Saturday, September 19, 2009

Milk Doesn't Do the Hair too Good

  • Mica left his milk sitting around. Isaak grabbed it to take a drink, and it spilled on his hair. With no valve on the cup Isaak just doesn't know how to drink properly. LOL
  • This was right after I gave both of them baths.
  • I wiped his head of with a wet washcloth.
  • Later on I was running my fingers through his hair, and there was crusty areas that were sticky too, yuck!

For Sale

  • All the sudden a (For Sale) sign went up next door. I didn't even know what happened to our sweet older lady neighbor.
  • She used to live in our house. Then when her husband died she moved in with her sister next door. Then her sister died, and she stayed there. She always sent my kids $3 for their birthday and Christmas.
  • The lady across the street told me what happened to her. She broke her hip on Aug. 4th, which I think is crazy because Mica's birthday is Aug. 10th, and she still sent him a card. I guess she had cancer, and they had to remove her bowel because she had to skip 6 treatments. I didn't even know she had cancer. I'm so out of the loop. Now she has to live in a home, or with one of her daughter's.
  • So...her house is for sale. I'm kind of sad about this. I know all people go down hill eventually. I just feel like lately too many people are going down hill that I know.
  • I'll probably never see this lady again, which is sad.
  • Some other person will move in a house that's always been my neighbor and her sister's house since around 1956.
  • The next questions are who will be our next, next door neighbor's? Will they have young kids? will they be older? Will they want to hang out with us? Will they stick to themselves? Will the house stay empty because of the rough market? I wonder.

Black Bandit Towel

  • My kids love their animal towels. Mica has a frog one and Isaak has a duck one. It covers their head, and has spots for their hands to fit. Plenty of room for growing.
  • We got a few towel robes when the boys were babies too. They are the only thing I used on them.
  • There's a Black Bandit Towel giveaway on My Organized Chaos. It will make any kid feel like a super hero! The towel comes from the company Baby Butterfly Boutique. This site has many other cute things on it as well.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Growth Spurt

  • Isaak is going through a growth spurt!
  • He ate two plates of food, and a dessert on top of that.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


  • Daddy sent me this link last night.
  • It's all about the negative side of vaccinations. If anyone has any opinions for or against vaccinations, please fill me in.
  • This site talks all about how there is no kids in the Amish community with Autism. Their thought is that Amish people do not get vaccinated. One argument against this reading could be that the Amish try to stay as natural as possible, and I've heard that Autism may be caused by chemicals and dyes.
  • I vaccinate my kids, but always in the back of my mind I'm thinking (what's really in this shot?)
  • I'd hate my kids getting something really bad like Polio, that my mom had. It's a life time problem.
  • It reminds me of the Private Practice episode, where the lady wouldn't vaccinate her kids. One kid had the measles and she had another with autism. She was sure her kid was autistic due to a vaccination. The doctor didn't want her other kids to get the deadly measles.
  • Both of my kids got their major illnesses a week after their immunizations. Mica had his staph infection at 7 months and Isaak had meningitis at 2 months. It really put doubt in my head. But Mica did have an ear infection at the time of his staph infection in his neck (both on the same side). With the meningitis, Isaak could of gotten it from his binki, or many places. I even had the doubt of me passing them illnesses through breast feeding. I thought maybe I was a carrier of awful things.
  • I'll always be stumped on their illnesses, autism and vaccinations. Is there a link or am I just paranoid?

School District

  • At the doctor appointment we had for the boys a few weeks ago, Dr. Harrison told us that he could give us a number to work with the school district on Mica's hand strength.
  • One of Mica's preschool teachers has talked about Mica's lack of muscle when writing.
  • I forgot to get the number before leaving the doctor office. So...I had to call back to get it. Being a teacher, communicating back and forth with any office is a task. I wish they'd move towards email. LOL
  • They gave me the number. I called the school district (yet another office). She asked me a butt load of questions regarding Mica's history (extensive for a 4 year old)!
  • Another lady called Travis back last week saying that they can't do anything without a doctor's signed documentation labeling it as a problem. She sent the document in the mail.
  • I called the doctor's office back once again. We decided it was best to fax them over the form.
  • It will be interesting to see if the doctor can fill out this form without seeing Mica again. He never actually saw him write, or color. I would of thought that he would of known that this is the procedure. Don't get me wrong, I love Dr. Harrison. But man this was a hassle!

For the Love of Pete!

  • Mica said, "For the love of pete would you just go!" when were in the car today. I talked to him about patience. I also mentioned to him that when people are slowed down when driving, Mommy has to slow down too. Otherwise accidents happen.
  • When we got to my parent's house, Mica got up on the porch and said, "For the love of pete would you just hurry up already!" I was getting buckets out of the trunk that were my dad's. Then of course I had to get Isaak. I had another talk with Mica about patience.
  • I'm just glad we're off of the, "God damn it!" phrase.
  • I think sometimes kids get hung up on certain phrases. They don't even fully understand them. Then the phrase fades.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Daddy's In the School House

  • Guess who forgot to take their son to preschool today? Daddy.
  • He had just laid Isaak down for a nap, and was working on fixing our tub drain when he got the call. It was my sister Terra asking him where Mica was at?
  • He just had him skip instead of taking him in late.
  • What does that say to Mica and his teachers? is just preschool.
  • Things happen, I just hope it doesn't happen again!

Car on Fire!

  • I past a car on fire this morning on the way to work!
  • I couldn't see if someone was in the car. I don't think so because there were people running around. Even people trying to help.
  • I was thinking before I saw the problem, "Oh man why is traffic slowing down? I need to get to work!" Then when I saw what was going on, guilt set in.
  • I felt really bad for the guy that had a look of horror on his face.
  • I thought about that being me, and how scared I'd be. How he might get blown up if he gets too close to his car. This poor guy is going to have a lot of insurance work to do after all this is done. That is if he even has insurance. Not to mention the personal stuff in his car that he'll loose. I was just hoping that no one else was in the car! :(
  • Then I heard the fire trucks, an ambulance, and I just felt horrible for him.


  • This is how Isaak looks every morning when it comes to yogurt.
  • He loves it, and can't wait to eat it.


  • Isaak's rash is pretty much gone.
  • It came and went pretty fast!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Banana Molestation

  • Travis told me that our nephew Elijah molested our banana's.
  • 3 were attacked, and 2 were salvaged.
  • I guess this isn't the first time this has happened.
  • He grabs them off the counter, and starts attacking them.
  • Mica ratted him out this time. Travis was in another room attending to another kid.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Off to Bed!

  • The boys went to bed at 7:45 pm tonight.
  • I just couldn't take the fussy buckets any longer. They both seemed tired.
  • Neither kid complained about going to bed.

Rash is Worse!

  • Isaak's rash is covering his tummy!
  • He looks pretty bad.

Dishwasher Help - NOT!

  • Isaak trying to help with the dishwasher.
  • He sure can be a punk sometimes. "Curious little boy" is what Mica calls Isaak.
  • He's treating the dishwasher like it's a basketball.

Heart Full of Women

  • My nephew Evan brought home a picture from preschool last week that had on it a heart. In the heart was pictures of people that he said was his family. The image of my brother-in-law Tyson was a photo of a 45 year old man, and the image of my sister was a 16 to 18 year old girl. LOL
  • Mica brought his heart picture home today. He put in his heart, photos of 3 very good looking women. Forget loving the family, move on to the women. LOL
  • I seriously wonder what they are thinking.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


  • Potatoes from our garden.
  • Mica had fun digging these out with Daddy.
  • Mica told me he saw lots of worms!
  • They are sitting on our counter. I feel like they have eyes watching me. Waiting for me to do something with them.
  • Ahh...the possibilities! Potato Salad, Twice Baked Potato's, Hash Browns, Baked Potato's and more!

Rockabye Baby

  • Isaak keeps wanting to hold this baby off and on. Of course he throws the doll on the ground too.
  • Today he got in his rocking chair and rocked the baby. I sang Rockabye Baby, while putting his clothes away. He just rocked back and forth.
  • This along with another doll is what we used to roll play with Mica when I was pregnant with Isaak. I think it helped.
  • Maybe Isaak has some sort of memory of Mica playing with the doll when he was still inside me. Somehow I doubt it.


  • Not only has Isaak been cutting teeth, we now know he had Roseola. The fever part is the worst. We're smooth sailing with the rash part. It will go away soon.
  • I'm glad my sister is ok with him going over to her house. Any daycare would send him home. Both of her kids have had Roseola before. Plus he's not contagious now.
  • I really didn't want to take him into the doctor just to get another bug, H1N1, or any other thing.
  • His rash was hard to capture with the camera. In fact on the blog it's really hard to see. At least you get a sense that it's a mild rash. It's just tiny bumps most every where. The worst is behind his ears.
  • Daddy sang, Ring Around the Roseola when he saw Isaak's rash.

Golden Books

  • Mica's been watching Golden Book movies on You Tube.
  • He likes them! :)
  • Just to warn you, if you want to watch this flick it doesn't start until 1/2 way through the movie screen. There's Pat the Bunny and another advertisement first.


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