Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gobble, Gobble

Thanksgiving went well. How did it go for you?

Mica helped me make Pumpkin Muffin/Cupcakes. I modified the recipe a bit. I used some coconut flour, some wheat flour, and kids Benefiber in replace of some all purpose flour. I also used less sugar. The recipe seems like it has a lot of sugar, but it makes a ton of them. You can leave them like muffins by not frosting them, or you can frost them with cream cheese frosting.

I picked out some Runts, Mini M&Ms, and Peanut Butter Buggles to make Cornucopias. Then I made Chocolate Malt Cookies, and bought Mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups to make Pilgrim Hats. Mica helped me put them together. I used a pill cutter to cut the candy in 1/2, except for the bananas. We made them last week. They froze well.

The night before Thanksgiving I made a grocery store run for what Daddy needed. That's a story in it's self. It took me a long time to get a few things because there were so many people there. I unloaded the cart on the conveyor belt, and Isaak said in a panic voice, "I have to go potty!" I loaded the cart back up. The bathrooms were clear on the other end of the store. When a kid has to go potty, they have to go. There were slow people in front of us. I told Isaak that I'd wait outside the door for him. Well outside the door is crackers and cheese, so I was looking. He came out, didn't see me and started to scream cry. Poor little bugger thought I left him.

Thanksgiving morning I made Pumpkin Pancakes, and Pumpkin Smoothies. Mica watched the parade. It's the first year he got into it.

Isaak helped me make a turkey with carrots, celery, purple cabbage, radishes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, baby tomatoes and candy eyes. The eyes were stuck on with cream cheese. The beak and waddle were pined on with toothpicks.

Daddy made Au Gratin Brussel Sprouts.

Off we went to Great Aunt Marsha's house. I'll post more about Thanksgiving, and the lighting ceremony we went to later.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Today I'm Thankful For Gift Receipts

Sounds like an odd thing to be thankful for!

Mica's invited to two birthday parties on Saturday. Kind of an odd day to have a birthday party with many people going out of town. They are on the opposite parts of town. One is to the north and the other is way out west. Luckily they are at different times.

He likes both kids, so he's going. It isn't like when I was a kid. I played with one girl in our neighborhood at least once a week it seemed. Some weeks we'd play at each others house daily. We'd walk and meet each other. Kids can't walk around today by themselves. Mica's friends live here and there; rarely does he get calls to have him come and play. It isn't because he isn't liked. Mica is liked by many. It's just a different world packed with busy working parents. It's a non trusting world. I get nervous putting my kids in other parents hands. So sad, but that's how it is.

Mica being invited to birthday parties is a good thing. Even if it's an odd day of the year, and we're double booked.

During my lunch break today I'll go to Target to get two gifts. I want to avoid shopping on Thanksgiving, and the day after! I have no idea what these two boys have. I told Mica that I'd be sure to ask for gift receipts. That way they can return what I buy if needed.

Do you try and put a gift receipt with gifts?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WW: Thankful for Family {Linky}

I got to see my sister's sister and meet two of his brothers this last weekend.

I know it sounds confusing. She's adopted. She met her biological siblings 11 years ago. While it could have been a horrible experience, it ended up being the opposite. Her siblings are so nice, down to earth and great because they came up to see her on her 40th birthday.

Prior to 11 years ago, her siblings didn't even know she existed. When she called one of them up, they excepted her right away.

Here's my sisters, mom and I (I'm on the end with the scarf). My Dad was taking photos to. He's not in the photo, but we should have gotten him in there to. By the way my sister is not a Grandma. She did a run called Grandma's Race. She doesn't look 40 to me.

Here's my sister with her sister and two of her brothers. She has a sibling that's older than my mom and dad. It's crazy how the girls look alike. She has a sister that has passed that the other siblings say she looks even more alike. Her brother on the right has her face structure and eyes. Her Dad passed away soon after her birth. Her mom passed away shortly before she contacted and saw her siblings.

The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel's The Apel'sThe Apel'sThe Apel's

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Monday, November 25, 2013

And There it Sat

I was excited because I, Mica's Mom got to pick up Mica today. Sounds like an odd thing to be excited about. Daddy always takes, and picks the boys up from school. His work schedule, and his boss is way more flexible than mine.

I decided to walk to go pick him up. He was excited to see me, and happy that we got to walk back home.

When we got home I asked, "Where's your lunch box?" He said, "Oh no I left it outside! He goes outside to play after lunch.

I drove him up to school. He looked outside - no lunch box. Luckily it was inside, on top of the lost and found hamper basket

I said on the way home, "You're just like your dad with that kind of thing." Mica said, "Did Dad leave his lunch box when he was little?" I said, "Probably. Mica he still leaves all his lunch dishes at work often. He's an adult now."

 Is there something you forget on a regular basis?

Today I Am Home With a Sick Kid

It seems like most winter holidays are greeted with sickness. It's not a tradition that I want to continue.

This weekend we were with family celebrating Aunt Angela's 40th birthday. Great Grandpa Kent, and Emerson were both there. Both of them have compromised immune systems. Grandpa Kent's is compromised because of his age, and Emerson's is compromised because of his genetic condition.

I felt bad when Isaak woke up with a fever this morning. He's been battling a cough. I didn't know if that was from the heater being on, allergies, or a cold. Isaak was crying because he didn't want to eat breakfast. He said he wanted to go back to bed. It is unlike our boys to turn down food. He laid down for an hour in bed. He watched Kung Fu Panda on the couch, then did his activity book. I tried little bits of food here and there. I don't like pushing for the boys to eat when they are sick though. It's more the liquids I push.

Little man wouldn't touch water. I don't know why, but I hardly want water when I'm sick to. It's the best thing for us though. I made some Jello, didn't let it set, and gave it to him to drink. He liked that. Then we tried some tea. He mostly drank that down. He had toast, applesauce and Cream of Wheat.

After lunch he fell asleep for a few hours.

To me sleep is the best medicine.

What kind of foods and drinks do you like when you are sick?


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