Tuesday, December 22, 2020

WW: Meet Warhol {Linky}

All I asked for Christmas was a new white gecko, and a dresser, or some kind of hutched turned into a gecko hide.

We bought a dresser from facebook marketplace, and we sold our coffee table that we've had for ever. My husband thought about my grandpa a lot when making the gecko hide. He inherited a lot of his tools. It was a good project. 

My husband knows a girl that's pregnant, and wanted to give up a few geckos. We took one in. His name is, "Warhol". It's off of Andy Warhol. I just thought it would be fun to have a white gecko, and decorate some of his hide pop art like. As it turned out, the tank has a faux rock pattern. So long, Campbell soup can tank paper. he does have a tent made by me, with Brillo logo on it. Warhol the artist did a piece, with Brillo in it. Then the gecko Warhol has a big Campbell tomato soup can hide. So far he prefers his log hide because it's familiar. It takes them awhile to venture out of their comfort zone. 

Some of you might be thinking, Why a gecko? Well I'm allergic to all things furry, and feathery. I was told that all dogs and cats are no nos, for me. No matter what claims are out there that certain dogs and cats are allergy safe. They are in fact just better than most. More power to you, if you can have one. Geckos fit me. They are friendly, have fun habitats, and are easy to care for. My son's actually cuddles. He'll sit under a blanket for up to an hour. They also like to be swayed/rocked. No joke! It's the only time Warhol stays still. 

Here's Warhol in his moist hide. Also known as a Mason jar with wet moss in it. 

Here's me with him. 

He tries to climb up the couch, but doesn't get far. Leather isn't easy to climb apparently. 

Mica was holding him here. Isaak kept saying, "Mica you have him in the circle of trust." I imagine geckos feel safe in hands that are cupped because it seems like a hide. 

Do you own a pet? What's is its name? 

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

AIM Institute's Holiday Card

I didn't do a family holiday card this year. 

There's multiple reasons why:

•My past work gave me the Adobe programs, for as long as the subscription ran. The subscription to Adobe ran out. 

•I was busy ending a job, and beginning a new one. 

•We got a new gecko, so my energy was put into making him a new habitat. 

•To be honest I just didn't have it in me. 

•I'm exhausted from the year and I keep waking up at 3 AM all wheezy. Sleep in general hasn't been good. 

Lots of excuses to add up, but I just needed a break from cards. 

Lots of good came this year:

•Travis sold a sculpture at The Bemis, and because of that he got to show a second piece.

•Travis had a productive residency + a few grants in his favor that have helped put his work in a different, but more him direction.

•It took me getting laid off, a store closing, and working another job to find the one that seems to be perfect for me. I do like AIM, and the people. Its mission of instilling technology into the community is a good one. 

•I survived teaching online, all the sudden.

•We got "Warhol", our newest gecko. 

•Mica got a big award from his last year at King Science - The Rotary Honor Roll. 

•Isaak was one of two that got an art award last spring. 

•Both boys have struggled with remote learning, the new crazy pandemic world, but they aren't failing.

AIM's first few assignments for me:

Write copy for their STEM portion of their website. All was going great, until this last part...I have to look up jobs to add to it. Well I've been on a job search, for the longest time. I'm drained of that. I'll get through it. 

Then they wanted me to make a holiday card. Something I told myself I was skipping this year. Ha! On top of that the designer that they have only uses Illustrator, so graphic shape oriented art. I struggled with, Do I add my own flare? Do I do what they do? Do I do what I want to do? I did a mix.

Here it is:

Then I animated it...because why not? 

I sort of feel guilty not making a family card this year. Seriously it wouldn't of been that hard, with the idea I had in mind. It doesn't help that I'm getting some in the mail that say, "I can't wait to get your card." It has to be let go! 

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

WW: Smoking Toilet {Linky}

Isaak said, "Dad come quick! The toilet is smoking!" 

Then I got to hear Mica say, "Hey it way my idea!" 

I think it's safe to say that they both got my goofy humor.

Common Mistakes When Planning a Bridal Shower

5 Common Mistakes When Planning a Bridal Shower

If you have been tasked with planning a close friend or family member’s bridal shower, there is no doubt that you want the event to go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, there are a few common mistakes that you could fall victim to if you do not take the right steps from the very start. Here is a list of these common mistakes and how best to avoid them. 

Being too prim and proper

Traditionally, a bridal shower is more low-key than a bachelorette party. However, that certainly does not mean that you should only be serving tea and cucumber sandwiches! Do not hesitate to get creative and throw a memorable celebration for your soon-to-be-wed loved one. It is always worthwhile to serve plenty of hearty food, to play some epic music to get the party started, and, of course, to hire the best bartending services Denver has to offer!

Neglecting to chat to the bride

You will probably want the bridal shower to be a surprise for your friend or relative, but it is still important to communicate with her regarding what she wants. You do not need to give away the date or the details, but it is definitely recommended to speak to her about who she wants to invite, what kind of atmosphere she would prefer, and what sort of gifts she would love. That way, you can be sure that you will steer clear of any unpleasant surprises that could potentially ruin the event for the guest of honor!

Doing it alone

It might sound like a treat at first – but the reality is that planning a bridal shower is no easy feat! If you are worried that you might not have the time or the expertise necessary to pull it off on your own, do not think twice about asking some of the bride’s other close friends and relatives to chip in and lend a hand. Alternatively, pay a professional event planner to handle the nitty-gritty on your behalf.

Forgetting about favors

Bridal shower favors are a lovely touch to the event and are excellent for saying thank you to the guests for their gifts and for gracing the bride with their presence. The great news is that you don’t need to spend a fortune on anything fancy if your budget is tight. In fact, you can even make the favors yourself if you would prefer. From DIY lavender pouches to keep linen cupboards smelling gorgeous to a DIY treats bag, the options are practically endless.

Leaving the groom out

Bridal showers are indeed traditionally a females-only event but, in modern times, it is good etiquette to extend an invite to the groom. Some grooms will be keen to attend the event from start to finish, while others may opt to make a quick appearance at the end of the shower to greet and thank the guests.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, you can feel confident about proceeding with the planning. Enjoy!

Gen Xer

We have the most interesting conversations at the breakfast table. Well, for the most part. Sometimes the boys get on so super hero kick, which I kind of feel like is bubble gum talk. What do I mean by bumble gum talk? It's like pop music, where you listen to it, it is ok to listen to a few times, then you get annoyed with it, and want to spit it out or turn it off. 

The other day we had a conversation on generation gaps. It started when when I called Mica, “Big Brain”. Isaak said that was a term, for his generation. What generation do you fall in? 

I’m a Gen X girl. One trait is that we feel is in between generations. That may not be true to some; I certainly feel it. 

I used to play with my sister that’s 5 years younger than I am, shared a room with my sister that’s 2 years older than I am, taught students in Generation Y and Z, but find the need and want to help Baby Boomers with technology. 

My dad calls me once a week, with a Photoshop question. One of my favorite customers at Fresh Thyme was this older man that couldn’t figure out the card reader - chip. 

Every generation has something to offer. I kind of feel like there's always a war with generations. We need to embrace one another; to learn, grow, have an open mind not bash, and be rude to others. 

There is always something I love about technology, but also make things with my hands. 

Where do you fall in the generation terms? Do you feel like you fit? Compare the generations here: https://www.kasasa.com/articles/generations/gen-x-gen-y-gen-z.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

WW: Duct Tape Room {Linky}

We ventured out of our home to go to two gallery closings. With gallery openings and closing most of them you have to call to make appointments to go to them. We ended up having the spaces to our selves. Certainly distancing! We still wore masks. 

This one was pretty cool. The artist's name is Nick Miller from Omaha, Nebraska. He built the entire room out of Duct Tape. 

Cool, trippy, and fun!

Sunday, December 6, 2020

Starting a New Job Tomorrow

Tomorrow I start my 4th job this year. That’s just crazy, considering I worked almost 20 years being a college instructor. Not crazy at all considering Covid has closed businesses down, took people’s lives, and changed how we all do things. 

I finally got what I hope is a dream job. I’m both excited, and extremely nervous. I don’t know why I’m so nervous. They picked me, just like I picked them. I don’t want to disappoint anyone. Being the newbie, I know mistakes are made. 

I’ve snooped on the fabulous lady’s social media that hired me. She had a few posts about picking the right person to work at your company. I have to put faith in that she knew who she was picking, when she picked me. 

AIM Institute is downtown. I’m always uneasy about driving down there with all their one ways, hard to find parking, and I’m just not there a whole lot. Travis and I ventured out, and drove by my work. It’s close to where The Rose Theater and where I had jury duty at. 

I’ll be remote, for the most part. A blessing with covid, less money on gas, but farther away when I do go in. There is a bus shuttle that goes right by there, but with covid I don’t know that I want to take it. 

Here’s to new beginnings! What’s something new that you’ve started this year?

Friday, December 4, 2020

@stemlabkids Bertie the Balance Bot Review

I really like toys that kids can build themselves. Recently Isaak got Bertie the Balance Bot from STEM Lab Kids to review. 

I was thinking he'd want help building Bertie. NOPE! Isaak wanted to build Bertie the Balance Bot himself. I sat back, watched, and took pictures between each step. 

It took about an hour for the bot to be built. It was a good afternoon. Isaak didn't get too frustrated. He did make a mistake, but it was way at the end. All was good. 


There weren't a lot of parts. 
  • Wooden pieces that were pre die cut
  • Plastic pieces
  • Screws - the set included extras if needed
  • A battery holder
  • Batteries
  • A mini screwdriver
  • Stickers
  • A manual 
  • A file - I'm assuming was for the wooden pieces if needed 

Isaak got right to work!

The manual wasn't too hard to figure out. He only struggled with two areas. Considering this toy was made in China, I was wondering if the instructions would be hard to follow. They weren't. 

The wheels were first on the list to be built. Popping them out of their wooden background makes Isaak uneasy. He feels like he's going to break them. I suggested he use a kitchen knife to help him push the pieces out. Of course you wouldn't want to make this suggestion, for any kid younger than Isaak. I was watching him the whole time. 

Isaak liked that the instructions had visual photos, along with text. He's an artsy kid, so visuals help. 

Step 1: 

Sometimes Isaak and I take things a bit to literal. One of the first instructions was to insert the axle into the pulley. They mentioned to use a wooden piece to help push it in. In the visual they show a wooden piece pushing the axle. Isaak was looking for that exact wooden piece, but the piece didn't exist. It was just to assist with pushing the axle in. I suggested to Isaak he go use his hammer he had from Lowes Clinic. He got that, and tapped the axle into place. 

Step 2:

Isaak got to put the battery holder in. 

The Middle Steps: 

Forming the box wasn't too hard. Isaak didn't need any help.

Finishing the last cube like panel was hard, for Isaak. He got it. 

Finishing it up:

I always panic inside when kids get to this point. Like will it work? Did he do this all for nothing? I knew this was for a review, so it could have totally flopped.

Isaak messed up with the batteries. That's something I've done countless times. What can I say? He's my son. We were both thinking it was not going to work. I suggested he put the batteries in the other way. Boom it worked. 

Finishing Touches:

Isaak used the stickers to decorate Bertie. You could go as far as painting the bot if you wanted to. 

  • It encourages STEM Learning = Science | Technology | Engineering | Math 
  • There's problem solving skills that occur with this toy
  • Kids make Bertie the Balance Bot themselves 
  • They left out "A" in STEM to be STEAM - A = Art - Bertie uses art with the stickers and kids designing it themselves - Being a former art instructor this is important to me 
  • The batteries are not the best brand
  • The toy its self was made in China
Overall I think it's fun to watch kids process through something. It was like watching Isaak's brain wheels move right along with Bertie's actual wheels. 

Disclaimer: I got this product for free in exchange for an honest review. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

WW: Thanksgiving Weekend

For Thanksgiving we had a Zoom meeting, with family that lives right here in the same town. Some might think that’s extreme. I tell ya if there’s something out there, one of my family members catches it. We’ve had Polio, Meningitis, Staph Infection, Chicken Pox, Shingles and more. I didn’t want to add Covid to the list. 

On Thanksgiving my brother in law wasn’t feeling good. He’s a firefighter. My sister soon felt ill to. They both tested positive, for Covid. I guess now we can add that to the ever growing list of things we’ve gotten. I’m thankful, we could meet through technology. I’m hopeful they don’t get it too bad. 

My niece had her hair way up in the Zoom meeting, so the next day I did the same. I was thinking - Gee I haven’t put my hair up this high in f.o.r.e.v.e.r. Reason...there’s a pandemic, and I find no need to get a hair cut. 

On Sunday we set the tree up. I sent the boys out, for an hour walk in the process. They were driving me batty. It’s the season. 

I hope all is well in your family.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Hobbies for Parents While Looking After the Kids at Home

As a parent, you are sometimes limited as to what you can do with your free time. When you need to be at home looking after the kids, you are restricted in terms of the hobbies that you can enjoy, but that is not to say that there aren’t fun and rewarding hobbies to enjoy in the home while looking after the kids. Everyone needs to have hobbies to enjoy in their free time for their own wellbeing, so if you are looking for fun new hobbies that you can do while also looking after the kids then here are a few ideas to get you started.


Cooking is perhaps the best hobby because you will need to provide food for the family anyway, so you may as well turn this into an activity that you enjoy instead of making something quick and easy. Learning to cook can be an incredibly rewarding experience, plus you can also use it to improve the diet of your family and reduce your shopping bill. You could also encourage the kids to help as a fun family activity but also a highly practical skill to learn.


Many parents get frustrated because they cannot fit exercise into their routine, which is understandable if you have to look after the kids and can’t go out to the gym or for a run. A great alternative is to try yoga at home because this can give you a good physical workout, plus it is good for your mental health too. You can find easy to follow guides online to get started or possibly even join an online class that can bring a social side to this hobby without the need to leave the home.

Casino Games

Casino games are a great hobby for busy parents because it is one that you can easily do on your phone while looking after the kids. There are all kinds of fun, colorful and engaging games to choose from, plus you can find a no deposit casino online that will allow you to get started without spending any money.


Gardening is another excellent hobby for when you are looking after the kids because it allows you to make improvements to the home, you can be outside in the fresh air and it is a physically active hobby. It is also incredibly rewarding turning your backyard into a beautiful space full of color and life and there are ways that you can do this no matter how much space you have to work with.

These are just a few ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration and help you to find a hobby that you enjoy and one which you can do while looking after the kids at home. It is a common grievance for parents that they do not have time for hobbies, but this is not strictly true as there are hobbies that you can enjoy while the kids are doing their homework or watching TV, which can benefit and improve your life in a few ways.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Piano Lessons in the Middle of a Pandemic

Lessonface is launching Piano Pass, a new daily class series of live online piano classes for all ages and all playing levels. Classes for adults and kids. 

The Piano Pass gives you daily access to over 20 live interactive piano classes each week, 80+ classes monthly. All with a live, in-real-time piano teacher. Each designed to energize and inspire you as you progress in your piano playing.

With the Piano Pass, students can attend as many live classes as they want, and feel confident by booking with the Lessonface guarantee. Enroll today and save. Regularly $39/mo. Start today and your first month is $14.99 for the first 30-days. Great teachers, great classes, guaranteed. Kids Pass are just $4.99 to start for the first 30-days. Regularly $19/mo.

For more information visit - https://www.lessonface.com/pianoclasses #onlinepianoclasses

I do plan on giving this to Isaak. I feel bad because he was doing well with piano lessons, then they were ripped away from him, when COVID struck. I'd really like to get him back into playing. Even if it's virtual. 

What's something you've gotten as a gift this year?

Disclaimer: I'm getting lessonface piano lessons, in exchange for an honest review. 


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