. Boy did it NEED it!

There was a layer of dust under there. Having allergies, and asthma I felt so satisfied with cleaning that dust out! I followed up with cleaning under the stove as well.

I kind of wish I had house cleaning services. The night after cleaning I was feeling really stuffed up!

What things in your house need to be deep cleaned?

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Friday, January 3, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. On the last week of classes, I felt so bad for Mica. He had his Science Fair presentations. He had to give 3. The last presenter put his form in another student's spot. They are listed by number, and I guess the last digit was covered up. He had to present his project to yet another person. Thankfully this kid just rolls with the flow.

    The year earlier he was told to leave his stuff in his class, or wherever - do not bring it to his Science Fair Presentations. He left his stack of books, and stuff in the cafeteria, for that last presentation he shouldn't of had to do. Then he went back up to get his stuff, only to find it was all gone! He went to the lost and found, asked the cafeteria person if they knew who took it, and asked the office. It wasn't in any of those places. I told him, they may have turned his books into the school library. Nope! Thankfully he found his stuff the next day. A staff member turned it into the office. Talk about a heart stopper! If that would have happened to Isaak, he would have lost it.

    Then Mica checked his grades. He has B's in 2 or 3 classes, when he should based on his assignments have A's. His homeroom teacher thinks it's a computer glitch. She emailed his teachers. Mica's like, "Well B's are good." BUT he earned A's! We still don't know if this was fixed. 

  2. We've been rewatching Orphan Black. We all love the show. I never realized it's rated M, and the first time we watched it Isaak was probably 8 or 9. Now he's 11. Dang Tatiana Maslany is a great actress! Underrated, for sure. I think we counted, and she plays around 12 or 13 different roles: Beth (cop), Sarah (punk), Katja (French Girl), Alison (Soccer Mom), Cosima (Science Geek), Helena (Ukrainian Messed Up One), Rachel (Stuck Up), Krystal (Prissy), M.K. (Introvert Artist), Tony (Trans), and others on videos like (Jennifer and Camilla) they don't always name. You can tell when one is trying to be the other. How does she do that?

  3. Every year, for the past few years I have the boys write for this:

    They've never won, but it's still good to make them write. Isaak seems more about it than Mica. Mica's more the reader. Isaak's choosing to write about the Soccer Mom Alison from Orphan Black. It was from a book. Who knows if it's ok - being an M rated show. 

  4. The boys were a bit ticked off at me, for not having a Dance Party for New Years Eve. They apparently like that. I just wanted a chill holiday. PLUS Nebraska is rated the highest for Influenza A. Not that I think we should build a bubble, for our family, but I don't really want sickness drug in. Isaak's "friends" wanted to know if he was having a party. He told them, "No". Then they proceeded to say they'd hang out together, but never invited him. What did the want? Our food? Thank Gawd he has other friends at school! One is our carpool, and takes Isaak to school a lot!

    What did you do, for New Years Eve?

  5. At this point I'm tired of food, and we had a Pot Luck, for work on Thursday.


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