Friday, December 25, 2015

Holiday Program

Last week was nuts. I left work to go to a holiday program for the boys. It was my last finals day, so you can imagine how hectic it was.

Thankfully all of my students passed. Some students didn't do as well as they should, but they all passed. I didn't do any favors either.

The boy's holiday program went great. They sang their little hearts out.

Mica usually is all actions, and his mouth moves very little. This time he sang. He has a girl in his class that asked, "Are you Mica's Mom? You look just like him!" I usually hear that Isaak looks like me. Later I ran into the same girl. She said, "Mica just got his report card. You can go get it if you want." She's really friendly.

I especially liked watching Isaak. He sang Holly Jolly Christmas. It cracked me up whenever he got to the line, "Kiss her once for me." He giggled at home every time he sang it. 

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays if you don't celebrate Christmas!

Random Tid Bits

  1. All the posts this week were written in advance. I'm pretty busy this week! It's going up on Christmas, so Merry Christmas if you celebrate that.

  2. Star Wars was fun! The boys and I loved it. Travis is and never has been a fan, so he fell asleep twice. I was wondering why the theater was so dead? Then I looked at the times it's playing, it's playing nonstop in every theater in Omaha. The theater by us no one much knows about, so it was really dead.

    We never get food at the theater, but decided to go all out this time. I'm impressed with how many people didn't spoil the movie online. I saw more people say, "Don't spoil it!" than I did people spoiling it. Maybe it's just my group of friends.

  3. Since I made Star Wars wrapping paper this year, I decided that my oldest nephew needed a Star Wars ship in his package. He only wants money, so I hand money to my husband, and he finds a YouTube video that has whatever it is online to fold. He's pretty good at it. As for me? I'm not so good about folding the money.

  4. Speaking of gifts...once upon a time I gave more gifts. A few years ago one particular person commented that she didn't want me to send anything anymore. They were trying to do less with Christmas gifts. Getting a new flat screen TV and many Playstation games is their idea of doing with less. They hadn't given our kids anything in years, so I didn't get them gifts any more. I was sad about it. This year I got a message from this same person saying that they have high medical bills, and her family won't have a Christmas at all. It was as if she was sending me a message to get them something. So odd! I don't play games, I'm out.
    My sister messaged me in sorrow. She bought lots of food for someone that said that, that's what they wanted for Christmas. She asked several times, and he said he wanted food snacks. She went to Whole Foods and bought lots of great snack type gourmet foods. She spent $45 on him. He decided that he was going on a diet 2 days before their get together. When he unwrapped the gift he said, "I can't have that. I don't want that. I can't have that..." with everything in the bag. She was asking me, "What do I do? I'm expected to get him a gift, but he does this!" I told her to get him something next year that would make her laugh. Then sent her this:

    She laughed alright. Do you have a difficult friend or family member to buy for? Someone that is ungrateful? This holiday is supposed to be about being positive, and giving. I hate when people trample on that!
  5. I did piss someone off this week. I'm most certainly my Father's Daughter. He's known to piss people off without meaning to. It was bound to happen at some point. Someone posted that they were mad that the Goodwill has Merry Xmas on a sign. I just read an article about how X means Christ. I said, "You can be mad at the Goodwill if so desire. Just please read this article first." I don't think they (the girl and her grandmother) read it before screaming at me over the screen, "TAKE THAT LINK OFF THIS PAGE NOW!" I sent the same link to my mom that has complained about the X taking Christ out of Christmas for years. She didn't cyber yell at me. Facebook is fair game is far as I'm concerned. Don't post something if you don't want a different point of view added to what you've posted. Do you get offended by Xmas? I say, "Merry Christmas!", but I don't get my panties in a bunch over Xmas. If you do fine, you're not the one posting on facebook about it, even if you did it's your right just like it's my right to say something to.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Warning Cuteness Overload!

I didn't even ask my sister if it was ok to post this picture, but she's always ok with it.

I hardly get good photos of my nephews. I see them mostly in the evening, when it's dark.

If you're new to this blog than you won't know that my nephew Emerson has what's called Trisomy 18 also known as Edwards Syndrome. In the hospital they call babies that have Trisomy 18 Incompatible With Life. Emerson now will be 5 in June. 

He has homework on an iPad that he does every day. It's just to recognize shapes, animals, and colors. My youngest nephew Edison sat with Emerson to do his homework. This picture is just so cute!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WW: Chess {Linky}

Mica has a friend at school that has been teaching him Chess. He's been wanting us to learn. Santa bought him a Chess set. The boys decided to make a set on their own.  

Cardboard, Marker, and Lego Pieces

Humm...maybe they don't really need a Chess set when they can make their own board. At least the Chess set Santa got has 3 other games you can play on it.


The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel's

Monday, December 21, 2015

Full of It!

Last week when Travis went to pick up the boys he saw Isaak in pain. He was hunched over, and just complaining saying, "My bladder hurts!" Isaak said he just started hurting about the time school was about out. Travis rushed him home, had Isaak sit on the pot to go to the bathroom. 

Our Conversation on the Phone:

Me: "Does it burn when he pees?"

Travis: "No." 

Me: "Then it's more than likely not a bladder infection. I hope it's not his appendix! Ask him where it hurts?"

Travis: "In the middle below his belly button."

Me: "I'd think it wouldn't be his appendix then. That's off to the side, but kids act different than you'd think they would. When my sister had her appendix out when she was little she hunched over like that to. You said he pooped right?"

Travis: "Yep."

I drove home. 

I repeated all the same questions to Isaak. I made him some tea. I told Travis to set up a bed for him on the couch, plug in the heating pad, and to call the nurse. Thankfully the boys' doctor's office has a nurse on call all the time. I was trying to get the rest of us some dinner, and coddle Isaak at the same time.

She told us to go to the ER. I had my doubts thinking, We're waisting our money! Then I thought, This is our kid! It's best to be on the safe side. Travis gets annoyed with me because I'm not quick to rush to the emergency room. 

Sure enough the doctor didn't think it was his appendix. He wanted him to get a scan just in case. I was thinking, Are you sure this is 
necessary? Isaak was happily bouncing over to get his scan. I was thinking, I'm paying for this. He's fine! If I don't have him get the scan it seems like I'm that Mother that doesn't give a crap!

The boy was full of crap! We've hardly had constipation problems in our family. If anything the opposite. 

He was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks.

The boys eat really well actually! BUT last weekend I told the boys they could eat my broken cookies. If you remember I dropped a tin. They were eating way more than they should. Like shoveling the pieces in their mouths. I cut them off, but I think they snuck more behind my back. I know the cookies were the culprit. They just are not used to eating that much sugar and flour.

We had a choice: An enema, MiraLax (a stool softener), and/or fiber bars. I decided that MiraLax would be the best choice. I wasn't sure how Isaak would go for an enema. Then I told the doctor I'd put Benefiber in our smoothies in the mornings.

The doctor was talking to us like it happens to all boys much of the time. Being full of it has never happened to us. 

Isaak was so worried he'd miss school the next day. He has perfect attendance so far. 

He went to the bathroom 4 times before school. (Thank Goodness) Every time he went I said, "That was the most expensive poop EVER!" I'm scared to get the bill on that ER stay!

Travis walked him into school to talk to his teacher about letting him go potty whenever he needed that day.

I found out Travis was giving the boys my cookies for after school snacks. I said, "Nope! Only at Christmas time, and New Years! Let them eat fruit, nuts, seeds, or veggies for a snack!"


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