Friday, September 7, 2018

Random Tid Bits

  1. We've been busy! We had family over for August and September birthdays on Saturday. Including us that's 11 adults and 6 kids. 

  2. My youngest nephew Edison (4) had a flower that he handed off to my sister Terra.

    Edison said, "Here Mommy is a flower I picked for you."

    Terra asked, "Where did you get this?"

    Edison said, "In Travis' backyard."

    Terra said, "You can't pick other people's flowers honey."

    Edison said, "I go put it back!" He started to leave to go put the flower back in the yard. We were all laughing.

    Terra said, "Edison you can't put flowers back. Just don't pick them ok..."

    Edison said, "Ok." Then we found out Isaak picked it for Edison to give to Terra.

  3. Isaak took a small bowl full of my Grandma's rings out of my Grandpa's house. At the party my Aunt Becky went through the rings, and had Isaak pick 2 out to keep. He'll get more if no one wants them. 

  4. The Costume Jewelry Saga: Who knew costume jewelry would mean so much to my 10 yr old Isaak. I said, “Put the two rings somewhere special.”

    He put them on his desk, and a cousin picked Isaak’s favorite ring up.

    Later on Isaak was crying over a missing ring. He was sad he didn’t put it somewhere more special. I suggested he call his cousins to find out if one of them also has a love for bling. One did. Travis drove Isaak to get his ring back, so all is well in his world again.

  5. I found out one of my student's is my third cousins, once removed. My Mom kept insisting that I was related to one of my students. Both my parents kept asking, "Did you find out who you're related to?" I didn't much care, as the relation is so far out. Once I told him, I asked him his Mom's name. I facebook stocked her. She had an adoption frame on an older profile. In the books I'm related to him, but blood wise she's adopted. I'm not related to him at all. I find close relatives if they are adopted - they are family. My oldest sister is adopted. Far off relatives - if they are adopted are they really considered family anymore? On the books they are, but they aren't blood wise.

  6. We got together with some friends. One was the little boy Mica's age that had a tumor removed out of his brain two days ago. We brought them a bag of homemade cookies, and 2 lasagnas they could put in the freezer. He's been transferred out of the PICU. He's in a lot of pain understandably. The tumor was sent in for tests. His doctor gave him a photo of his brain with the mass. He didn't want it, but his mom kept it. As would I. I'm hoping he recovers fully! That has to hurt so bad!


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