Friday, May 20, 2011

Pirate Play

If you want to win all this pirate loot from Melissa and Doug go here! I know Mica and Isaak would love to win it!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

First Graduation

Mica has a fun day at preschool! He goes to two preschools this year. We did that to A) Keep him busy. B) Each preschool had different things to offer.

He has two graduation type events. One for each school. This preschool's graduation is very low key and fun. The other one is a little more formal.

First the kid's got to throw water balloons against a brick wall.

They had an obstacle race.

They carried wooden beads with spoons all through the classroom. The objective was to not drop them.

Then we ate a sack lunch. We had PBJ, carrot, orange, chocolate milk and a Little Debbie Zebra Cake because it's Isaak's birthday. I'll probably make a real cake this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Apel coming to town. For sure we'll have cake Memorial Day with his party!

They got certificates and hats to keep.

I wonder if he can use this diploma to get a job some day? ;)
Mica with his silly glasses on.

Happy Birthday Isaak


You turned 3 today! Happy Birthday! I just can't believe it! Time is flying by! You're movin' up in the world!

I had to look up what your name meant. I couldn't remember.  
Isaak \i-saak\ as a boy's name is a variant of Isaac (Hebrew), and the meaning of Isaak is "laughter". You do have a great laugh! I came up with the spelling of your name from the singer Chris Isaak. We call you "Zeek" much of the time. When we ask you what your name is, you usually say, "I Isaak Jaxon Apel."

You are growing like a weed. All of Mica's clothes get handed directly to you. I end up buying you a few things to fit your personality.

You have a soft sensitive side. You love babies, puppies and anything cute! Little birdies are in a nest outside your bedroom window; you enjoy watching them. You giggle, smile and say, "Oh their so cute!" You love helping me in the kitchen. You get giddy when I ask for your help to make juice or use the mixer to make something.

You also have a punk side. We get after you for throwing all the time. Sometimes we leave the room, and you cause problems.

The things you like playing with right now: Hot Wheels, Play-doh, Duplo's, Team GeoTrax, drawing on the easel, throwing balls and of course you carry around your brown Ty puppy all over the house. Recently you've started getting into wanting to watch TV. We can now catch a movie in the theater. Before you would have never held still.

You are both independent and dependent. If someone starts to do something for you, and you want to do it yourself and you get mad. Then there are other times you want to have me pick you up and baby you.

You are both my baby and my big boy!

I love you very much,


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It's Been a Bad Day

I don't mean to get you down, but it's been a bad day at the Apel household. Nothing major happened, and everyone is ok.

My Day:
  • I had class today. It was for my senior college art students. It's finals week. 
  • There is about 5 students that have low grade point averages. They can not pass if they don't pull their grades up. Some of those students said, "How can I get a B?" They were sitting at a C. It's really impossible to bring a grade up that much on the last day! 
  • I was pretty annoyed that they were taking their problem and trying to make it mine! I'm not going to just hand over grades. In fact I'd rather not know that they need a certain grade to pass because I don't want it to reflect my true judgement of what I'd give them. Especially this late in the game. 
  • I've noticed this kind of a trend with some of my students. They want things handed to them. I wonder if Bush's No Child Left Behind Act has anything to do with it, if it's just because I'm getting older and they're getting younger, if it's just the Millennial generation thing, or a combination of all the above?
  • I want to note that I have way more good students then bad! It's just that the bad apples are the ones that stand out.
Daddy's Day:
  • Daddy calls 10 minutes before my class is about to start, at lunch time. He was all flustered! 
  • Mica's preschool class went to one of the kid's house to have a picnic lunch and fun. All good, except they had the address wrong to this kid's house on the school letter. This is where Daddy had to pick up Mica! 
  • Here's Daddy in the car with Isaak and Elijah {3 year old's} and no correct address to pick up our 5 year old! They had no cell number on the sheet. Panic set in that he couldn't find or pick up Mica!
  • Daddy went back to the church. The parking lot was jam packed. Once he hauled out the two 3 year old's, the church secretary couldn't find where this kid lives. Daddy left his cell phone number with her. He proceeded to drive around looking for our kid. 
  • He was pissed, and rightfully so. I would have been too! 
  • Then the church calls him to give him the right address. 
  • He gets there. Everyone's having a grand time. Don't you HATE when everyone is having a grand time, and you are the only one NOT! I do!
  • He talked to the teachers right off the bat. He told them, "This can not happen!"pointing to the wrong address the whole time! He tried talking to them calm, but if anyone knows my husband that's hard for him. They crumpled up the paper.  As if to cover up their mistake.
  • We like the preschool. Mica's learned a lot there. But every once in awhile they get dates wrong. Like they on a whim moved Grandparents Day after I had already told my parents and grandparents when it was. If they worked full time, and asked for it off that would have really sucked. Things like this we don't like! It's not a big deal to some people. Daddy and I like things planed. We really hate when our plans get messed up! That's just how we both are.  
  • He didn't want to get too pissed because Isaak is going there next year. But...GEE WIZZ it's Mica's safety that he was thinking about!
  • No one else had the problem because everyone else knew where this kid lives. I guess we're out of the preschool loop. Then Daddy was so mad and distracted; he left Mica's backpack and jacket behind.
  • Daddy got called into work tonight. We have our in-laws coming into town and all kinds of stuff needs to get done. We can't do much of anything tomorrow night because of Mica's preschool graduation shindig. 
Anyway we both want to scream! Mommy and Daddy both need a timeout. Double, triple our timeout and we'd be perfectly fine with that! 

Finding a light in the situation- Isn't it funny that kid's hate timeouts and we'd love one? Kid's sometimes hate going down for a nap and we hardly ever get the chance, but when we do it's nice! It's like their punishment is our blessing.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - These are a Few of Their Favorite Things

Mica's favorite thing right now is his new hat! We found it at Target for $4. He told the cashier that he was going home to change clothes to look handsome. 

The next day I didn't even have to tell him to get dressed. He went and put the same outfit on {hat and all}. We went to Costco, and he was singing, Singin' in the Rain and dancing down the isles. He was taking his hat off and dipping it down. It was a little embarrassing, but at least he was happy!

Isaak's favorite thing right now is his big Melissa and Doug Boston Terrier dog!

He loves his dog like he's real. I'm so glad he likes it because I can't get him the real thing. I would seriously die with all my allergy problems! Even the fake thing I vacuum down every once in awhile. Isaak's our sensitive one. He loves babies, puppies and kitty's.

Other Notes:
  • Mica graduates preschool this week. We have a end of the year relay race event to attend at one school and at the other is a big graduation hat and robe thing event to go to.
  • Isaak turns 3 on the 19th! I can't believe it! Where does time go? 
  • There's a giveaway going on here for Tropical Traditions Raw Honey. Enter here please! 
  • Check out my guest post at Go Graham Go!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Week Ahead!

I just wanted to mention that I won't be blogging as much this week.

Here are all the things going on at our home front:

  • Mica's graduating preschool. He has a relay race at one of his preschools. It's an end of the year party. Then at his other preschool he has a graduation ceremony.
  • Isaak turns 3 on the 19th! I spent this weekend wrapping his packages. Daddy took Mica out to buy something for the Zeek man! We won't have a party for him until Memorial Day. Although I plan on doing something special with them this upcoming weekend.
  • I'll be changing my banner soon! I hope to next week! 
  • I have finals {I'm a college art teacher}. I have 2 finals written. The other one isn't. I also have mountains of grading for two classes. 
  • I have to take off of work for the relay race thing and a dentist check up for myself.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Apel are coming to town this next upcoming weekend. It will be nice to see them!
  • I have a giveaway going on here. It's to win Tropical Traditions Raw Honey, which is so good! Any giveaway I ever have going on are listed here. I have a tab below my banner that says reviews and giveaway. Check it out if you are interested!
  • I'm also being featured on Go Graham Go! this week. Felicia needed a guest writer, so I wrote about making Chocolate Chip Sugar Cookie Dough Balls. She said it would be posted on Tuesday. So check it out!


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