Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Have a Son Named Two

  • Every time I ask Isaak what his name is? He replies, "I two." Months ago when he started this I said back in a joking way, "You're two?" We both laughed, and the process continued.
  • I didn't think this would stick. He still replies when I ask him this question, "I two." 
  • I've heard him say his name. When he sees his photo, or image in the mirror he says, "Isaak."
  • I've even heard him say, "Isaak Jaxon." 
  • But he never say's, "Isaak Jaxon" when asked what his name is. It's always, "I two." As in, "I'm two years old."

I Heart Robot's

Credit When Credit is Due

  • I always wondered why Mica insists on hearing the ending of movies. He loves the credits, and I never knew why. 
  • Now I know.
  • He told me today that he wanted to hear the credits because Alice from Alice and Wonderland was singing them. 
  • He thinks that the character in the movie, no matter what movie it is sings the credits.
  • It's funny how kids think!


  • Isaak cuddled a lot today. He has a pretty bad head cold. 
  • Before nap and night time I rubbed Vick's Baby Rub on his back, chest and on the bottoms of his feet.  I've heard that Vick's on the bottoms of their feet is supposed to help. I have no idea if it really does. You're supposed to put socks on to hold the vapors in. That's what we did.
  • His voice sounds all deep now. Poor little guy!

Mica Likes Alexander Calder

  • One of Daddy's favorite sculptor's is Alexander Calder. His work and character is pretty fascinating. We found out that Mica likes him, and his work.
  • Calder's whole kitchen was filled with mostly products he made. He created so much work! 
  • He had a traveling circus.
  • Was the first to make a hanging, which he called a mobile and a stand still sculpture, which he called a stabile
  • He could set up a whole show with just wire in his pocket in one afternoon. 

  • Mica's watched a biography about Calder a few times, and sat through it. He kept trying to get his cousin Evan to come and see the movie too. It is by far one of our favorite biographies about an artist. Most artist movies are so boring. Not the one on Calder.
  • Then Mica's been looking though Daddy's Calder at Home book.


  • We went to carnival last night. It was before the first football game at my old high school Westside, which is now cousin Kailey's high school.
  • Kailey looked so cute in her cheer leading outfit! I'm so proud of her! I just wish she was smiling in this photo. :) She was pretty busy! 
  • I was pretty busy with Isaak, who has a cold and Mica who wanted to go everywhere.
  • Kailey had to make the cheer leading squad to start one. The one she started was for special needs kids. Kailey one an award through a local station here in Omaha. She donated the money to buy uniforms and pompom's for The Sparklers.
  • Here's Mica at the carnival. He's watched Wipe Out a few times, so he knew what to do. We also did a balloon toss, where Mica was on my team and Isaak was on Daddy's team. 
    • Then we went into watch cousin Kailey cheer. 
    • She did good! All the girls were so excited. It was hard getting good shots though.
      • I really could of cared less about the football game. Sorry to the football player lovers out there! 
      • If you lived in Omaha, you'd understand how obsessed people are about The Corn Huskers! The news is taken over by football talk. I was excited to learn that Kailey was on the news last night!
      • You can read about Kailey and The Sparklers here

        Thursday, September 2, 2010

        Toddler Bed

        • Isaak has done very well in his toddler bed.
        • I've heard about kids that will not go to sleep once they hit the big bed. Knock on wood, we've never encountered this problem.
        • Isaak will cry sometimes because he doesn't want to go to bed. We just let him be. He usually calms down in no time. He also is picky about the light being partially on. 
        • Mica's always been a great sleeper. He's growing out of naps.

        Wednesday, September 1, 2010


        Back to Preschool

        • Mica has his first day of preschool today. Next week he starts another preschool. He's going to two different one's. One focuses on academics, while the other one focuses more on play.
        • Mica was pretty excited! We had a preschool meeting last night. I went to the meeting with one of his teachers, while he played with another teacher.
        • I got him a new Buzz Lightyear backpack. It's a little bigger then his Thomas one, and will hold his paper's better.
        • This is his third year in preschool. He started when he had just turned 3 years old. Now he just turned 5 years old. 
        • He looks so big compared to what he looked like when he first started preschool two years ago!

        Wordless Wednesday - Mica and Isaak With Their Smiles On

        Tuesday, August 31, 2010


        • I love learning something from my students! Today was one of those days where I learned about a fun site.
        • I gave a lecture about working with type.
        • A student came up to me after lecture sharing a site called Wordle.
        • It's a site where you can place text in, pick a color scheme, font and a layout. It shift the words around for you. This isn't made to be originally yours, but it's fun none the less.
        • I could see someone putting in a lyrics to a song, lullaby, nursery rhyme for a kid or baby's room. Print on some nice paper, frame and hang it on their wall.
        • One of Isaak's favorite is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. I found the lyrics, pasted them in Wordle and this is what I got:
        • One of Mica's favorites is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Here's a few versions of that:

          Weboo Children's Shoes

          • Two of a Kind hosting a giving away a pair of Weboo Children's Shoe
          • If I were to win I just wouldn't know what pair to pick!
          Isaak would love the dog ones: 

          Mica would like the these: 

          Monday, August 30, 2010

          Happy Birthday Daddy!

          • Daddy just turned 35 years old today!
          • I made him a chocolate sandcastle cake to take to work. 
          • Happy Birthday! I love you!

          Creative Children's Books

          • Mica's notorious for picking his nose, and making it bleed. 
          • Go Graham Go is hosting a giveaway to win a few books from Debbie Ladd.
          • Don't Pick Your Nose is one of the books I'd choose for him if I were to win. ;)

          Sunday, August 29, 2010

          It's a Zoo Around Here

          Grandpa Spiehs with his head down and Isaak walking across a bridge.

        • Grandpa Spiehs, Mommy, Isaak and Mica went to the zoo today. It was nice getting out.

        • Mica ran ahead like usual. He's my monkey! We kept calling him back to us. He walk almost double what we walked. Isaak mainly wanted to stay in the stroller. He's my straggler. 

          • Mica the Monkey Boy!

          • I wore my ankle weights and pushed Isaak most of the way, so I was pooped when we were done.

          • We went to the rain forest, the desert and creatures of the night. There's so much at Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo! You really have to be there for a few days to get through everything.

          • It was fun hangin' in the desert!
            This is how we ended our trip to the zoo! 
            Cranky, sensitive boys!


            • Isaak is going to be an easy one to dress up for Halloween. Mica on the other hand, a little harder!
            • Isaak will more then likely be something that Mica was at his age. A dino or Lil' Frankie {Frankenstein}.
            • Mica wants to be Buzz Lightyear. How much is this costume? $39.99!
            • Since I work at an art school, we are expected to dress up as well. Usually my creative juices are flowing, but not this year.

            $40 Gift Certificate to Frecklebox

            Custom Hero Capes

            • My Four Monkeys is hosting a giveaway for a custom super hero cape and gloves from BabyPop Designs.
            • I love this because they can put your child's initial on the cape, a custom logo and you can pick the colors.


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