Tuesday, March 31, 2020

WW: Lost {Linky}

Friday, March 27, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Do you ever get that feeling that something bad is going to happen before it happens? I feel that way today.
  2. It started last night. The boys go to two different middles schools, yet in the same district. It's the biggest district in Omaha. Omaha is the biggest city in Nebraska.

    At 6 I got a call from Mica's school listing off times to come get his stuff. It was like a 5 minute voicemail because his middle school goes from 5th to 8th grades; they didn't want them all showing up at once. I had to listen to it 3 times to get his Thursday, Friday, and Monday times. We landed on Thursday, but his Healthcare Teacher mentioned she wouldn't be there until Thursday night, so Friday it is.

    At 8 Travis gets an email from Isaak's school saying that we had to fill out a survey to come get Isaak's things by 8. The email was sent at 6. Say what?! A two hour window of time around dinner. Families are supposed to see this. I check my email all the time, but not then. We filled it out, and sent it by 8:30.

    I started thinking...why the rush? I get they probably want it done, but why not let us know earlier in the week? Then I was thinking too much per usual. Maybe the district knows something I don't know. We could have a state wide lock down really soon. 

    My husband thinks I'm nuts in thinking that. But nothing is too wacky right about now right? Have you had a lock down? We should have one. There are pockets of people that think this is still nothing to worry about. Maybe because our leader started this out saying it was a Democratic hoax, maybe they see our leaders all up close during press conferences like it's no worry, maybe it's because no one they know has gotten it, or maybe they figure what happens happens. Whatever the reason, they are careless.
  3. All this is getting to Mica. He saw a picture of a bunch of kids from his middle school on his insta feed. They were laughing and playing. He said, "See this is what's wrong! These morons go to my school. They should be social distancing themselves. They are going to make it harder for me to go back to school!" He's right. He can't stand when people break the rules.
  4. One thing is for sure, the US has some cocky people. They think we're way better than virus that will kick their ass, along with all their family and friends. Great! Not! The land of the free makes some people think they can do anything on US turf. I love the US. I hate cocky people.
  5. I know things could get worse. Let's hope they go up. I do believe in the yin and yang. When bad things happen, something good has to happen to balance that out.

Friday, March 20, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. Getting used to this online teaching that happened oh so quickly has been interesting! I've had to change so many things that I do. I sent 2 big emails out to my students. After the 2nd email a student emailed, "Check in number 2". I spent 5 minutes looking at my 2nd email, trying to check what was wrong with it. She was just checking in saying, "I'm here!" Then I spent 5 more minute laughing about it. I needed that laugh.

  2. We were at my parent's house last weekend. We were having a conversation about Mica's eyebrows. He's always had a unibrow. I pluck those suckers out of there. Mica was complaining to my Mom about how it hurts. My Mom asked, "Mica why don't you just do it yourself?" Mica said, "Well Grandma I can't see the hairs up on my forehead to pluck them." My Mom said, "Haven't you ever heard of a mirror?" He said, "Oh I didn't think about that." We laughed and laughed. 

  3. If you remember Isaak had to switch Math teachers midyear. His first teacher (according to his carpool) didn't know how to teach. She was pushing the students really hard. Mainly because she was a 7th grade teacher, and Isaak is in 6th grade. She got put on Administrative Leave, then later fired.

    Isaak loved his new Math teacher. He was all the sudden excited about class. She even sent him this postcard, and his already big eyes lit up!

    Now that they don't have school Isaak's not only sad about not seeing his friends, but also pretty bummed that he doesn't have Math with Ms. Walton. He said, "Mom I was actually enjoying Math." :(

    Did you ever get excited about a certain class in school?

  4. I totally dropped the ball with signing the kids up for any camps. Travis signed up for an art residency, where the whole family would be involved. He had to call about it, to see if he got it. Turns out they didn't read anyone's applications, letters, look at their work. She just picked the top two applicants, and gave it to them. :(

    I'm thinking it's a blessing I didn't sign the kids up for any camps with all that's going on. They may not of been able to participate anyhow. They I may not of gotten my money back. Maybe everything does happen for a reason. 

  5. I was pretty ticked off yesterday. My boss has us still coming in to work, even though we totally could do it at home. They have signs on the doors, "If you're sick, don't come in!" One of my co-workers has been coughing, and snotting. It's not allergies. Then an Adjunct (which I really wish they weren't here!) just got done flying somewhere, and came in. That's totally how this COVID-19 spreads.

    The bossman offers suggestions to make this online stuff smoother. The coworker with a cold thinks the bossman is giving him more to do, making his job harder. I'm stuck in the middle of the two fighting.  

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

WW: Art Award {Linky}

Before Spring Break happened Isaak won the Art Award at school. They only awarded 2 kids per class. When he had Piano he was awarded that too. He was the only one that got that award.

Cheers to our creative one:

Peace to you during the time of COVID-19! I hope you, your family and friends have wellness during this time!

@Getnamenecklace #jewelry #mothersjewelry

Today is Saint Patricks Day. The next holiday to pop up is Mother's Day. 

Typically for Mother's Day I take my own Mom out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As for me, the boys do the same. It's more of a - spend quality time with the Mom day.

This year things may be different. Because of COVID-19, going out to eat isn't recommended. Splurge a bit to get something a Mom would love! It will help those small businesses stay open!

Things to Purchase:

It's time to get a name necklace. I simply love the Engraved Family Stacked Circle Necklace. You could put children's names, Grand Children names, or even family last names: Your parent's last names, and your married name.

They always have the selection of: 

Sterling Silver
18K Gold Plated Silver
18K Rose Gold Plated Silver

I don't know about you, but I love options! My top option is Sterling Silver, or White Gold.

You can pick the number of circles, based on how many kids you have: 

2 to 5 circles

You have the selection of the chain length necklace sizes

14" 35cm for a child - if you want their parent's names on there
16" 40cm for a young adult - the length is equivalent to the collar
18" 45cm for an adult - dropping to the position close to the collarbone
20" 50cm for an adult - longer - dropping to the bottom of the collarbone
22" 55cm for an adult - even longer - close to the neckline

Prices vary on the different options. 

Keep things personalized name necklace cheap

Personalization is important. I remember as a child having the name Alissa, it wasn't on anything. I was always so jealous of Jenny's and Sarah's. With Get Namenecklace you can put whatever names on it. Isaak and Mica can go on any Get Namenecklace item.

Namenecklace has:






Cuff Links
Dog Collars 
Personalized Wallets 
and More!

Have you thought about what you're going to get your Mom, for Mother's Day?

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. All opinions are my own. This was written by me. 

Crazy Days

I was worried about COVID-19 before it came into my state. Our world is inner connected. I do feel like there are people in the US that think they are way above everyone else in the world. We've for the most part become a cocky nation. We have the best of everything, but do we? We point blame, when we should at times point the thumb. Outsiders are human.

We're learning really fast that we're not above this virus. I believe that there is something to be learned from everything. Wherever there is bad, there's good too. The good might seem untouchable right now. Somewhere, out there it exists. If anything, maybe we'll have a place where more empathy exists, than it did before. Maybe our economy is oh so low now, but will bust at the seems when this is all said and done.


I learned Thursday, towards the end of the day that we (as teachers) were supposed to offer our students online learning as well as keep our doors open for those that wanted to learn in the classroom. We have less than 50 people, so the bossman decided to stay open.

At the end of the day I found out the students wouldn't be back. The school's decision is purely based on how many people the gov. suggests we can be around. At first it was said 250 people, then it went to 50 people, and now it's 10 people.

If it were my decision, I would have closed the doors right after spring break. Offer classes in an online fashion only. I'd give teachers the training to do so.

I had class, for the first time after spring break was a thing. Only two kids didn't show up. Those two I communicated with via email. I set up three blogs, so I can add text, videos, PDFs and so on, for my students. It's not easy with the instructional videos. I show examples. YouTube would take them down in a heartbeat because of copyright laws. They are too big to keep adding, and sharing with Google Drives. I'm still trying to figure out the kinks in my system. I'd love if my work would go with Google Classroom. As is I don't have the space to upload everything on Google Drive, and keep getting emails from students, with their files.

The boy's school is off "indefinitely". They will reevaluate every two weeks. They get 10 min of homework every day, but it's not graded. Mica's school - they can call to meet up with the principal to check out a laptop if needed. There's no word of that with Isaak's school. Same district, different schools. I think they don't grade the work because there's no guarantee that kids have a laptop, or internet.

Mica's Reaction: 

"I'll check my email, to see if any teachers gave me anything to do. This is serious stuff. I can't believe it's happening. It seems like pandemics happen in the 20's." He rattled off a bunch of things that have happened through time.

Isaak's Reaction: 

"This is so odd. I just don't even know that much about the Corona Virus. I guess I'll get to stay in my robe for another week." He was upset when he learned that school would be closed possibly for the rest of the year. He's like, "I'll never get to see my friends, or talk to them." We reminded him that he's lucky he has parents that can provide for him.

Restaurants, museums, and other places are closing. Where you live, is everything closing down?

Are you worried about the lack of numbers, for hospital beds and medical staff?

Friday, March 13, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. I thought I'd blog more this week. It's spring break. Instead I worked on making logos, and branding for my website.

    What logo do you like, for this non existent company Zumi Loose Leaf Tea Company?

  2. The colors will get lost when I put it on the box, and I may steel only the leaf for certain things.

  3. What logo do you like, for a rebrand of Slinky?

    I'm kind of thinking this one? I could use both color options.

  4. Mica's school trip to Chicago was canceled. I have mixed feelings about it. First off we don't get all the $$$ back, even though we paid for insurance. What kind of madness is that? Chicago wasn't any worse, or better than Omaha, Nebraska was in regards to COVID-19. I had to go through all the shopping, and much of the packing before we learned about the cancelation. On the flip side I should be happy the school district cares.

  5. Going shopping with Mica is stressful. He acts like I enjoy shopping, and it's all for me. Hello! He was the one that said he needed clothes for Cross Country, he wanted snacks for his trip that is now canceled. 90% of the shopping trip was all for him. I heard a lot of huffy puffy blowing your house down kind of noises from him. Heavy sighs!

    This tops it all. Instead of coming out to show me his clothes for Cross Country, he does a selfie, and sends it to me. What the ####? The puck never did come out. What's something that drives you insane?

Friday, March 6, 2020

Random Tid Bits

  1. This week is midterm week. I had one student that missed Monday-Wednesday because she was sick. That makes it hard to take exams. She's usually a very punctual student. Her roommate relies on her for a ride, so she skipped Monday as well. Note that they live within walking distance. I was more annoyed with the roommate skipping, than the sick, usually very responsible student missing.
  2. I wrote a few tests. I think they are creative. I have a crossword puzzle on both of them. Then I'd have as one multiple choice answer, something ridiculous that would never be the answer. I have two groups of people: One group thinks my tests are fun and creative. Some have said, "Please put a crossword puzzle on the test. That makes it much more interesting." The second group thinks ridiculous things added are a waist of time, and gives them too many options. They are the complainers. I've decided that no matter what, I can't win with everyone.
  3. A few weeks ago I found out I'm going to be an Aunt again. I have one niece, and 6 nephews. In August I'll have another niece. My younger sister is going to have her 5th child! She's actually had one more, but he passed away. She has Evan (almost 15), Elijah (almost 12), Emerson (8), Edison (almost 6), and this one will be Margret after our Grandma we never knew. She died when my Dad was just a few years old.

    Because my sister is a carrier of Trisomy 18: She has 1 in 3 chances of having a kid living with it, 1 in 3 chances of a kid carrying it to pass it on like she has, and 1 in 3 chances of having a kid that's not a carrier at all. It's a bit of a touchy subject with a few family members. I understand the opinions. Heck I was done after 2 kids. BUT she's not me, so I will love the kid regardless.

    Because of my outlook, I was the 2nd one told. She told me right after her husband. She was scared to tell our older sister, and nervous to tell my parents. It went ok. My Mom is excited to buy more girl things, everyone is glad after this, that they are totally done, Elijah (almost 12) is annoyed that their family of boys is getting a girl, Isaak's glad because Edison (almost 7) doesn't like to be picked up any more; he thinks this new baby will take his spot.

    Meet Margret: 

    My Dad, Mom and I were all talking about what we'd call her. Margret, Maggie, Greta are all names that came up.
  4. Next week is spring break. It's also Mica's trip to Chicago. Fingers crossed it all goes well!

  5. Mica's Health Care Academy Teacher wants him to go to Huston, Texas this summer for a Health Event. It's $1,500 we'd have to cough up. I am thinking that's a firm - no! I am pretty sure she's not too happy he won't be going. I really didn't say anything when she brought it up. I didn't know signing him up, for Health Care Academy would mean he'd be part of a big, expensive trip. It wouldn't even be fun - all around. It would be health conferences, and activities that revolved around that. Maybe I should have told her, nope. I was kind of in jaw dropping mode.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

WW: The Orpheum Theater {Linky}

I've been super duper busy with midterms. I had to rewrite my exams because the students have newer systems, so we can't use the online testing system we were using. Lots of work!

Anyhow...a few weeks back we went to The Orpheum Theater here in Omaha, Nebraska. It's such a beautiful building! I took my students there because they were working on a Theatrical Campaign.


I had to pull out the fisheye lens:


The wiring in their main chandelier dates from 1927. It weighs 1,500 pounds and it's 16-feet tall by eight-feet wide.


Back Stage:

Off Stage:


Bubble Lights:

Henry Fonda Room:

Henry Fonda is from Omaha, so he has a room dedicated to him. After this I went home, and put On the Golden Pond on hold at the library. The kids thought it was boring, but I love rewatching it! Travis enjoyed seeing it for the first time.

The Lion King Mask:

Drinking Fountain:

Do you like visiting theaters? We had this one to ourselves! 


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