Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hey Jude

  • I remember one time Mica was with me in Card Factory Outlet. He started belting out a Beatles song. At first I was a little embarrassed, but then I decided that him singing was so much better then him screaming or crying like other kids do.
  • A lady walked by and smiled.
  • When I saw this video clip that one of my students posted, it made me think of my little Mica.

Layla Grace Giveaway

  • My Wee View is giving a $100 giveaway from Layla Grace.
  • They have a lot of cute girl things!
  • There is also a lot of bedding and rug selection.
  • I happened to like their backpacks and hats.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our Little Cowboy

  • Isaak in some dress up clothes. He makes a pretty cute cow boy!
  • He wanted to wear Mica's rain boots all evening. We let him take off his orthopedic boots to put the rain boots on, but it didn't work out too well. The boots kept falling off since they are so big.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

  • Mica said, "Come take our picture!"
  • We came into the living room, and Mica had Isaak on his lap.
  • Very much a contrast to yesterday when Mica shut Isaak out of his room!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Off With Your Door!

  • We had a bad night! Mica slammed his bedroom door, and Isaak's fingers were in it.
  • Daddy removed Mica's door off the hinges. We've warned him a few times not to slam his door, and that it can be dangerous. Mica gets a little too over protective of his bedroom.
  • first I thought it was going to be another hospital run. Isaak's fingers were cut, and squashed. A Mother and Father's fear! His fingers popped back into place.
  • Now we have an upset toddler that's cutting teeth and has cut fingers! He cried for a half hour. :( I held him and sang to him.
  • Mica doesn't seem to feel sorry for people when bad things happen. He just says, "Sorry" really fast and splits. We've talked to him about this, but it doesn't seem to stick. You know how some people naturally have sympathy for others, while others don't? Mica's one of those that doesn't. We're trying to work with him on this.
  • When I've gotten after Mica, and he knows I'm upset with him, he has cried. He doesn't like it when he knows I'm upset. It's not like he doesn't care at all. He's just careless when he hurts someone else. He doesn't hurt people on purpose, but when things happen on accident, Mica doesn't get that you should have empathy for them.
  • I hope Isaak's fingers will be ok. He wasn't bleeding, but I'm sure they will bruise and he'll be in pain for awhile. :(
  • We haven't talked about when Mica will get his door back.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Kids Eat Sand!

  • I wanted to fill the sandbox this year, but whenever our boys play at Aunt Terra's house I hear, "Isaak ate some sand!" and "Mica dumped sand over his head".
  • Now Mica's old enough to know better. He too used to be a sand eater. He may even be digesting it when he dumped it over his head.
  • As far as Isaak goes, you'd think he'd get a taste of it and realize that it's disgusting to eat.
  • I think we'll hold off on a sandbox once again.


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I Have a Title

  • A few weeks ago I called Honda because the title I got in the mail had Daddy's middle initial on it wrong. They said that it must of been our County Treasures fault because it was right on their paper work.
  • On my day off, I went over to the DMV with Daddy's license as proof that, his name was wrong on their copy of the title. They said that they'd need to look into the matter to see if we signed something on the original paper work wrong. They were going to call us when they knew what the result was. If it was our fault we would of owed $10. I should of just paid the $10 if I knew what a pain in the butt this whole thing was going to be.
  • I had to call them because they never called me. It was hard to get the right person that knew what was going on. They said to wait to come in because their office was really busy.
  • I waited a week, and went in today. I know Monday's are not the best day to go into the DMV, but I don't teach today. I'd hate going in when I'd have class only to find out I'd be late back to work.
  • There was a line, but I got through. Of course the lady at the desk seemed clueless to my problem. She had to ask for someone's help. It got straightened out. I now have a title that has Daddy's middle initial right!
  • Side note: There was a four year old behind me that was sucking her thumb and carrying a dirty blanket. She proceeded to lay on the floor when her mom was up at the counter. I wanted to toss my cookies. I carried a blanket and sucked my fingers, but my mom didn't let us out of the house with our washed blankets at that age. Nor did she or I ever let our kids lay down on a dirty floor where people walk. YUCK!

Another Chance to Help Your Allergies

  • I'm really excited to share information about the chance to win some products to help reduce your allergies!
  • Here are some of my allergy tips:
  1. Take showers at night, so you don't bring pollen into bed with you.
  2. Wash your pillow case with every load of laundry.
  3. A sinus cleanse is great. It's not the most fun, but washing out the sinuses will make you feel better.
  4. Have no indoor plants, or only ones that like very little water. Mold can sit in pots, making allergies worse.
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A Giveaway to Help Allergies

  • I've had allergies literally my whole life. My parents had to give up their two dogs because I kept getting sick when I was a child. So much for having pets to strengthen your child's immunity to allergies! My mom also nursed me. That's supposed to help allergies as well. Some of it is just genetic. My father has them pretty bad, so I get my allergies from him.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Tee Ball

  • Mica had his first Tee Ball practice today. He ducked his head when I threw him the ball to catch. When I told him to not move his head, he caught a few.
  • There was one kid on the team that cried most of the time. I'm glad that wasn't us, but could be down the road because practices are smack dab in the middle of Isaak's nap time. Of course Daddy works the weekends, so it's just me. Both boys were great this time!
  • Mica got a little distracted from the train going down the tracks behind the ball field. He loves trains!
  • When Mica was up to bat he hit the ball pretty far. Then helmet went over his face, so he couldn't see to run very well. Then he ran from first to the middle of second and third base LOL.
  • Isaak looked like he was benched LOL.


  • I told Mica to pick out a book to read before he had his first Tee Ball practice.
  • He picked out a Curious George book. I was about to go read it to him, and heard Mica saying, "Ok Isaak, come sit up here with me. I'm going to read you a book." Of course Mica doesn't know how to read, but he's a great at memorizing! Isaak wouldn't stay put for Mica's story.
  • I thought it was very thoughtful of Mica.

New Sunglasses

  • We went to Toys R Us to get our nephew Evan a birthday present. While we were there we picked up sunglasses for the boys.
  • Mica and Isaak got a pair of sunglasses at a birthday party they went to, but Mica picked a pair that were orange. All fine and dandy, except for the fact that they have huge pink flowers on the sides of them. Isaak's were tight, and he had a hard time getting them on.
  • This time Mica got yellow rimmed Bat Man glasses, and Isaak got red rimmed Thomas glasses. Now they are styling!


  • I actually like taking the boys to Burger King over McDonalds.
  • Why you might ask? Because they get to be kings during our meal.


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