Saturday, October 8, 2011

Gallery Openings

Last night we went to gallery openings as a family. That's always interesting with the boys. One gallery lasted roughly 10 minutes. Mica kept asking, "Where's the food Mommy?" Lovely!

The next gallery was a little better because it's bigger, has a bench and food. Isaak sat down. Some lady sat clear on the other side of the bench. Isaak said, "Daddy a lady sitting next to me." As if Daddy could make this lady move. Then Mica tooted and laughed to point out the obvious. I was so embarrassed. I whispered to Mica in a Mommy tone, "That isn't appropriate. If you feel the need to let out gas, go to the bathroom. If you happen to toot on accident, certainly don't point it out!" He seemed to understand.

We moved on to a park with huge metal slides. They went down a handful of times.

One last gallery on the way to the car. I was sitting there with the boys. We were talking about which art pieces we liked and why. Isaak yells out, "Daddy I have to poop!" A group of people laugh. I'm glad they found it funny. Another part of me dislikes when people laugh at that kind of thing. I'm sure I'm just as guilty as the next person. It just encourages my kids to be rude, merely because it's funny to people. As if that's not bad enough. Mica chimes in, "I have to go to Daddy!" Daddy and I both wanted to hide.

Isaak's getting very LOUD and VOCAL these days! I've had to remind him to use his quiet voice often! He has one decibel and it's LOUD!

Even at home he pretty much YELL talks. I hear, "HEY MOMMY LOOK AT THIS!" many times throughout the day. He'll show me something he's shown me many times before. I have to watch what he's doing to. He keeps repeating himself until I do watch him. Then he says, "That's cool Mommy!"

Then when it comes to snacks, Isaak's new thing is to say, "One more and that's it!" After that one more, he'll say it again, and again! He actually said that at the grocery store with a sample of dark chocolate.

He also puts his hands over his eyes when he's on the potty or sitting in his car seat. I'll go to get him off his seat, he yells, "SURPRISE!" every time! It was funny the first 5 times. Now I feel like saying, "OK KID I GET IT! STOP YELLING IN MY EAR!" Instead I say, "Oh you scared me again!" ;)

I have to watch myself with yelling. I sometimes feel like YELLING because Isaak is YELL talking to me.

His Cars Are His Girlfriend

Isaak's been talking about playing with Emma at preschool. Mica said, "Oh Isaak has a girlfriend. Emma is Isaak's girlfriend!" Ya Mica still talks about girls!

Isaak said, "Emma not my girlfriend! My cars are my girlfriend!" I don't think Isaak gets the concept of what a "Girlfriend" is, which is perfectly fine to me. ;)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tests, Tests and More Tests

I used to grade exams singularly. Now I try and get as many as I can on a big table and grade a whole bunch at once. I really can't wait until this week is over with! I have to start all over again with grading tomorrow. This is only 1/2 of them.

Plus I had to grade speeches, notecards and artwork. I know that grading with a red pen is supposed to be bad now a days. I heard that it sends negative signals to students. My students don't get their tests back, so they don't see the red pen that stands out like a sore thumb.

Next semester I'll be able to test over the local network via MacBook Pros. Thank you Steve Jobs!!! We love Macs in the graphic field! You will be missed!

Apple and McDonalds were the first logos Mica and Isaak could point out. Cousin Evan used to sit in his pack n' play, point at my computer and say, "Apple." Daddy thought Evan wanted an apple to eat. It took a few times of him repeating, "Apple" and pointing before he finally got it. Time sure does fly! Evan is now 6!

I love this graphic! It was designed by Jonathan Mack and found here.
This video rocks:

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Do You Laugh When You Get Hurt?

It started out like this: 

I went to suck up some leaves in our driveway. Our neighbor's tree hangs over our driveway. I'm the lucky one that gets to suck them up. Part of me is being sarcastic, another part of me is serious. I actually love my toy, the leaf sucker upper. It's like a vacuum for outside. It was my birthday present years ago. I asked for it. I also love having mulch to put down under trees, bushes and such. I hate the time part of it! The fact that it's not our tree makes the task not as much as well. Then it stirs up my allergies even when I wear a mask. I've even worn a respirator, but somehow I still breathe the crap in. 

Then there's the cord struggle! The same way parents used to fight over the heat and air; Daddy and I fight over the stupid utility cord. I somehow don't wind it up right. It gets twisted. I don't know; I wrap it around my arm in a circle. It looks packaged up to me. Daddy hates that I twist the cord up; I hate that he's so picky about a cord. I've even offered to get us two different cords. He can have his the way he likes it, and I can have mine the way I like it. It's an every year fight.

Daddy called me in for dinner. I was wrapping up the cord as fast as possible, fully aware that I might be messing up his precious orange cord. I ran in to take a quick shower. Chopped up leaves and my allergies don't mix. I have to get it out of my hair. I was rushing around like a crazy woman!

I get in the shower and slip on this:
It's a dinosaur bath play mat that Isaak loves! Well they no longer make this mat. Probably because more people like me have stepped on it and slipped in the tub!

I scraped my whole lower calf on the metal base of the shower sliding door. I mean it scraped! My whole lower calf is bruised. I screamed. I somehow got myself in the most awkward, naked position I could possibly be in!!!! Daddy came running in and said, "What is wrong! Did you break something." I started cracking up. He said, "What are you laughing at?" I said, "I really do not know how to get up!" Somehow I managed to get my naked butt up and shower. All yesterday evening I hurt with both walking and sitting. Today is better. I thought it would be black and blue. It's not yet. But you can see a wide area of where this accident happened. My skin is a pale green/blue.

I think I even laughed when I broke my foot a few years ago. I laughed after I screamed. I had to. Mica came in and said innocently, "Mommy we can leave you like that until Daddy gets home." He wasn't going to come home for a few hours. :)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

WW Swaddled {Linky}



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It's midterm week at the school I teach at. I don't think the students realize this, but I hate tests to! I have mountains of paper tests besides me. I'm pretty sure I killed a tree or two. :( Next semester the students will all have MacBook Pro's. That means all their tests can be given via Star Quiz through the network. I will have no grading to do. The program Star Quiz will do it for me. :) But right now I have to settle for paper tests. A 100 question test + 57 students x 2 classes = ? I just don't even care to figure out the easy answer. That's how brain dead I feel right now.

Today I listened to PowerPoint presentations all day. It wasn't too bad. This is the first time I've given the assignment my 3rd year students turned in today. They had to create a graphic standard manual. Basically a manual for a large company explaining how their logo should be used and how it shouldn't be used. They had to create the logo, an environmental graphic, stationery, the color usage of the logo, font usage, a fake letter from the president and how not to use the logo. Many misspelled stationery. They spelled it stationary. I hate our language sometimes!

I realize with teaching our son's how to talk and how to write how the English language is confusing.

Speaking of sons, Mica got another award at school. This time it's for following safety guidelines. He has another possibility of eating lunch with the principle. I'm going to end this post with some pour English: Our boy done good! ;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

KidzMed VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer Review and Giveaway!

American Scientific Resources sent me KidzMed VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer to review and giveaway.

When our kids were babies we used thermometers a lot! Isaak's temperature sky rocketed when he had meningitis when he was 2 months old. We had to act fast to get to the emergency room. During that time, Isaak's temperature was checked constantly. If I knew something like KidzMed VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer existed at that time, I would have gotten one then! I'm so glad to review and give this one away now!

Reading Body Temperature:
  1. Choose Centigrade or Fahrenheit.
  2. Press MODE until the word Body appears in the display.
  3. This is the cool part! With the thermometer positioned about 2 to 3 inches, or about 3 fingers width away from the forehead, press the SCAN button. The temperature is displayed instantly.

  • Isaak likes that he doesn't have to put it in his mouth for it to read his temperature. Although he kept trying to open his mouth. It's what he's used to. I love this feature to. You can take their temp without waking them up from a deep sleep.
  • It has multiple uses. Sure it takes your child's temp. It also takes the nursery, formula, breastmilk, bath and food temps as well!
  • It is pediatrician recommended. I really like to know that doctors approve of the product I'm about to use.
  • It has automatic shut off. 
  • The package comes with instructions, batteries and a small bag to put your thermometer in!
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Today We Washed the Cars

It's been so nice, so I decided it was time to wash the cars.

I had the boys help. Mica was ecstatic at first. He grabbed the hose, and couldn't wait to use it. Of course each kid got sprayed and each one asked to get sprayed. I happily sprayed them with water. Their clothes can get washed.

Everything was going great until Isaak found a stick on the ground. He started using it like a sword and was pretending to be a pirate. Mica then grabbed the trash can lid and pretended it was a shield. I ended up sending them inside. Off with the wet clothes and in went the Mikey Mouse Clubhouse Halloween DVD, while I quickly finished up.

We then headed over to Daddy's work to take him lunch. It was nice eating with him. On the way home I stopped by a park, so the boys could burn off some energy.


Mica wanted to model his new new coats off. He's been wearing his winter coat with his magic cape over it all morning. I'm not sure why. He finally said, "Mommy I'm hot!" I said, "Well take your coat off like I suggested earlier." ;)

This is his Silver Point Flannel Jacket from Kohls. He told me that he wanted to cross his arms to make it seem like it was cold outside. Really it's warm. 

This is his winter Pea Coat from Gymboree. This is the one he's been wearing all morning with his magic cape over it. Daddy said, "Mica looks like a cute little English bloke." Sounds like something one of my old co-worker's from London would say. 


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