Saturday, July 2, 2011

Thinking of My Youngest Sister, Brother-in-law and Nephew's

My nephew Emerson's feeding tube came out last night. Hospice came to fix it, but his color hasn't been the same since. He's had 2 apnea spells.

Please let Emerson feel loved and safe.

Please help his Mom, Dad and Brothers feel at peace.

"Hitch your wagon to a star." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Magic Magician Mica

Friday, July 1, 2011

Emerging Artists

Tonight we went to an art opening. We went early because I made chocolate and lemon cakesters and chocolate cake balls.

The boy's were so good! Isaak looked snazzy with his tie on and Mica had on his cool black hat. They both got many compliments. Mica assisted one of the gallery members with getting the food, napkins and cups out. I kept asking if he was in her way? She kept saying that he was in fact helping. I was smart this time and brought a portable DVD player for when they got sick of walking around. They just sat there all nice, ate and watched The Little Engine That Could. It wasn't until the very end that they were ready to leave.
Daddy's the one with dark brown hair.
Daddy constructed the show. There were many artists that submitted work to a program called Emerging Artists. Six were picked. The six artists get a chance to show their work. The audience gets to vote on which one is their favorite. The winner gets to show in their gallery for free, for a duration of time - not sure how long. Daddy helped get the word out with fliers and such, went through their artwork, picked the 6 winners with a small panel of gallery members and helped set their work up. A lot of work was put into this! I'm proud of him for all the time and energy he put into this with successful results. It was really hard to vote! I liked a lot of the artist's work! I made the poster below in one night for him. It was to hang over the ballet box. 

This Morning We Went to Cars 2

I went to pick up cousin's Evan and Elijah. Aunt Angie met us there with cousin Ethan. My one and only niece met us there with a little girl she babysits. We filled up almost a whole row. I'm so glad Aunt Angie was there because the 3 year old's lost interest a bit, and wanted to go potty a few times.

A few mishaps happened. Isaak went to eat some popcorn and bit his finger on accident. He started crying. Then Elijah cried for no apparent reason at all. I went to comfort him by moving him to my lap. Isaak got jealous. I put both of them on my lap. Isaak kept telling Elijah that he had to sit in his own seat and was shuffling his legs to try and move him off. I told Isaak that Elijah had every right to sit on my lap. Boo Isaak!

I enjoyed the movie somewhat. I wasn't a huge fan of the first one, so I'm not a very good judge. Everyone else I talked to about the first one LOVED it! The big boy's enjoyed both 1 and 2, while the little boy's only really liked 1. 2 just went over their head. There is a lot more action and clues in Cars 2. I can see where being only 3 years old, they can get lost in the storyline. If your child is 5 and up they will like Cars 2, it they are under 5 they may lose interest.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Party Emerson

My sweet little nephew Emerson had his first birthday party tonight. We celebrated him being 1 week old. You can read about his condition here.

I brought over Isaak's 1st birthday hat. It was really too big, but we shot photo's anyhow.
Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs got him this cute 1st birthday bib.
It was just close family eating cupcakes, drinking juice and the kids blew on noiseless ;) party toys.

Today Mica Wanted to Look Like One of the Blues Brothers

He doesn't even know who the Blues Brothers even are. But I think he looked like one of them! For the record, I didn't dress him this way, it was all Mica's doing. The glasses are 3D glasses from the movie Bolt. We got them a long while ago.

Image found here

Today I Picked Up Cousin's Evan and Elijah to Slip n' Slide

It started out good! They were going one at a time!

Then it ended like this:

Somewhere in the middle Evan found a worm, and Isaak was fascinated. He kept saying, "Mommy the worm is so cute!" Truth be told, I liked worms when I was little too!

Dinosaur Drawing Wars

Mica drew this:

He crinkled his dinosaur drawing up in a ball and said it was bad. He's only 5 years old. I think it's pretty good for 5! Daddy and I both told him so too!

Daddy drew this for Mica:

Mica told Daddy that his drawing was the best thing he has ever experienced besides coming out of Mommy's tummy! Where he got that last part, I do not know!?!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Five Year Old's Emergency!

I got a call from Mica while I was on my lunch break. He said, "Mommy I have an emergency! You see I have no underwear! Grandpa took us for a walk and sprinklers got me all wet. Grandma told me to take off my clothes, and now I have no underwear!"

Mica always had his preschool bag during the school year that had a change of clothing. I never thought to put any in the diaper bag. He's been potty trained for a long time now.

My solution: "Mica tell Grandma to get you a pair of Isaak's underwear." They have practically the same butt size! It's clean. They are boy's. That will work, right?

Oh and for the record Isaak calls underwear, "Hunderwear."

Sweet Baby Feet

My sweet little nephew Emerson's feet. The little hands belong to my nephew's Evan and Elijah.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

My sister Terra and Brother-in-law Tyson's rings look pretty big on his tiny toes!

"Life is a journey, not a destination."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Who Won the GummyLump Melissa and Doug Toys?

Kelly did! Thank you for entering! Usually I put winners on my giveaway page. I thought this one deserved a special post! YAY for Kelly! Thank you GummyLump for the giveaway!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Cousins

Meet Emerson. My newest nephew was born last Thursday. He weighed 5 pounds 15 ounces.

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson is such a cuddle bug!

I spent some time with Emerson's brother's, my nephew's, my boy's cousin's.

Totally them! Isaak getting ready to throw! Cousin Evan's giggling so hard, he's almost about to fall off his tree stump. Cousin Elijah's not looking at all. Mica's just calmly laughing at the whole scene.
There's the shot I worked so hard for.

Elijah cracked me up in this one. He's laughing so hard!

Mail Thief

My sister just had a new baby boy on Thursday! Well I've blogged about that already. Today I called to check on her and the baby and found out that their mail was tampered with!

They just put their mail out. A neighbor saw someone messing with their box. I'm not sure if the neighbor called 911, or my sister. They were called, and it was reported.

Now my brother-in-law had to go to the bank to cancel their account. They had to call the 2 places checks were wrote out to to make sure their accounts weren't messed with!

I know it's a no, no to put mail out in your box now a days, but they are pretty home bound with a sick baby and two other kiddo's.

It just makes me disappointed that people would do such a thing! I've had one bill get lost in the mail. Then I've gotten the wrong mail lots of times! I had to write a note to Mr. Mailman because I kept getting the wrong mail. It still was happening, so I made a complaint at the post office. If I was getting the wrong mail, someone could have been getting my mail by accident too! It hasn't happened in a good while!

Try to mail things off at the actual post office, or in a main mail box. A lot of grocery stores have a post office within the grocery store, which is nice! I also mail stuff out through work a lot. I know the mailman comes to pick it up personally. No one's going to mess with it here. I work with a very small company.

Try to do bills online if you can. Some people feel uncomfortable with that. Now a days that might be a safer route. Sites have securities set up. In fact there's been times where I couldn't get into a site because I forgot the password. That's a good thing, but it's hard for me to remember all the passwords. Then they recommend that you change your passwords every so often and have different ones for different accounts. So confusing for me!

Trip to the Park

I haven't had too much time lately to post. On Sunday I went over to hold my new nephew Emerson while my sister Terra ate lunch. Then I took her big boy's and my boy's for a mile walk to a park at Evan's school.

Up front: Mica (he's a runner), In the Middle: Cousin Elijah (he's a runner too), Last: Cousin Evan. Where's Isaak? In the stroller! He's kind of lazy!

Cousin Evan


Cousin Elijah


The 3 year olds, Cousin Elijah and Isaak. Can you tell Elijah ran, while Isaak sat in the stroller? That either makes Isaak lazy or smart.

The 6 year olds, well almost. Mica turns 6 in August. Cousin Evan and Mica. They were being silly!

The 6 year olds, well almost. Mica turns 6 in August. Cousin Evan and Mica.
We had to leave because it started thundering. We walked very fast back to Uncle Tyson and Aunt Terra's house.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Want to Scream!

It's not any one person's fault. I just want to scream. Scream because things just are not going right.
I've been so preoccupied that I didn't even know that this happened today! I'm not going over it. It's just that it has to do with the flooding going on. The problem is getting worse.

Guess what? It's raining! Like cats and dogs! My allergies are going crazy like! Mica is now afraid of storms. Whenever it storms he tosses and turns in bed.

I took my boys and cousins Evan and Elijah out for a walk just to get them out of the house. We're a mile away and I heard thunder. Not really what you want to hear when you have 4 small boy's with ya. I started fast walking with the stroller and saying, "Run, run as fast as you can! You can't catch me because I'm Lissy Ann!" Lissy is my nickname by the way! I also made up all kinds of crazy songs that made Evan giggle. 

Isaak wouldn't nap all weekend! He keeps pretending to be what he calls, "The Bad Guy!" I've pulled him aside countless times to tell him that I want him to be Momma's "Good Guy!"

I can't focus to get one single thing done.

This sweet little baby Emerson has me worried:

I think I can say that everyone in our family is lacking on sleep because they are worried about Emerson and my sister's family. Emerson is sweet, cuddly and cute! He is also on O2 and a feeding tube. I just want everything to be ok, and I know it won't be. We're all taking turns to help out. I sometimes feel like I'm not doing enough. I took Evan and Elijah in a night and a day while they were in the hospital, I held the baby so my sister could eat lunch today and I took the bigger boy's for a long walk. Then Daddy spent time there last night. But my parents and my older sister have been there much more then I. That's why I feel like I'm not doing enough. They tell me not to come. I have my own two crazy kids! Like the one that won't nap! It's just so hard.

I remember what it was like having a sick baby or two. With my babies they got better, but at the time I didn't know if they would. One of my sister's was out of town when Isaak had meningitis and Grandma Spiehs was really sick! The doctors were stumped with Mica's staph infection and Isaak's meningitis (weather it was bacterial or viral). We got up in the middle of the night to mess with IV antibiotics. Many steps involved. I pumped, breastfed. It was a lot. Especially when Mica had his staph infection and was allergic to his antibiotics! Talk about scared! I was freaking out! 

I love my family. Especially in times that are hard!


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