Thursday, February 5, 2009

Isaak is Crawling!

  • Isaak has shown signs of crawling for awhile now. he is an official crawler. He was rocking back and forth on all four's at Christmas time. I thought he'd be crawling sooner then he has. Last night he crawled a little bit, but didn't go far and ended up going backwards. Travis called me at work, and told me he's now crawling - slowly around the house. He's eight months now.
  • Of course when I call him to look at the camera, he crawls towards me.

My Sister and I are in Trouble

  • Mica's hair is looking shaggy to me! Travis doesn't want it cut. For some reason; he thinks he owns Mica's hair, and the shaggy look is "In". I told my sister how I thought Mica needed a hair cut just in the back and around the ears. My sister cut his tail off. We kept it quiet from Travis. Somehow Travis could tell two days later, and asked Mica about it. The little snitch told on us. He said that Terra cut his hair (it was just the tail in the back). I got a phone call at work. I tried covering for her (ok, so I lied). I didn't want Terra getting the brunt of the deal. It wasn't so nice of me to be sneaky. I do have to confess; I am really glad Mica no longer has an 80's tail in the back of his hair.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


  • Evan and Mica hangin' out with The General Lee. Yee Haw!

Isaak Pulled Himself Up

  • Isaak has the new talent of pulling himself up to the standing position in his crib. He can't always figure out how to get back down though.

A Successful Dentist Trip

  • Mica was a success at the dentist office. In fact he thought it was fun! The lady who cleaned his teeth showed him what all the tools do on his hand and fingernail. He laughed because many of them tickled. He even let her floss, which he rarely lets us do at home. I think maybe he was stubborn the last time because he didn't feel good. I was so proud of him!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Really Cute

  • I went to get Isaak in the middle of the night on Saturday; he looked up at me with his eyes wide and said, "Ma Ma". I picked him up and he said, "Ma Ma" again. I've heard him say "Da Da" and my mom's heard "Grandma" come out of his mouth too. It melts our hearts.

Dentist 2marrow

  • Mica has a second dentist appointment 2marrow. The first one didn't work out (he wouldn't open his mouth). I'm taking him this time, so maybe he'll be different with me then when Travis took him. He was also sick the last time. I so want him to just open his mouth and do what he's supposed to do. I don't want to take off of work again for this; when he doesn't cooperate. Man he can be stubborn (just like his dad, ok me too). It also makes us look bad as parents; like we never brush his teeth, when we do twice a day. We bought him Berenstain Bears Visit the Dentist. I hope this book influences him in a positive way.
  • Keep your fingers crossed that Mica is a success at the dentist office.

Sitting Up in the Crib Part 2

  • Isaak kept waking up all weekend sitting up in his crib. He's practicing his new talent in his sleep. I remember Mica doing this as well.

Isaak Has a Cold

  • Isaak has a full blown cold. He's been snotty and has had watery eyes. I've been pushing the saline nose spray; followed by the nose sucker and that seems to help get the snot out. Otherwise he can't breath when he nurses. We've been going through a lot of warm wash clothes at our house. I've had to change clothes more then Isaak because he wipes his tired face against my shirt; then my shirt gets all snotty. Quite attractive I know, but it's all part of parenthood.


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