Friday, March 4, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. The kids have Spring Break next week. It seems crazy because it's not spring yet. 

  2. I told the kids that this weekend we're going to work on a lesson plan form for the week they are off. It will include: A theme every day for them to write a story, draw a picture or 2, a cleaning task, flashcards, a building activity and once they are all done with that stuff they get to watch a movie, or have Kindle time. 

  3. We went to see Kung Fu Panda last week. Did you know that if you hit up theaters on a Sunday morning it's $5 to get into a flick? I'm not going to be a spoiler with the movie just in case you haven't seen it. I will say that we liked it a lot. I don't agree that it's better than the other 2. We laughed the most on the first one. The second one was more serious, and dark, but important. This one is great to. They're all fun in my opinion. 

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  5. I made dinner a few nights this week. We're talking gigantic meals, where we'd have lunches carry into the next day. That's not unusual for me, but I often time get help. One night I was majorly off. I was making Stir Fry, I had the sauce prepared, and dropped it. The glass measuring cup broke all over, and the sauce was everywhere. It was not fun cleaning that up! This is the 2nd time I've dropped, and broke my 1 cup measuring cup. Do you have times where you drop things a lot?

  6. My Dad has a Stress Test next week on his heart. I hope they find something out for his sake.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mica's 4th Grade Conferences

We had some time to spare between the boy's conferences. Isaak's teacher said, "We didn't plan that very well." I said, "We purposely did that because last year we thought we spaced them out, and they overlapped. The boys played Minecraft in the hallway on their Kindles.

There was a Scholastic Book Fair going on, but I didn't want Mica and I touching books to possibly get others infected with Strep Throat. I let them get a quick look, and wrote down names of books they liked to check out at our library. We have so many books, we really don't need any more.

Dr Seuss My Many Colored Days at School
They wanted to wear as many colors as they could. Mica said, "YES I can finally dress how I want!" Picking out clothes isn't his strong suit.

Mica's conferences were second.

He's doing well in everything. I guess a lot of kids are struggling with math in his class. That's Mica's hardest subject, but he still does well with it. 

One thing I like about Mica's teacher is that she lays it all out there. I do to. 

I said, "Ok so you and I know Mica's doing well in school. The things that I want him to work on (he needs to do this) is asking more questions for help, pushing himself to move above and beyond with extra things like school clubs." 

His teacher agrees. I told her I knew nothing about:
  • Trying out for a string instrument
  • A reading competition for challenged students
  • A robotics club
  • The spelling bee
He thought as soon as he got into Student Council that, that's the only extra thing he needed to do. The lemur science thing that he did was a perk in his mind. 

It highly annoys Mica's teacher that he is too proud to ask for help. I mentioned that he's a bit cocky. She doesn't think so. She thinks that Mica doesn't want to ask for help because there are a lot of other kids in the classroom that need a lot more help than he does. She thinks he sees it as steeling from the kids that need assistance. Which that's a better way to look at than my way. 

She does ask him to help others when he's done with his work. She said, "If that's a problem than I'll lay off." I said, "Absolutely not. He needs to help others. Please do use him." 

Really a lot of what I talked to Mica's teacher about is on him. He has to ask questions, and apply for extras outside the typical classroom! I just want him to push himself. He tends to be comfortable where he's at. I told Mica school is a lot like Spider-Man: With great power comes great responsibility!

He did sign up for the Chess Club yesterday. - Yay

We did visit the girl that works with the boys in regards to challenging them. They got put into that program when they were fairly young, and we try to visit that teacher every conference. Since Mica was right there I laid it all on the table. Everything I discussed with his teacher was brought up to this girl. Mica looked embarrassed. I said, "Mica I'm not disappointed in your grades. You are getting all A's. I just want you to push yourself to do other things." His gifted teacher agreed with me. She said, "The books for the reading competition have been in the library all year." Mica said, "I couldn't find them." I said, "It comes back to the fact that you don't ask for help. The librarian would have helped you. I would have checked them out for you, had you provided me with a list." Now all of Mica's teachers know that yes school comes easy to Mica, but that he needs to push himself up a notch. 

As soon as elementary hit I hoped Mica wouldn't get bored in school. He seems to like it. He has an August birthday, and we sent him to school when he was 6. The right thing to do. BUT he does well with just about everything, and doesn't push himself out of his comfort zone. For once I'd like him to try something that's hard, and possibly fail. It's ok to fail if you try really hard at something. The fact that one can try again to get better and better is a great feeling when you've worked so hard at it. 

Isaak's 2nd Grade Conferences

Last week when Travis was away in Chicago it was my turn to get Strep Throat. I was so lucky that my doctor prescribed me with antibiotics without going in, and on Wednesday when I got it my student had a job shadow, so my class was away - yay! 

I took Thursday off. A rare thing for me. While I would have loved to lay around, watch movies, and fall asleep I couldn't. I had both boys bouncing all energetic like around me. Yep - they were off school. Isaak was starting to feel better from his Strep Throat. Mica never got it. Timing wise I think Mica and Travis got to skip having Strep Throat this time. 

I had conferences for both boys Thursday night. The thought occurred to me to call to skip them. Both boys have all A's. But...I had things I wanted to talk to the teachers about. It was just me, so I couldn't send Travis to them. I had been taking antibiotics long enough that I was past the contagious stage. 

Cat in the "Hat" Day at School
They could wear any hat. The boys picked the sombreros. Isaak would not hold still, so he's a little blurry. Mica just looks like a freak with those crazy eyes. That kind of adds to the craziness of the photo though.

Isaak's conferences were first.

He's doing well in everything. The only area that he struggles with is reading comprehension. We're supposed to have him read books, and ask questions afterwards. The crazy thing is that his vocabulary, and his reading level are both high. 

Isaak still doesn't love to read. He rarely picks up a book on his own accord. He did recently finish a 328 page book. That was because he was A. Sick and B. Influenced by his teacher. His teacher told the whole class that if they could read a big book, they could put marbles in their classroom jar. Isaak's always done well with positive reinforcement, so he was all about that marble jar. When their marble jar is full they get some kind of classroom party. 

I talked to Isaak's teacher about how Isaak will get a spelling word right, then 2 weeks later ask how to spell that same word. She says they all do that. The spelling words are repeated throughout the year. 

She likes to write and tell stories. He uses big words when he writes. It's fun having Isaak read his stories because all those words that were spelled wrong make perfect sense. 

Isaak has good handwriting for a 2nd grader boy. 

His teacher did say that Isaak is never super excited about things. I said, "That's because he thinks of school like it's his job. That's coming from him, not me." I'm kind of glad he took on that way of thinking when it comes to school. It is his job. He likes school, so that's what matters. 

We did visit the girl that works with the boys in regards to challenging them. They got put into that program when they were fairly young, and we try to visit that teacher every conference. I mainly talked about Mica, who I have more problems with (that will be the next post). Isaak sat there and said, "Can we talk about me now?" We all had a chuckle. Where Isaak's at in school he's doing great! He's a messy, collage artist that likes to put things together, and enjoys pop-up things, and loves to write stories.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

WW: Blocking it Out {Linky}

This is Mica when he watches Ghostbusters. The scene where the books fly off the walls.

This is Isaak during the Goosebumps movie. He was like this off and on throughout the whole thing. Then he was scared to go to bed for a few nights. He's even read some of the books. 

What movie(s) scared you when you were little? For me it was the 1978 movie - Foul Play. It had Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, and Dudley Moore to name a few in it. Those weren't the people I was afraid of though. I was afraid of this guy:

My mom was so mad that my Dad let me watch this when I was 4. She was a night nurse, so she wasn't around when we watched it. "The White Man" terrified me for nights. It's pretty funny that Goldie Hawn was in a library scene with him. Mica was afraid of the library scene in Ghostbusters, and I'm thinking there were book scenes in Goosebumps - had I paid attention I'd know for sure.

Anyhow my Dad took it as far as getting under my bed, and he jumped out at me laughing. He's a character! My kids should be so happy they have drawers under their beds because I'm a lot like my Dad. I find humor in scaring people. 


Monday, February 29, 2016

Leader Accessories 19-29 lbs Compound Bow 14

The Easter Bunny has a little something special he's bringing Mica this year. He's been wanting a bow and arrow set for quite some time. Mica is getting a Leader Accessories 19-29 lbs Compound Bow 14! He's going to be so excited. 

Travis tested the bow and arrows out. He had so much fun with it.

It comes with: 

  • 2 Fiberglass Arrows
  • Arrows Quiver
  • Armguard
  • Finger Tab
The only other thing we wished it came with is a case for the bow after it's all put together.

We weren't expecting to put some of the bow together. Most of it already is put together, but they leave a little bit to put into place. It was a windy day. We recommend installing everything in doors.

The screws that are already in place are aluminum, but the screws we put in to finish the bow off are plastic.

Travis loves how the bow is adjustable!

I like that the arrows are firm, and now flimsy.

We have hay bails in our backyard to shoot. Our backyard is huge, so Mica can shoot back there with supervision. He goes to a summer camp were they practice archery. We can go to his summer camp location any day to practice. It's a park, where they have archery boards set up to use.

Product Description:
  • The Cost: $99.99, but on sale for $54.99
  • Draw Weight: 19 - 29 pounts
  • Draw Length: 2" - 26"
  • Max Speed: 129 FPS
  • Let Off: 65%
  • Axle to Axle: 32"
  • Aluminum Riser
  • Color: Black
Overall we really like this set! I'm so thankful that we have it. It's certainly a step up from a little kid toy. Mica's turning into a little man. It will be great for him to practice his archery skills!

Leader Accessories has a lot of other Sporting Goods Equipment products. All of it looks fun! Check them out on Amazon!

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