Tuesday, February 9, 2021

WW: Pantone Cabbage {Linky}

I cut this cabbage, but it reminded me of a paint swatch. It's a Pantone Cabbage.  

Monday, February 8, 2021


I noticed Warhol was looking very white. I gave him a bath.  That's recommended to help them shed. When I took him out he ran up my sleeve. It was cute. I think he was just cold.  

I had trouble getting his tank door open one handed, and the boys were in school, so they couldn't help me. Mr. Warhol kind of flipped out inside my sleeve. He took his top jaw and bit me. I had a tiny horse shoe bite on my arm. 

No harm really. I think he was terrified because I was squirming around trying to get his tank open. He was tightly caught in my shirt. He did not draw blood. A few days after the bite happened I had some small itchy hives. They are gone now. 

Sure enough he shed right away. 

After that shed he was cute again. Here he is playing peek-a-boo.

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Check Out TreeSunCrafts #crafts

Check it out...one of my friends has a new Etsy shop called TreeSunCrafts. She also has an instagram page.

I ordered the 2020 ornaments. You know, to remember the year by:

When the boys move out on their own, I'll let them choose an ornament to remember their crazy year. Unfortunately I think we're in for more pandemic madness. 2020 was the start of it. 

The boys haven't left home, for quite some time. Just this weekend they ventured out to spend time with their cousins. Our boys haven't been out, since November. My nephews haven't been out, since May. 

All the kids have the option to go to school. Studies have show that they do better in the classroom. Sometimes I wonder if Isaak should be in school. He struggles with getting his work done. On the flip side the quiet at home helps, with focus. We were getting emails left and right about how this kid test positive, and that kid tested positive at their schools. It was making Mica nervous. Mica opted to stay home, Isaak felt the same way. 2020 was a crazy year, for sure. 

Now we have ornaments to remember the craziness. 

Since Theresa knows me, she put extra things in with my package. Who ever knew many years ago that some of my best friends are remote friends. Those friendships started before 2020.  I had some really nice surprises! 

My favorite...the wooden gecko spoon! Isaak has the responsibility of making scrambled eggs, and picks this gecko spoon to use every time.

She threw in two wooden coasters. I actually use them for a different purpose than coasters. One holds my keys, while the other I use for pins, needles and thread. 

She added this wooden Apel's Kitchen sign. I put in our window, but photographed it on a placemat. I kept getting odd lighting by the window. 

Lastly she put these bookmarks. I set them aside to give to Mica at Easter. He's the big reader in the family. I like that they aren't super girly. 

Please go over to check out Theresa's Etsy shop: TreeSunCrafts

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. Theresa did give me some things, but it wasn't expected that I review them. She did not tell me what to write. 

AstroAI Ice Scraper and Extendable #snow Brush

Like many places, Nebraska has been hit hard with snow. I guess we're making up for the lack of snow late fall, early winter. The ground needed it, for our upcoming growing season. 

I just hope that where I teach in Fremont, Nebraska it doesn't flood when it all melts.  They had problems a few years back with flooding. 

I happened to notice that Travis didn't have a good broom type scraper. He said he had one, but it broke. 

It was great to surprise Travis with the AstroAI Ice Scraper and Extendable Snow Brush Remover:

You can get it here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08N18NBCP?th=1. It came just in time, for 0 degree weather + another snow dump. Are you getting snow where you live? 


I think for all it does, it's reasonable. It is $32.99.


I picked orange, but it comes in teal blue as well. I wouldn't mind having both of them; one for each vehicle. 

Pieces and Parts:

It comes with a bag to store all the pieces in. I'm not sure we'll use the bag. It snows quite often in Nebraska. I'd rather have the scraper, and brush ready to go. 

You can see how long it extends in the next picture. It is 62.4", when the average snow scraper reaches 39.7 6". The length helps for tall vehicles like the Subaru Outback that we have. It breaks apart if you do want to store it. We plan on using the brush more because we have a metal scraper that works really well already. 

On Amazon it shows that the scraper can go on one end, and the brush on the other. I'm still trying to figure that out. It looks to me like the orange bottom is the end, and nothing snaps on there.

The brush has a swivel button. This works wonders if you are trying to reach a certain part on your car, or truck. The plain orange button rotates the brush's direction. 

The orange button with an arrow snaps the brush off, and allows you to put on the scrapper. The first time I hit this button it was super easy. The second time I hit the button, I couldn't get it to pop off. I imagine in the deep winter, when I'm freezing, I just won't want to mess with getting the brush off, and putting a scrapper on. The idea is great! This one device that does everything! Realistically I think we'll only use this for the brush. In Nebraska I've found that a metal scrapper has to be used for our harsh winters.  

Have you had to scrape your car, or truck a lot this winter? 

Disclaimer: I got this product for a discounted price in exchange for an honest review. 


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