Saturday, November 12, 2011

Faux Camping and a Trip to the Park

Last night I picked up cousins: Elijah and Evan for a sleep over. Daddy, Isaak and Elijah set up the tent for some faux camping:

The boy's were giddy. Mica got about 5 timeouts. I really lost track. That boy was tired. I could tell! He was blinking a lot and naughty! Both of his tired traits. Here's a video I captured of them in the tent. I was talking with them about the doughnut shop Aunt Angela and Grandma Spiehs took them to earlier that day. Then Daddy/Uncle asked them if the cops were at the doughnut shop? LOL

Only Mica and Evan ended up sleeping in the tent. I set up Isaak's sleeping bag on a mat in his room for him to sleep on and Elijah slept in Isaak's bed. They all got to sleep somewhere unusual, so it was special. I did not think it would work with all four boys in the living room!

Everyone did great going down except for Elijah. He refused to put a diaper on. I told him that he at least needed to put on plastics over his underwear. That he would do, but said, "These are weird!" over and over again. I said, "Ya they are! They do prevent some pee accidents."  He did cry for his mom and dad. They have a much more time consuming cuddle time at their house; then we do at our house.

In the morning they all sat in/around the tent to watch Poky Little Puppy.

I made Dark Chocolate Chip Banana Whole Wheat Waffles. Daddy made scrambled eggs. Then Evan helped me make fresh cranapple juice. I used 6 apples, 1 cup of cranberries and couple cups of water. It's so good and no sugar added! I also made a hot chocolate that I split for 3 boys. Mica doesn't like it. Strange, he likes chocolate, but not hot chocolate.

Then we went to show Evan and Elijah where Mica's school is. We played at the park. This is where I got most of my pictures. Enough to fill up the rest of my memory stick. It's supposed to be warm today, but it's not! :(

Isaak's always the last in line! Mica's always the first!
My cutie Isaak playing. It's fun to watch the little guys play! They get so excited! They are always like, "Look Mommy!"

 Here Isaak was like, "Put the camera down and help me Mommy!"

My boy's!

Then the punk side of Mica came out again! Isaak and Mica were talking in one of these:

Mica said a cuss word! He had to sit out! He wasn't too happy! I wasn't too happy. It was then that I decided Mica would go down for a nap in the afternoon no matter what!

Evan was excited that he could finally work the Monkey Bars. 

I love this picture because all four boys are in it! I know Evan and Elijah are not looking, but hey they are in the shot.

I dropped the cousin's back off at home, we went grocery shopping, ate lunch and Mica was told to go to bed. I've barely heard a peep out of him. Isaak and I read A Hungry Little Caterpillar and he went down to! Ahhh...piece in the house!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ha Ha Daddy is a Tiger

Mica picked out this book at a book swap that has peacocks on the cover. Daddy was reading it to Mica, and got to a spot that talked about the bad character, the tiger. It happens to have Daddy's name. It described him like this: "Travis is a toothless, scrawny, old tiger." HA

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A Baby Messing With a Telemarketer

Last week Grandma Spiehs called and said, "Alissa I have an emergency! Emerson isn't doing well." He's doing slightly better now. Still, he hit a major rough patch! All surgeries are out right now.

While she was trying to talk to me Isaak was in the background having a temper tantrum! He was crying and yelling, "I want to talk on the phone!" Only over and over again! I was doing my best to stay calm. I wanted to cry and scream too! Isaak doesn't understand what an emergency is!

When Isaak was two...

he decided that he wanted to talk on the phone. Only this time it wasn't an emergency! Some telemarketer called. I was talking to them. Then after Isaak begged, I gave in. The phone was handed over to Isaak. He said, "Hi! I Isaak Jaxon Apel! No I not my Mommy! I Isaak Jaxon Apel!" His voice kept getting more and more persistent. I was laughing so hard!

I just saw this video that reminded me of Isaak and the telemarketer. Only this child is younger then he was.
<a href='' target='_new' title='Baby Messes With Telemarketer'>Video: Baby Messes With Telemarketer</a>


Mica loves puzzles! I do to. I don't have time for them though. :( Maybe I should make time for them. They may help with my brain and preventing Alzheimer's disease. Maybe it's just crossword puzzles that help with that. I make crossword puzzle's for my students exams, does that count? :)

Piczzle is a company where you can add your own photo to a puzzle. This would be so cool to give to Mica for Christmas. The only trouble with puzzles in general is that they go from 100 pieces to 500. That's a big jump. I think he may be ready for the 500. If he gets frustrated, I can help him!

New Age Mama is giving away one puzzle from Piczzle. If I win I think I'll add what I've been working on. Our Christmas card! It's not done just yet, but it's close. I kind of stopped working on it to get other things done. Here it is so far:

Of course, now Isaak has different hair. One can't win. I just have to put the boy's picture in again. See Mica's head, I was kind of sloppy when I put them in. I also have to decide what in the heck to put on the back. So much is new this year. Do I want it wordy, or not? Do I want the wording to go with the train/candy theme? I can't decide.

Get into Reading

Mica's always gotten really into books. I'm so glad. I've been able to read to him EARLY on. I remember when he was in the hospital at 7 months for his staph infection. He was so little. He would just sit on my lap and let me read a story over and over again. Reading was one of the only things that would keep him still.

 Mica pretending to be the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk by Barefoot Books.

Isaak gets into books to, but it was a little later before he was interested. Now he gets giddy when I pull out his favorites to read to him.

One thing I love is CD books! Not for everyday, but for trips!

This is a book I'd love to win from New Age Mama! It too is a CD book!

Super Sorting Pie

I could see Isaak liking this toy by Learning Resources:

Why is is that some kids like to pack {to go no where} and sort things out? I'm not sure exactly. This toy is cool because it teaches kids about color, being healthy in a fun way, math and enhances hand eye coordination.

New Age Mama is hosting a giveaway for one winner to get a Super Sorting Pie.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Family Night

Last night was family night at Mica's school.

The night consisted of:
  • Pizza
  • Story Time
  • A talk about counseling/spending time with your kids
  • Reading/library
  • Fun learning games online (which I'll be sharing in a different post)
We sat down to eat pizza at Mica's usual lunch table. Guess who sits next to us? The girl Mica likes, Kammy. It was interesting to see/hear Mica try and impress this girl. He counted to 100, showed off and was silly. Kammy batted her eyelashes and shot Mica a few smiles. Then Kammy's mom talked with me about Mica liking Kammy. I said, "Yes we've had a few talks about that. We're trying to down play the whole thing. We keep enforcing that she's a friend." Kammy's mom didn't seem concerned.

Then all the kids were called over for story time. Isaak walked over with Mica and sat on the ground to listen to a story. I was a little worried about leaving Isaak there. Daddy told me he'd be fine. He did seem happy to sit with Mica and listen to stories.

We went to listen to the school counselor talk. After about 15 minutes someone brought Isaak to us. His little lip was quivering. :( I felt so bad for him! He probably thought we left the school without him! Then I was wondering how he interrupted the story time! Did he create a HUGE scene?

We went to two other events. Then it was time to meet back up with Mica for the book swap.

It was fun watching kids run around in search for the books they wanted.

On our way home I asked Mica, "So did Isaak interrupt story time?"

Mica said, "Ya! He really embarrassed me! Everyone was looking over at us!"

Daddy said, "Well...what did you do Mica?"

Mica said, "I told him to shhhh!!!"

Daddy said, "Well maybe next time something like that happens, you should give him a hug and say, 'It's ok Isaak. I'm here.'"

Mica said, "Ya I just wanted him to be quiet."

Mica's never had too much empathy for his brother. :( I've heard he does at school with other students, but lacks this quality for his brother. Not all siblings have this protective nature. Mica and Isaak are more like ruff housing brothers. They do play well sometimes. Isaak's more sensitive then Mica is. If Isaak was the older one, I think he'd have this protective quality. They are just so different.

Tea Collection

My Wee View hosting a giveaway for one reader to win a $100 GC to Tea Collection! I love this site! It is expensive, but I love almost everything there. Even some of the woman's clothing I like!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WW - More Halloween Photos {Linky}

Isaak the Dino:

Mica as Indiana Jones:

Isaak was also Little Jack Horner for preschool:

His shirt looks funny, but it's the best photo of him I could get. He went to school with a pie to.

If you have a moment, enter my low entry here.

New Haircut

Here's Isaak's new hair cut! He looks like Mica now. The photo is a little bury, but little man was on the move! Below is before and after shots.

Daddy zipped off Isaak's hair on Sunday night. We asked him many times over the weekend if he really wanted it cut. He kept saying, "I want my hair to be little. I want my hair to look like a baby's hair." Off his hair went! Mommy cried. Not really. It's just hair. Isaak was all smiles when he saw the hair falling to the ground, and was even more smiles when he saw himself in the mirror.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Rant on Cashiers

I went on a quick stop into a craft shop today. I went and got the Christmas item for Mica right away. It took me literally 3 min. to get what I needed.

I waited in line for 12 min. They only had one cashier, a line full of people, it was lunch time and no back up help. I understand, the economy is tough. They probably can't hire extra help.

What I can't understand is the question from the cashier, "Do you have a rewards card with us?" Shopper, "No." Cashier, "Oh well if you get one, you can save 10% today!" Shopper, "Sure!" :) People are waiting in the line that need to go back to work! We all grumbled! :( During rush times, do they really have to ask this question?!?! I think it's annoying that most stores are doing the whole rewards card bit. Who really needs to have yet another card in their purse/wallet? They really should skip the card and put your info into their system. Some of them do that, but still give you a card.

As John Stossel used to say, "GIVE ME A BREAK!" I really didn't know if I should wait, or walk?!?! I had to get back to work. I made it back, but it was a close call.

On the bright side, I got a Melissa and Doug magic set that is usually $20, half off! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We were at Costco today and I spotted this cool outfit that I got for both the boys. It came with the jeans, flannel and vest.

Tropical Traditions Organic Lip Moisturizers Review and Giveaway

Tropical Traditions sent me Organic Lip Moisturizers.  I thought it was a perfect product to try out this time of year! I didn't expect to get more then one. They sent me five different scents.

If you are anything like me, you're probably wondering how these lip moisturizers are different then many others out there on the market? 

All of the Lip Moisturizers are made with Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Virgin Palm Oil and Organic Beeswax. It is important that all the ingredients can be edible and are organic. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil has been independent laboratory tested. The tests show higher level of antioxidants than other coconut oils. Organic Virgin Palm Oil contain high levels of Vitamin E and rich in natural carotenes. 

These hand-made lip moisturizers contain no alcohols, no artificial fragrances and no petroleum products. 


Tea Tree


They only use high quality organic essential oils. They are distilled with a low temperature and low pressure over an extended period of time. This method has been proven to be the most effective of obtaining all of the essential constituents from the plant and provide their products with quality fragrances. 

What I Thought:

The boys and I loved the different scents! I like how I can smell the scent, but I don't feel like licking it off. It's great knowing that I'm putting something safe on my boys and my lips! Mica and I especially are mouth breathers. We have major lip issues in the fall/winter time. I'm happy to continue to try these out!


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