Saturday, November 2, 2019

Get Off My Lawn!

I think I'm a pretty patient person. I can talk down a crying, panicking kid. I'm great with any kid young, old, or even adult coming to my house to Trick or Treat.

There somethings I will only put up with, for a little while.

Travis came home from Isaak's basketball practice last week saying, "I just can't stand the older kids getting in the way of Isaak's practice!" I asked if he said something? He replied with, "No it's not my job."

Who's job is it than? Coaches at the Y don't get paid. When I went to Isaak's basketball practice this week; I made it my job to say something. I said something 3 or 4 times actually.

I let the older kids shoot for about 5 minutes into my son's practice. Then I said, "Hey guys could you kindly not shoot hoops, or bounce the ball, while these guys have practice. It's hard for the coach to talk, while you do that. We're paying for the gym right now." They looked at me like, Really lady!?

They left. Then they came back again. Their body language was like they want to flip me off. I said something again much more stern.

Two of them proceeded to dribble the ball up, down, and around the curtain. Every time looking at me. I got up, and sat down on the floor, right by the curtain.

Then much older guys came in to use the gym. They actually started out pleasant by asking when the gym would be open. Ten minute later they grew tired of waiting, and didn't just play in the practice space, but dunked the ball several times. The younger kids saw this, and lost total respect to join them. I went over and said, "Can you guys do this later? My son, and his team are in practice? The coach can't even talk to the team." One of the older guys said, "We're not distracting!" As he was hanging off the net of the hoop. I said, "Ya you kind of are!" The coach piped up and said, "Ya you are. Play later."

Once another Mom sat down, for the next practice I asked if the older kids were a problem the week before. She said, "Yes! Our coach had to cuss them out by saying, 'Get the hell out of here!'" 

As I left the Y, I told the staff up front about the punk kids. 

Isaak said, "Mom my friend James said, 'Your Mom must really not like those kids!', but he was happy you said something." 

I said, "Isaak it's not that I don't like them. I don't know them. I just want you and your team to have a good practice you can hear. I'm paying for you to learn. Next time I should just sit right under the net."

These are things that came to my mind:

I used to be so shy, but with being a teacher I got over that! I don't believe respect for older people is always needed, but instead respect the situation. An asshole adult may not deserve respect. Maybe I was that asshole adult that day. I started with asking nice. It was my son's team that was paying for the space. 

It isn't just the punks showing up on the court, when my son's team was in basketball practice...

It's also my own students. I have for the most part the best student ever. I have three that horse around in lab. Ok, so it's their time to work. If they don't want to do that, their loss. The same three all get on their cellphones when I'm in lecture. I stopped my lecture to say something. I just haven't been in the mood to put up with disrespect. 

What's something you can't tolerate? I believe we all have breaking points. 

Friday, November 1, 2019

Random Tid Bits

  1. Isaak has had a sub for 2 days in Math. It's been so nice. Zero homework. I feel quite a bit more free.

  2. The day Isaak had in school suspension, for playing essentially tag when he was in Walking Club he got all his homework done. Travis said he should have that more often. Um no! I emailed the Boy's Dean, as did Travis, and we both never got a response. Insert eye roll.

  3. Mica's so smart in school, but does the craziest things. The other night I had him helping me make Chicken Quesadillas, with some toppings.

    I asked him to spray the Quesadilla pan. What does he do? He starts spraying the top of the Quesadilla maker, and not the grill part. Ya I did a face palm! Then I told him about the fictional character Amelia Bedelia. I find myself snapping at him a lot. He's a sweet kid, but just does the most dingy things!

    At least the Quesadillas turned out good!

  4. Another day Mica was being critical about how I peel eggs. Travis suggested I boil a whole bunch, and let him peel them. He thought I did them just fine! I did just that. When I posted about this on FB I got a bunch of comments on how to make eggs. I can make and peel them just fine. Since Mica commented about them, it's his job now.

    He held the eggs as high as he could, dropped them, then peeled them. Hey whatever works son. I could care less about his process. It's a complain, you get to do the job.

  5. Mica has a partner for Science Olympiad, which is an extra curricular thing. Mica made arrangements that we would pick her up last Saturday at 10. I went to go pick her up. It takes about 15 minute to get to her house. When I got there she wasn't even up out of bed. She bowed out.

    I told Mica if it were him, he'd have to get up, and get ready in 7 minutes. Her Mom handled it differently, which is fine. She was grounded. Mica said she cried. He told her it's ok. I said, "I wouldn't have told her that." He said, "Mom if I would have said something harsh she would never talk to me again. She's sensitive." How would you have handled that if you were her parents? 

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

This is the first year I won't have my boys going out for Trick or Treating. Actually Mica stayed in last year as well.

It's supposed to snow AGAIN! I'm afraid we won't get too many Trick or Treaters. I might be wrong though.

I'll turn on something spookish, for the boys.

Isaak is dressing up in his all one colored body suit; to hand out candy. He wanted all black, but they were out of stock. It was supposed to be all white, but came red. I won his costume, so I didn't want to make a big deal out of it. I thought if it was all black he could be a shadow, or throw anything scary with it. If it was all white he could be a mannequin, or ghost. What does one do with an all red body suit? Ideas are welcome. Otherwise he's happy just answering the door with his all red body suit, for the Trick or Treaters.

Since my work is crazy about Halloween, I went dressed as Salvador Dali. 

The Good: 

It's an art school, so why not dress up like an artist?

It wasn't expensive! All I had to buy was a T-Shirt that I'll wear other times, plastic ants, a mustache, and I did buy black, white makeup, eyeliner, and black hair spray (all of which I can use again).

The Bad:

I didn't get up any earlier than normal; to get ready.

I couldn't find my face glue, and know I have some.

There were students that didn't get it. I had one student ask me if I was Charlie Chaplin? Not the right mustache, for Charlie Chaplin. I found out first year hasn't gotten to Surrealism yet, in Art History. My Aunt Becky said on Facebook, "Who are you supposed to be?" Ya she isn't into art. I even had a hashtag #salvadordali in the post. Some people just don't read.

I didn't get first, second or third place, for my costume - when it came to the staff. I don't get anything for it anyhow, but I thought it was original, and I fit the part. I also was in my office quite a bit. It wasn't a teaching day.

A little bit about Salvador Dali:

He uses crutches and ants in many of his pieces.


I added ants, and borrowed a crutch from my Dad - put ants on that. I wish the ants were smaller.

I made myself more black and white because that's how I view Salvador Dali mostly. From black and white photos. 

My shirt had The Persistence of Memory on it:

 Will you, did you dress up for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Poop Already!

The oh so cute Sunny AKA our Leopard Gecko is backed up. When we got him he had blue sand in his tank. After researching, we found that sand even if it has calcium in it isn't good for him to digest. They lick everything.

We reset up his tank to have coconut substrate in it made for lizards. I read that, that was ok.

He's pooped, but it had blue in the poop. Now it's been 2 weeks, since Sunny has pooped.

At first I was just like, "I don't know how much he actually needs to poop. Maybe there's poop that's hiding in his tank."

We've researched some more. Any loose stuff in their tank isn't good. Out went the coconut substrate. He now has a cork board, for the ground. He has fun things to hide under, and climb on.

Travis didn't believe me at first, but to help Sunny's body relax, and keep up hydration he needs some warm baths. In the water he goes. We've been watching him, so he doesn't drown. He just needs water to hit his under belly. Then if your lizard likes you, you can rub his tummy to help him. I did that. He didn't seem to mind. After that Olive Oil can be applied to his lips (we used a q-tip), and put in his drinking water. We did that. Still no poop!

We only have to take him to the vet if his eyes seem sunken in, and he's not active at all.

There were mixed reviews on feeding him, or not. We laid off on feeding him one day, but fed him the next. Then we followed up with more Olive Oil.

We decided to take him in to see a Lizard Veterinarian. It was $60 for the visit, and $10 for a laxative.

After he had the laxative one day he pooped. YAY! $25 for them to test his poop sample. Then they want a follow up. I just want him to be regular. If he can become regular, I'm all for skipping the follow up. Ha!

Moral of the story:

Leopard Geckos do best with a hard surface, for a ground. No sand, no substrate. Just newspaper, paper towel, and Scotch Brite Pads (Smooth Surface, not Rough). I think cork board will be just fine. It can be taken out, and washed.

Have you ever had problems with an animal? If so what was your problem?

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

WW: Road Kill Pizza {Linky}

We were at Subway, and I spotted this pizza in the parking lot outside. It was both gross, and funny as hell!

I decided to give it better looking cheese and pepperoni. 

Then I decided to make the pepperoni tops of mushrooms, and then this little village slowly took place.

Monday, October 28, 2019

My Jailbird Plays the Piano

I got a call last Friday, right before I was supposed to give my 1 hour lecture. Who was it? It was the Dean at Isaak's new school. Before I really talked to him I confessed that the reception is horrible where I work, just in case we got disconnected. The call took me off guard.

Here's How it Went: 

Isaak was outside in Walking Club. He started to tap or jab a few other kids. The other kids did the same. No one was hurt, or threatened. BUT Isaak didn't own up to it. It was behavior that often leads to fighting. Touching others isn't tolerated at that school. He gets an in school in school suspension on Monday (today).

I said I'd talk to Isaak, and got off the phone as quickly as I could because I knew my class was about to start.

Fast Forward to the End of the Day:

I mentioned this distraction phone call to a few people that all responded to, WHAT? You've got to be kidding me. I got out of class, went back to my office. I tried to call Mr. W., but he left for the day of course. I sent an email. I mentioned that if in fact he had bad behavior (which I don't think what he did was really bad per say), please help Isaak with getting more speedy - give him tips. All week last week he went to bed at 9:30, and probably didn't fall asleep until 10 due to the Strings Concert he HAD to go to, for his grade, and homework. I'd love for him to go to bed at 8:30 because we wake up at 6.

I wanted to say:

I'm just really glad Isaak's making friends he can play with! My co-worker thinks I should talk to him, and take him out for ice cream because of your ridiculous punishment. Don't you know boys play like that? Heck even some girls do. 

I picked up Isaak:

I got Isaak because he was at Poetry Slam. He didn't seem too bothered. I thought the boy would be in tears.

He said, "Mom look what I got!" It was an award, for the most outstanding Piano player. He was the only one that got one. Along with that he got candy, a free ice cream at Dairy Queen, and a few other random things. He was super excited!

When I brought up that the Dean called me, he said, "That was super annoying. Mom I didn't even feel like we did anything wrong. I seriously touched them lighter than if I was playing tag with them. They weren't bothered by it...until we got in trouble." 

I said, "Well I'm proud of you for your award. That is a big deal. We'll have to take a photo tomorrow when the lighting is better. You may have to serve the time for the touching big. It seems crazy to me! I emailed Mr. W., because he was gone for the day. I told him if you have to have suspension, which I don't agree with, I want them to give you all your homework, and work with you on tips for speeding up the process. Mr. W. really should focus on other kids that bully." 

Isaak said, "Am I in trouble at home?" 

I said, "No. Just know the rules at school, so this doesn't happen again. It's really ridiculous!" 

When Travis caught wind of it he email Mr. W. as well. 

We haven't heard anything back. Maybe I should call, but I kind of feel like I did what I could do. Isaak's learning about injustice today. I sent him to school in a sweat shirt that says, "Do Good", and "Be Good". I said, "Please don't wear your jacket, let them see the shirt. I love you! Ask them a lot of questions. Make them help you with your homework." 

What's something that you got in trouble for that was not called for? 

I had a few things happen:

I had to stay after school in 5th grade because I didn't realize there was a back to a homework assignment. My Mom was pissed at the teacher! I always did my homework. This was one time that I missed something not purposeful, and was in trouble for it. 

I used the word Enormous one year, and the teacher I had LOVED it because it was such a big word for me. The next year I used that same word again. That teacher kept me after school because she thought I copied that word off the board. She wasn't my favorite person in the world. 


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