Saturday, August 28, 2010

Toliet Paper

  • It took awhile for Mica to learn to wipe himself. He's finally learned.
  • Isaak was on the pot doing his duty. I heard him say, "Mommy I done." I usually tell him I'm coming soon. He will sometimes go more. I heard him say, "Mommy I done" again.
  • I went to go get Isaak off the toilet. There was toilet paper stuck between his checks, and some in the toilet. 
  • He tried to wipe himself! I smiled and said, "You're a big boy! Wiping yourself already!"
  • Maybe Isaak isn't going to be hard to train with wiping like his big brother Mica was!
  • Isaak flushed and said, "I get sticker?" 
  • I've never given him a sticker for going potty. I just give him praise and high fives. That's always been enough.
  • Later on I talked to Aunt Terra, and told her about Isaak trying to wipe himself, and that he wanted a sticker. She's the one that gives him a sticker if he goes number 2. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love Me Tenders!

  • Daddy told me the other day he was playing an Elvis cd. 
  • Mica started cracking up when Elvis sang the song, "Love Me Tender." 
  • Mica said, "Love my tenders?!?"
  • In the movie Kung Fu Panda, the panda get's kicked in his private area, and say's something like "Oh my tenders!"
  • Mica and his cousin Evan have adopted that term for their private parts. 
  • I'll never think of Elvis' romantic song the same again! For now on I'll crack up every time I hear it!

Little Secrets - An Inspiring Book Trailer


  • I entered a contest online for KETV, a local station in Omaha to get insulation filled in your attic, under your garage and in the walls of your house.
  • I didn't win. :(
  • But they did contact me letting me know that everyone who did enter will get 40% off and a free inspection.
  • The guy came out, drilled a whole in one of our closets and we have 0 insulation in our walls. :(
  • He did say that Daddy did a great job in our attic! ;)
  • Today they are coming out to fill our walls with blown insulation and under Mica's room, which is above the garage. ;)
  • Next year we will be putting on a new roof. And the list goes on...

Wordless Wednesday - Mica in a Rocket that Daddy Made Out of a Cardboard Box

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Was I Thinking?!?

  • This weekend I wanted to run errands. I need a new bra in the worst way. On one of my bra's the wire busted through the fabric. So it's shot. 
  • I was in Kohl's with the boy's and walked by that section. Mica and Isaak both smiled. They both had a twinkle in their eyes. 
  • I immediately kept on going right on past the bra section.
  • No longer can I pick out bra's with my children!
  • I have two little boy's that are fascinated with the upper chest area on a woman. Bra's and boob's!
  • Mica used to look at the bra section in a store and say, "Bottles".  That's what I called nursing. I thought he was going to call them that for life.
  • I recently weaned Isaak of nursing. He still asks for, "Bottles" sometimes. I just tell him, "Honey the bottles have all dried up. They are now just breasts."


  • Mica's been begging to watch TV. We just don't have it on very much here. He has all these new toys from his birthday that we haven't let him watch TV. 
  • We have no cable, and for now we're fine with that.
  • He asked to watch PBS Kids as soon as he woke up. I have no problems with PBS Kids, Mica learned his letters through Word World and Super Why.
  • I turned on the Spanish Channel. Don't worry there was a cartoon on, not soap opera's. 
  • He sat there and watched the whole thing without a word. LOL
  • Maybe we can teach him Spanish this way. That was the only class I didn't pass in high school. English was hard enough for me to learn.
How much TV do you let your kids watch in a day?

Monday, August 23, 2010

Site Words

  • Mica's been learning to read some site words over the summer. At preschool the teachers are going to be working with him even more. 
  • He's always been interested in reading. 
  • Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway for Innovative Kids. They have site books and flash cards with different themes. 
  • Some serious learning mixed with some serious fun.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mica's First Friend Party

  • It was indeed a busy weekend! Mica has his first friend birthday party. We had 10 kids at our house including our own.
  • I didn't take too many photo's. I didn't know which kid's photo's could be put up on the web, and which one's couldn't. Plus I was busy!!!!!!! Two hours go by so fast!
  • Daddy made a HUGE spaceship out of cardboard for the kids to play in. It was hard finding a place that would give up a refrigerator box. Most places crush them right away, or early in the day. 
  • Mica rested in this spaceship today.

  • We had chicken quesadillas, green beans and clementines. 
  • The boy's gobbled up their food like it was going out of style, and the girl's picked at theirs like little bird's.
  • I made another robot cake.
  • The kid's liked it.

  • We had a Pinata too. 
  • The cute little girl's looked mean when pounding the Pinata. It was so funny!
  • Mica got some great gifts! 
  • I had a talk with Mica about saying, "Thank you" when you receive a gift. Then at another birthday party he went to, a little girl hugged everyone after she opened her gifts. I reminded Mica about that, and how good that made him feel. I told him that he didn't have to hug everyone if he didn't want to, but he for sure needed to say, "Thank you!" 
  • He hugged everyone. The girl's giggled, and the boy's hug ended in a wrestle.
  • For the kid's party bags I made rocket cookies.
  • There was also these fun wind up robots I found at Target for cheep!
  • I also gave the kids a Hello Hanna robot place mat to take home to decorate that I won from Go Graham Go.
  • My only wish is that I would of purchased more of the place mats. It took awhile to figure out how many kids were supposed to come. There was one too many. I just simply forgot to give the first to go a place mat. 
  • They are fun!

We had a good time, but I was tired when it was all over!

CSN | Stores Product Review

I was contacted by CSN | Stores. They said I am a preferred blogger. I was up for anther product review!

CSN | Stores has so much to choose from. I love all that they have to offer!

The first item I picked out and received in the mail was the Trend Lab Dr Seuss Cat in the Hat Three Piece Storage Bin Set for Isaak's new big boy room.  The set was $34.55.

Getting this product seemed to complete his room in my mind!

  • The bins are very cute!
  • Reasonably priced.
  • I love that the bins come in a set of three. At first I didn't know if we would find a use for the smallest one, but we did right away.
  • They have a spot to label each bin. I haven't done this yet. I keep switching his toys around. 
  • They'll work in multiple spots in a home: A kid's room, a nursery, or a playroom. 
  • There is a lot of color in them, so they'll match just about anything.
  • I do wish the fabric was a little thicker on these bins.
  • The thick bottoms are removable. I wish they were sewn in. The bottoms of the bins get removed by our two year old Isaak. I'm afraid he'll lose them someday.

The second item I picked out and received in the mail was the Polder Digital Glass Top Kitchen Scale for me. I'm trying to loose weight, so this product really fit my needs! The scale was $39.95.

  • The scale really made eating right easier! I don't have to guess about how much I'm eating anymore. 
  • I love how it looks in my kitchen!
  • The number's are an easy read on the LCD monitor.
  • It turns it's self off! I like this feature because sometimes my hands are yucky from touching meat.
  • It's rated very well. 5 stars on a 5 star scale to be exact. This is a big reason why I picked it out. I wanted a product that people rated highly.
  • It said that it came with batteries, and I couldn't find them. They weren't in the scale, or in the packaging. 
Please take some time to visit CSN | Stores! They do have such a great selection. It's a great place to start with your Christmas shopping! 

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I am not compensated to provide my opinion except for receiving the products themselves to test out.
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Kids These Days!

  • Mica said to me, "Mommy when you're off the computer, I want to watch a flick on YouTube!"
  • My answer, "No Mica." 
  • He got a Webkinz for his birthday. A little boy that is 5 years old said, "Mica you can take that online!" 
  • We ended up returning it because Mica doesn't get into stuffed animals. Stuffed animals are more Isaak's thing. They almost wouldn't take it back because it has an electronic device inside of it that could of been registered by us. We got some more Toy Story things instead.


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