Friday, August 19, 2016

Random Tid Bits

  1. We're into the 2nd week of school where I work. So far I feel like I have a pretty good group of 1st year students. They seem super driven.

    Overall the group puts a lot of stress on themselves. They have to take a survey in the beginning of the year to gage their stress level. Many of them tested high for that. I hope they do well. I have noticed that some add more into their projects, which makes them work harder, not smarter. I have them transfer their image to copy a painting (it's a value study). Many insist on drawing it freehand. This class is Color and Design Theory. It's goal is to learn about values right now. They have a separate Drawing class. Freehand drawing takes a lot longer to draw + it's less accurate. Some put on their survey that they were most stressed out about not having money to eat. That's both sad and scary. 

  2. Since Mica's birthday is at the beginning of school he takes treats the first Friday of school. Last year the school decided that they weren't going to have food treats. I spotted at Target's dollar section a lot of positive items. I loved it because so much is negative in the news. Kids need to be motivated, inspired, leaders, and so on. They had pencils, giant paper clips, and bookmarks with this same theme on them:

  3. Mica's newest thing is that he all the sudden wants to be in band. We looked at pawn shops, on Craig's List, and in music stores online. It seemed crazy to spend $45 a month to rent, or $1000 something for a new instrument. Thankfully one of my student's that graduated last year wants to sell her trumpet. It's only been used by her, and it's cheaper than the pawn shop, includes a case, and a cloth to clean it with. I told her I'd give her more money if I got it by Sunday night. 

  4. I have 3 students in my class of 24 that are registered as girls, but look like boys. I've told myself to not refer to the students as any gender, but I catch myself saying, "He" or "She" on accident. 

  5. We're having the end of the summer birthdays this weekend at my house. Another busy weekend in the works. What are you doing this weekend? Any big plans?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to School {Linky}

The boys are heading back to school tomorrow. As parents we're so glad. The boys really like school, and do best with a routine. They had a Meet the Teacher Night last night. They both got the teachers they wanted.

Isaak is big about patterns. So far he's had the opposite teacher than what Mica's had every year. He got the same teacher Mica had in 3rd grade, but we convinced him that the pattern is still in place. That teacher got married, so she has a different last name then when Mica had her. Isaak has 3 great friends in his class.

Mica lost a few friends because one moved on to a magnet school, and another is going to a private school. I reminded him that this may happen. Thankfully he has a few good friends in his 5th grade class. It's his last year at his elementary school. It sucks to grow up at times. Mica said, "I feel like Kevin from The Wonder Years when Winnie went to a different school, and Paul went to a prep school." I feel for him. There's always more room for friends.

The boys look like they are giants. They are in this stage where they are not picture friendly. We brought all their loot on Meet the Teacher night. It was less stuff to worry about taking to school on the first day. Mica donated gel pens, and Isaak donated markers to the whole class.

Mica started what seem like a full time job: Safety Patrol. It's not like when I was a kid: Everyone took turns. Nope! He has to man this post before and after school. I was a little worried about task considering that Isaak would need to be there at a later time. No worries though. Mica's teacher said that Isaak can hang out in the lobby. He will be a teacher's helper, or just have a chance to read before breakfast.

I think the sun was in Mica's eyes when I took this photo.


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