Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Start of Our Christmas Cards

Getting the toy's out was fun! Putting the toy's away, not so much fun!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Father and Son Keeping Warm


Go Graham Go is hosting another sweet giveaway! One reader will win their choice of five ZipBin play and storage system.

I like this Lego City Fire ZipBin Large Toy Box Playmat:

Monday, December 6, 2010

I Can Add

  • Mica brought a calculator home from preschool. A mom brought them in for all the preschooler's. At first I thought it was odd, but now I like it.
  • Mica knows the song, I Can Add by They Might Be Giants. 
  • I taught him over the weekend how to add 1+1, 2+2, 4+4, 8+8 and we tried 16+16, but he said, "16 isn't on the calculator Mommy." I showed him that by typing in a 1 then a 6, you get 16. He may not fully get it now, but sometime it will click. Mica was amazed that the numbers truly added up like the They Might Be Giants song.
  • The calculator also helps with knowing his numbers. I've had Mica type in the numbers on the telephone for me for awhile. I'm always like, "Isaak go get the phone. Mica type in the numbers." They love it.
  • Mica gets 6 and 9 mixed up, rightly so. Whoever came up with what the numbers look like is silly for making those numbers so close. The same goes for the alphabet with b and d. Again, silly person who came up with the letters in the alphabet. It's no wonder why their are dyslexic people in this world. 
  • Here's our song:

Lost and Found Halloween

Here are some photo's I discovered when cleaning up my desktop that was a disgrace.

Mica was Buzz

Isaak was Lil' Frankie

Spicy Soda, Hot Chocolate Coffee

  • I forgot to blog about this. We just do not have soda very much, if at all. It's water, milk and watered down juice for breakfast at our house.
  • Grandma and Grandpa Apel offered the boy's orange soda at Thanksgiving time. 
  • Isaak sucked his down like it's going out style. Kind of like how I used to.
  • Mica takes a sip and say, "WOW this is spicy!" The fizz is spicy to him. He loves the orange, but not the spice.
  • This weekend Aunt Terra gave me some coffee. Isaak was reaching across the table, and we stopped him because of the hot coffee. 
  • Terra said, "Don't call it coffee." We're all thinking, "????????????"
  • Apparently Terra lets the boy's stop off to get hot chocolate at Panera when she's at stroller class. Cousin Elijah calls his hot chocolate, "Coffee."
  • I always wondered why when we drink coffee Isaak acts like he wants some too. 
  • Apparently this year our boy's LOVE hot chocolate! Last year they wouldn't drink it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drawing and Painting

  • Mica's always been much more interested in painting then drawing. He liked the whole idea of mixing colors together to see what other colors they would make.  I think he would do well in my college Color and Design Theory course. Ok, maybe not so well with the follow through.
  • Mica just now started being interesting in drawing. I can actually look at his drawings and tell what is what. It's like something clicked in him in the past month. Above is Mica's version of himself.
  • Isaak's always liked to draw and paint.


  • Isaak woke up at 6 AM this morning. He's been crabby. He wants to play with what Mica's playing with. Then he destroys what Mica's playing with. 
  • I redirected him by having him help me with a few things, but that didn't last long. He went over and purposely kicked Mica's Little People Thanksgiving set up. He went to time out. 
  • After Isaak apologizes I cuddled with him for awhile because I know he's been sick. He decided to climb on my shoulders, and Mica climbed on top of Isaak. They got a warning, and both ended up in time out.
  • Isaak gets done with time out before Mica. He's walking down the hallway, and Mica purposefully trips Isaak. Isaak falls and bumps his knee. Isaak cries in my ear. Mica's time out is extended. 
  • After the apologies the boys sit down for something to eat. I give them the same thing. Isaak has a 10 min fit because he wants what Mica is having. 
  • They both go down for a nap early.
  • This is so out of character of these two. Either they are in new developmental stages that I'm not used to, or they are both under the weather/need sleep.  

In Between Sizes

  • Both of our boy's are in between pant sizes. 
  • Mica's size 4 pants look too small and his size 5 pants need to be rolled. The boy has little hips and butt; even with adjustable waist, his pants fall down.
  • Isaak's size 3 pants are high waters, and his size 4 pants are way too long.
  • What's a mom to do?


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