Friday, January 20, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. If you haven't seen this movie do: I Am Big Bird

  2. I've watched it twice. It was that good. Yes it's about the guy that played Big Bird. I just love the creativity of his. A few things I learned, while watching it: 1. Big Bird almost went to space. Luckily they ran out of room on that space ship. It was the Challenger that blew up when I was in 3rd grade. 2. Caroll Spinney was great friends with Jim Henson. There's a lot more, but I don't want to give the movie away.

    It's creative, sad, happy, feel good kind of movie.

  3. I have 1 student that didn't show up all the first week of his classes. I mentioned something to administration and they said, "Ya he has a lot on his plate right now. He'll be in tomorrow." That tomorrow was said for 3 days. I hate when they tell you a student has a lot on their plate, but they don't say what. It's a small school. We all know each other. They get all secret like with some things, and totally not with others. It's so strange.

    There's been times where I've had a lot on my plate, and my sister that has 4 kids - 1 being special needs still shows up. I'd have more empathy if I knew why his plate is so full.  I think anyone would.

  4. I really can't wait for sunnier weather. I hate going home, and not being able to take photos because it's dark right after I get there. It makes reviewing products, or taking photos of my kids hard. 

  5. We had "Memories With Mom" this morning. Maybe it's called, "Doughnuts With Mom". Anyhow we played UNO, and Isaak won twice. Mica kept saying, "He cheated!" I don't know how you could really cheat in UNO. Someone was a little bitter about his brother winning.

  6. My kids are so different. Mica could navigate through a maze like Travis. Isaak could get lost going straight like me. We were at Khol's - having Mica try on shirts. Isaak had to go to the bathroom. I said, "Just go straight. I'll stand right here in the hallway between you both." I saw 2 store clerks directing my crying son down the straight hallway. He was seriously going to turn to go the left instead of straight. Mica was doing the typical big brother thing by laughing at him. I have to admit it was sort of funny, but not. Have you ever gotten lost in a store when you were little? 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Time I Failed as a Mom

...maybe I didn't fail. I really don't think I failed.

We were visiting a museum, and there were these big foam pieces. The boys were fighting with them. I'm like, "Well that's not what they are for, but it's the most fun they've had all day." Travis and I let them do it.

Bad Mom! – Possibly! I don't think so.

I have to say I grew up with sisters. I've learned that wrestling is how boys play.

I read a book called, Raising Cain. It's a great read by the way! I'm not the type that reads lots of literature, and follows the literature to raise my children. This book was recommended to me by someone that bought a sculpture from Travis. We connected, so I gave the book a try.

Raising Cain is all about raising boys. It's written by two Ph.D's. The funny thing is, when they interviewed boys in their office, the office below wondered what they did in there. They weren't quite! They let them wrestle, build with Legos, jump up and down on the floor and couch, and they made sound effects. They knew that boys love tools, and how wrestling isn't fighting to them. They also knew that for boys to express themselves they have to be active, while doing it. So many boys are unable to tell anyone how they feel because parents/teachers and so on are always telling them to, "Stop!", "Knock it off!", "Quit making noise!" and so on.

I'm not saying that I never say those things. I do.

The boys had enough of those key words above that day that we went to the museum. It's icy and cold outside. They can't do much running around/noise making that they like to do.

Travis has handed Mica boxing gloves, and Isaak Hulk Smash gloves to battle it out in the cold outside. That only lasts so long's cold.

When we were at the museum and they saw the opportunity to fight with big foam pieces. We didn't stop them. They weren't near any other kids.

It was the most fun they had all day!

Isaak had to go to the bathroom. Travis took him away, while I stood by to make sure nothing happened to Mica. Mica quickly went to a computer screen to see what another little kid was doing.

Another boy came up after mine were gone and treated one of the foam pieces like a weapon. His Mom said, "No No honey. You can't play with those like that! You know better." I was sitting there all guilty like!

No blood, no problem – right?

Are my boys disrespectful? If anyone would have asked them to stop fighting with the foam pieces they would have!

Ask any teacher and they'll tell you they are great kids. Isaak has the gift of gab at times. He's creative and smart. Mica has great conferences. In fact sometimes I wish they'd find more wrong with him, so we could have stuff to work on. They both help cook, clean, take out the trash, bring up laundry without too many complaints.

When I find paper airplanes, and piles of Legos on the floor I don't complain. That means they are creating. If the pile of Legos gets out of hand where it migrates to their dressers, when I ask, they'll pick them up.

What I've Learned Through Having Boys:

1. Boys like to destroy things.

2. Boys need men and women to look up to.

3. Boys make sound effects much of the time. They can be pretty loud.

4. Little boys (Isaak) can be hoarders.

5. No matter if you get into weapons or not, they will make weapons out of things.

6. They make toys. Yep boxes and paper towel rolls are toys. Hand these throw away items over to boys, and they'll find something to do with them.

Monday, January 16, 2017

WW: Faces {Linky}

*It looks like I put this up a day early on accident. This ice storm has me all mixed up on my days. Oh well. It's staying up. 

This weekend we went on a field trip to Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum - also known as SAC Museum. 
It was pretty fun. I took a lot of photos, and you can see more on the post before this one.

Boys in a face:

A face in a propeller:

Have you ever wanted to fly a plane?

Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum @SACAMuseum

This weekend we went on a field trip to Strategic Air Command & Aerospace Museum - also known as SAC Museum. 

I thought it was funny that Mica begged to stay home to play on his Kindle. Then when we got there he begged to go in the little kid area to play. He's a tween that can't decide if he wants to be a teen, or a child still. I told him that he has a lot of time to play on his Kindle on other days.

The museum isn't too far from our house. It's a 30 minute drive from where we live at in Omaha.

They have a lot of outdoor things to see:

This photo cracked me up. There's always one photo in a bunch of photos that I've taken where Travis looks like a creeper. The boys thought it was funny as well.

The entryway: 

They have planes, helicopters and more that hang from the ceiling.

We went to see an indoor air show, but just walking around the huge planes is so amazing!



This is one that the boys could go in:

This one we could see the insides:

Some planes I could actually fit in my camera. Some are just too big!

A missile:

I have a few more shots I'm using for my WW, so come back towards the end of the day to see them.

Do you like going to museums?

Black Ice, Ice Baby

One good thing about this ice storm that we had is that it didn't knock down power lines around here.

It did however put black ice on sidewalks, parking lots, and side streets.

My front porch:

They canceled classes where I work, but it's one of my office days. I opted to stay home. I'll have to work a bit here to get ready for the next few days. Most of my commute is a main street, which isn't icy. I was more concerned with the hill that goes down to my work, and slipping in the parking lot.

Grocery stores have been packed, since Friday. We didn't NEED anything, but Travis wanted to get a bunch of cabbage to make sauerkraut in his new Fermentation Crock that I got him.

Bakers, which is Kroger to most places was swamped with people. Their carts were stocked with junk food. I said, "Let's go to Family Fare. They won't be so busy." They weren't. I was amazed at the difference. My mom thought it was because Bakers has a better meat selection. I didn't see meat in their carts though. Family Fare was just remodeled, so it would be interesting to know why one grocery store is that's actually more expensive is used more than one that is less. 

Now we have Sauerkraut fermenting. 

The boys are having a Star Wars marathon. 

I'm taking it easy. I got most of my housework done before the ice happened. I just wanted to make sure all I could was taken care of in case our power went out.

How is the weather where you live?

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt Review

Travis and most of his family has back problems. He's had to see Chiropractors and a Physical Therapist for both his back and should. It's best when he sticks with his back exercises.

The hard thing is to remember to not bend with your back. Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt helps remind you of that. It keeps your back straight.

It's nice that this support belt fits into a box, but I think once it's opened the box for most people will get tossed.

It really took only a minute, maybe less time for him to put this on. The material is really breathable! He has tried another type of back support before that has room for an ice pack, or a pack that you can heat up in the microwave. This one is a bit different. Similar to put on though.

I has a velcro in the front. I happened to get him a large. He's a skinny guy, so if you plan on getting one of these you may want to go up a size. It comes in S/M and L/XL. Travis probably could be a medium, but I went to a large because I knew it could be tightened.

As you can see it forces the posture to be upright. If you're like me and tend to slouch this may be great for you to try out. I may be wearing it at work. I tend to sit around a lot.

My husband likes to wear back supports for gardening. He forgets, and starts to bend with his back instead of his knees. 


$45.99, and on sale for $19.99 and on Prime

Do you, or anyone you know have back issues?

Disclaimer: I received Dual Adjustable Lumbar Lower Back Brace and Support Belt to review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers.

Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl Review

I am super excited to share with you Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl.

They Come With 6 Sheets:
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Black
  • Green

9.8" X 9.8"

  • It's meant for clothing. You can add it to shirts, jackets, coats, aprons, skirts, canvas bags and more. Isaak wanted a shirt, so I made a shirt for him.
  • I plan on using it within mixed media art pieces on canvas. I haven't tried this yet, but will show you when it happens. 
Flashy Gold For a Boy:

What does a mom do when a boy loves sparkly, shimmery, shiny gold, and wants it on a shirt? Well I had to make him a shirt. There's no chance I'd find a shirt in the store with flashy gold.

He agreed to a pirate shirt.


If you have a Cricut Cutter that's ideal. The instructions include a Cricut Cutter. I don't have one. It took awhile to cut out the design by hand.

Once the work of cutting it out was done I set out to iron it on. The side with the glossy film is up. Iron especially the pointed cuts.

After it's ironed - let it cool. This doesn't take very long. Peel up the film. That's it! You're finished.

I had no problems with it folding, or wrinkling up. I did place it a little too low on the shirt. Sometimes I have trouble with placement on clothing. 

Isaak loves his new shirt! 

I made it big, so it will fit him in the spring and summer. 

I can't wait to try and use it with my art projects. 


$25.99, but on sale for $17.95! Get it while it's on sale. 

Have you ever worked with vinyl?

Disclaimer: I received Panopliz Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl to review. I wrote this post, and was not influenced at all with an opinion. I only review things that I find interesting, or that would benefit my readers.


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