Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Spiehs!

  • She turns 60 today. My Mom, the boy's Grandma is over the hill. LOL
  • But...she's still a hip Grandma.

Is Santa Coming?

  • The first thing Mica asked when he saw the snow was, "Is Santa coming?" My response, "We have to wait for Halloween, then Thanksgiving before we have Christmas".
  • Then he wanted to play in the snow.
  • The boys were pretty fascinated with the snow.
Isaak Looking at the Snow
Isaak Looking at the Snow (Take 2)
Isaak Lovin' the Frost
Isaak Lovin' the Frost (Take 2)
Both Boys Enjoying the View
Mica Ready to Play in the Snow - It's funny that Mica looks fat all bundled up. I assure you he's not.
Mica Happy as a Lark
Both Boys
Daddy Removing Snow off the Car - Notice the leaves covered in snow.
Mica Playing in the Snow

First Snow

  • I fell asleep on the couch, and woke up at 3 AM to the ground covered in white. Now at 6 AM it's even more white.
  • Our first snow in Omaha. I wonder if Kansas City got any snow? It's only 2 1/2 to 3 hours away from here.
  • Daddy thinks we're in for a cold winter; since it was so cool most of the summer.
  • I officially have my first cold of the season. I was hoping it was allergies. That's the reason why I didn't sleep well last night. I woke up, and my mouth was parched.
  • I wonder if I got this cold from Isaak, who I thought was teething, or a student? There has been many students hacking and snotty. My assistant kept spraying our area with Lysol. I actually asked some of them, "Do you need a Kleenex?" It bugs me that they are hacking, snotty, and don't get up to blow their nose!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Strange Child

  • Toddlers do some strange things sometimes!
  • Isaak started shoving his face into the water at bath time. I remember Mica used to do this in his baby pool. He'd just be sitting there, and shove his face into the water over and over again. It would scare me because I thought he could drown.

I'm a Bad Mom Tonight

  • I did a bad thing and snaped at Isaak.
  • I kept moving him away from the dishwasher. He kept pulling silverware out; he was trying to put it in his mouth. Then he'd try and get in the dishwasher. Then of course he'd try and open and close the dishwasher. I kept removing him from the dishwasher.
  • Finally I had enough, I shut the dishwasher, and it came up hitting his nose. He was crying, I didn't know I had hurt him. I just said harshly, "Dang it Isaak, get away from the dishwasher"!
  • Travis consoled him, and I took a time out. Then Daddy yelled for me to come in the living room because Isaak was bleeding. He has a cut under his nose. Snot and blood was running out of his nose.
  • I consoled him, washed him up, and he's better now.
  • He must of forgave me because he wanted kisses after kisses before bed.

Black Eye

  • Daddy came home from the concert with a black eye. Of course it didn't look too bad yesterday, but today it looks worse!
  • You want to know how he got it? LOL
  • Before I tell you how he got it, he said last night that he thought he saw my ex-boyfriend at the concert. This morning when my sister Terra asked what happened, I messed with her by saying that Daddy got in a fight with my ex. Terra looked at us strange. Then I came clean.
  • He was part of the outskirts of a mash pit. He was jumping around like a teenage boy, and someone rammed into him.
  • He said that part of his bone is missing by his eye, so he had to go into Major Minor Medical tonight to get it checked out. He had to get an x-ray, and his eyes checked. He's fine, and has 20/20 vision. His eye bone, whatever it's called will heal soon. :)

Where Are Isaak's Shoes?

  • We were looking all over for one of Isaak's shoes at my sister Terra's house. She had both of my boy's shoes on, so we wouldn't have problems finding them. Then one of Isaak's shoes fell off before we left, and we couldn't find it.
  • We looked under their furniture, blankets and toys. We couldn't find it.
  • Then I said, "Isaak where is your shoe?" He went over to a little tucked away spot, grabbed his little shoe and handed it to us.
  • I think they get more then what we give them credit for.

Mica Wants to Go Too!

  • Mica told Daddy this morning that he wanted to go to the concert that Daddy went to last night.
  • Daddy said it was too loud for Mica, and if Mica would want to ask Daddy a question, he wouldn't be able to hear him.
  • Mica said, "Well I could tell them to stop playing, so that I can ask you a question. Then they can keep playing after I ask the question".
  • It's funny how in a 4 year old's mind, everything revolves around their world.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Poopy Mess!

  • The hard thing about having two kids in diapers around, is when they have an explosion, no one can tell which kid it's coming from right away!
  • I thought it was coming from my nephew Elijah since he wears cloth diapers. It was Isaak's poop! I took off his pants after he ate, so he was running around in his diaper.
  • There was green stuff on the floor that looked like poop.
  • Sure enough, it was. It was indeed a nasty looking diaper! Green and slimy from teething.
  • It was all over his leg and the diaper was packed!
  • I want to thank Aunt Terra for cleaning the floor, while I cleaned Isaak up.


  • We went to celebrate Grandma Spiehs and Uncle Eric's birthday's tonight.
  • Daddy sat out this get together because he went to a concert, KMFDM.
  • It was good seeing Great Grandma and Grandpa Kent. It was a good night for my Grandma. She has Alzheimer's disease and sometimes forgets a lot. But she was joking and having fun tonight.
  • Everyone got to see Isaak for how he is always, fussy at 5:30!
  • We had meatballs and red gravy for dinner, carrot cake for dessert, and presents for Uncle Eric and Grandma Spiehs.
Mica, Cousin Evan and Cousin Elijah Watching TV
Birthday Girl, Grandma Spiehs
Isaak Loving Grandma
Isaak Hangin' With Great Grandpa Kent
Mica Hangin' With Great Grandpa Kent
Mica Loves His Great Grandparents
Grandpa Spiehs and Isaak
The Fam
Birthday Boy, Uncle Eric Hanging Isaak Upside Down
Cousin Kailey Holding Isaak
Isaak Giving Aunt Terra a Kiss

The SinuCleanse® - Outcome

  • I'm excited because yesterday I found out that I won the the SinuCleanse®.
  • I have such bad allergies, so it's a good thing to win.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preschool Field Trip

  • Daddy took Mica to Fontelle Forest for preschool today. This is the first field trip Daddy went on, and the first for the year.
  • They had a dinosaur exhibit for everyone to enjoy.
  • They walked a lot and had loads of fun.
  • Mica was so excited to go on a field trip with all his preschool friends!
  • I do have to say that I'm glad to announce that Mica and my nephew Evan now have a boy friend in the class. Liam is the only other boy.

Pumpkin Patch

  • We did have some fun. I just wish we could of gotten there earlier.
  • Daddy ran around with a scary mask on. Mica kept telling him to take it off. LOL
  • Here are the boys when we first got there.
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins (Close Up)
Mica and Isaak on Pumpkins (Take 3)
  • Here is Isaak waiting with me for my sister Terra to meet up with us. We busted out the winter coat for this event.
Isaak Bundled UpIsaak Bundled Up (Take 2)
  • Mica wanted so badly to go into the scary house, so we did that. He acted scared, but wanted to go again. It wasn't scary at all, but I can see how a kid could be scared.
  • We then found my sister's clan, and went to go spend more money to go on a train ride.
  • It was worth it. We all had fun.
Mica and My Nephew Evan Waiting For the Train
Daddy and Isaak at the Train Station
Isaak and Mommy on the Train
Isaak on the Train
Isaak Playing on a Wooden Train
  • We went to race some cars around a track. Daddy got irritated with me because my leg kept bumping into his while peddling. He thought I was doing that on purpose, but I swear I wasn't.
  • It was fun. Not pictures for this part.
  • Later it was feed the goats time.
  • Isaak thought it was funny when the goats licked his fingers. We went through the goat food fast! We had to use the hand sanitizer afterward. Although that goat probably had a cleaner mouth then any human.
A Goat Being Cute
Isaak Feeding a Goat
Mica and a Goat
The Boys Feeding a Goat
  • Then the night came to an end.

Not on the Right Foot

  • Last night didn't start off on the right foot last. My sister Terra called asking where we were at, why were we not at the pumpkin patch? I didn't know we had a time limit. I guess we had to be there before 6 to eat. Well that wasn't happening. I get off work at 5, then I had to go home to change, Isaak's needy, and then it takes 30 min. to get out there. roasting anything for us. We stoped at McDonalds! :(
  • Then when we got there we couldn't find my sister's family to meet up. We were looking for her, got sick of waiting, went to go do something, then she was looking for us. It was one of those kind of nights.

Sick or Teething?

  • Pure usual I don't know if Isaak is cutting teeth or sick. He's been really needy, snotty and has waken up in the middle of the night a lot.
  • Daddy said that he woke up 4 times last night, and I slept through it all! I get up with him a lot of the time, but I just happened to be sawing logs so hard that I didn't wake up.
  • I'm so glad Isaak usually sleeps through the night, unless something is wrong with him.

Midterm Week

  • Since it's been midterm week, I've been very busy!
  • I graded 53 exams today, and 106 art projects. Yesterday I listened to presentations over a campaign on a local store. I'm pretty beat.
  • I just keep reminding myself that it's almost over for awhile.

3 Chicks Puzzle Giveaway

  • One of my favorite sites Go Graham Go is having a giveaway for a 3 Chicks Puzzle.
  • Mica loves puzzles, so naturally I'm interested! I went to the site that makes the 3 Chicks Puzzle and I found other stuff on Imagi Play that I loved!
  • I really liked their dino puzzles. They are so great!
  • Enter at Go Graham Go to win!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Golden Books

  • We went to Borders today. I had the special 30% off books for the Teacher's Appreciation Week. Sometimes some of the workers have a problem giving the discount to college instructors, even though they give my school fliers about the event. I teach roughly 53 students in 2 classes, so I totally feel I deserve the perk.
  • I got Mica 2 Golden Books. Poky Little Puppy and Tootle is what we picked since he's watched little films on You Tube with these characters. He loved them and wanted me to read them a few times today.

Just a Punk

Another Nose Picker?

  • Isaak's found his nose.
  • I hope he's not following in his brother's footsteps with this.
  • At least I haven't seen either of them eating their own boogers.

Fighting and Making Up

  • This is what the boys look like sometimes.
  • Here Mica is trying to get Isaak to pose for a photo. He's a mini parent. Isaak wouldn't cooperate. It looks like Mica is strangling Isaak, but he's not, and I broke them up in no time.
The next day, and they are hugging and kissing each other. LOL


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