Saturday, January 16, 2010

Old Navy Shopping Spree

  • We went to Old Navy and bought a lot of stuff! I won a $50 off if you spend over $100.
  • For Isaak we got:
For This Summer
For Next Fall
For Next Spring
For Next Winter - His is Grey
  • Mica's favorite color is orange, so I try and pick out orange shirts for him when I see them. For Mica we got:
For Next Fall - His Says, "Wasn't Me" and it's Orange
Next Size Up - His First Boxers! He's Had Boxer Brief's.
For Next Spring
  • Daddy likes black and grey clothing. Daddy got: 1 short sleeve black dress shirt, 1 athletic black/grey shirt, 1 black dress pants and 1 grey athletic pants.
  • Mommy didn't get too much. She didn't see too much that she liked for her. Mommy got: 1 pair of grey tennis shoes.
  • Mica was a good shopper tonight, he even held the door open for someone.
  • Isaak was a horrible shopper tonight. He was crabby!

Mostly Naked Tot

  • Isaak got 1/4 of a Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwich after his lunch. He got it all over his sleeves and in his lap. But he enjoyed it, and that's the important thing.
  • Off went his clothing.
  • I let him run around in just his diaper for awhile.
  • He got a scratch from cousin Elijah on Friday above his lip, and on Monday Elijah and him were fighting over a toy, and Isaak hit his chin on a coffee table. His skin has been very dry lately, so he has a few eczema spots on his legs. He's just a mess!
  • This is what Isaak looks like when Mica takes a toy from him. Notice how the eyebrows go up when he's pissed! Daddy and I call it, "The Kent Look". My Grandma Kent's eyebrows always went up when she disapproved of something.
  • I put on his teething necklace that I won from Giveaway Addicted Mommy. It's supposed to have a teething medicine trapped within the beads. I have no idea if it works, but it's cute and he's been drooling and waking up in the middle of the night. I only have it on him when I'm watching him carefully because I don't want him trying to chew on the beads. He leaves it alone though. Except in the picture below, and that's because I asked him where his necklace was? He was showing me.

YES I Won!

  • I checked my email this morning and found out I won a $50 off your purchase of $100 or more at Old Navy coupon from Jolly Mom!
  • I was pretty excited since I love their boys clothing!
  • It looks like we're going on a shopping spree tonight.

Friday, January 15, 2010

YIKES Potholes!

  • I thought I'd have problems with ice this morning. The temperature has been in the 30's during the day, then cold overnight. On the way to work ice is a concern.
  • I had no problems with ice, but potholes are a major problem. It was like playing that old game Frogger.
  • I had some people cutting into my lane, and I was trying to avoid potholes myself. Sometimes there were potholes on both sides of the one lane. So crazy!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old Navy Giveaway

  • Old Navy is Mica's favorite clothing store. He simply loves the mannequin's! He goes up and hugs them.
  • I love that they have weekly deals. Go Graham Go is giving away 10 $50 off a $100 gift cards.

Happy Tots Stage 4

  • There was a recall I saw on the news tonight for HAPPY TOT Stage 4 and the new HAPPYBABY Stage 1 and Stage 2 pouch products Organic Baby Food, which is a branch of Happy Baby Foods.
  • They said, “Swollen or leaking pouches may indicate problems with the product, including possible contamination by bacteria that can cause illness, or that the packaging has been compromised and is at risk of bacterial contamination.”
  • I just wanted to post about this in case any Mom that is reading this is feeding their child this kind of food. I'm sure their website will have more info on this.

Peek Boo

  • Isaak's been playing, Peek a Boo with me off and on all day. He's said, "Boo" for awhile now, but just started saying, "Peek Boo".
  • I love how he puts his little hands over his eyes, and he really thinks I can't see him. He takes his hands off his face really fast and says, "Peek Boo" and giggles.
  • It's very cute!


  • I swept the floor, and Isaak was behind me sweeping the whole time. He loves to sweep.
  • The only problem is that he likes to walk in the dirt pile, and tries to sweep the pile up with his play broom. It's probably because he can see the dirt pile. Oh well, he's trying to help.

The Tot's and Children's Boutique Giveaway

Split Pea Soup for the Soul

  • I made split pea soup and blueberry muffins to take over to my parents house.
  • It was the first time Mica's seen Grandma Spiehs after her surgery. I showed him pictures of her, and told him not to climb on her. As soon as he walked in the house he said, "I thought that you wouldn't have that thing on your leg Grandma. I thought you only had that on in the hospital". He was talking about the splint covering her ankle and foot. Grandma said, "Mica I'll have something on my leg for a very long while".
  • We had a good visit. We didn't stay too long because sometimes it makes me tired just looking at the boys play; I can't imagine how it make my Mom feel.
  • Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous is giving away 3 Chicken Soup for Your Soul: Count Your Blessings. My Mom is a huge fan of Chicken Soup for Your Soul, so if I win it's her's to keep.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Of Course

  • Whenever we ask Mica a question he answers, "Well, of course".
  • I'm not sure where he got this one.

Old Navy Giveaway

  • Old Navy is one of the few places where I can go to buy cute boy things that are reasonable in price.
  • I love that they have weekly deals. Jolly Mom is giving away 10 $50 off a $100 gift cards.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mom's Doing Good

  • My Mom (Grandma Spiehs to the boy's) is certainly not out of the woods yet.
  • She got out of her three hour surgery.
  • The Doctor showed us X-ray's of her ankle and foot. It has all kinds of hardware inside.
  • She has a long road to recovery. We won't know if if the bones will fuse for awhile. There is over an 80% chance that they will.
  • The doctor said that next year she can go Christmas shopping with us and go on vacation with my Dad (Grandpa Spiehs to the boys).
  • For awhile she'll just be laying down and resting with her feet up.
  • She goes home Wednesday, get her splint off and a cast on next Tuesday, and will have a cast for at least 6 weeks.

Kid's Meal Toy

  • Mica got this toy in his Kid's Meal at Burger King.
  • I thought it was very fitting to go to Grandma Spiehs right after surgery.
  • It's this older lady that jumps rope across the table or floor. We have an odd sense of humor in my household.
  • This last weekend Mica talked to Grandma Spiehs on the the phone. The conversation went like:
  • Mica: Grandma I want you to come to my house to help me find You Who (which is some character from Team GeoTrax).
  • Grandma: Mica, Grandpa has the car today, so I don't have a way to come to your house.
  • Mica: You can walk.
  • Grandma: I can barely walk around my own house, I can't walk to your house.
  • Mica: You can walk for three days.
  • Grandma: Three days is a long time and I can't walk for that long.
  • Mica: I have an idea! I can take a car to come and get you; I'll tie my rocket on the back of it. It will blast off and go really fast! (He of course was full of sound effects during this part).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Surgery Today!

For the Nurses
For My Mom's Room
  • My Mom is getting her ankle fused today. It's a three hour surgery, a three day stay in the hospital and lots of recovery time.
  • lighten a tense situation I made cookies and cake bite's. To learn how to make cake bite's, or cake pop's visit Bakerella. Her site truly inspires me every week to make these. Except her's are taken to a more sophisticated level that I wasn't ready to make the first time going in.
  • They will be given to the nurses and kept in my Mom's recovery room for visitors to eat.
  • The hearts are off of the Methodist Hospital logo. My Mom, my sister Terra, my cousin Stacy and my Aunt Becky all work for Methodist.
  • Thank you Mom for the edible markers you got me before Christmas. They really helped with the logo! Get better sooner rather then later! I love you!
*Update- I just called to see how everything was going at the hospital? My Mom was supposed to be getting out of surgery, but instead they were just wheeling her in. They are running behind!

Dilly Dally Bibbies for Babies with Style

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Leg Warmers

  • I heart baby leg warmers!
  • They work great for cold days. I just slip them on under Isaak's pants. I don't have to deal with extra snaps or zippers.
  • They also worked great when Isaak was in the hospital with meningities. The nurses simply loved them. It was just too hard getting any clothing on him when he was hooked up to all the monitors.
  • My Organized Chaos is giving away the winners choice of leg warmers by Baby Snazz.


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