Thursday, September 29, 2016

Shrek the Musical Giveaway


I'm so excited, not only do we get to see Shrek the Musical soon, but I also get to give away 4 tickets to their Sunday at 5 pm showings. 

I haven't seen the show just yet, but will. Most people have seen the movie. If it's anything like the movie there will be a lot of laughs. 

Everyone’s favorite ornery ogre is bound to capture my families attention. I love that this is a show for boys and girls to enjoy. The show is best for ages 5 and up. It's 75 minutes long.

At The Rose Theater:

If you haven't been to The Rose Theater it's amazing! Shrek the Musical is playing there. 

The Rose Theater is located 2001 Farnam St. in Omaha, Nebraska.

Shrek the Musical is showing Sept. 30 through Oct. 16. Performances are Fridays at 7 pm, Saturdays at 2 and 5 pm, and Sundays at 2 pm. There will be additional performances on Sunday, Oct. 9, at 5 pm. and Sunday, Oct. 16, at 5 pm. 

The 2 pm show on Saturday, Oct. 8, will be interpreted for people who are deaf or hard of hearing; the 5 pm show on Saturday, Oct. 8, is designated as sensory-friendly, with special accommodations made for families attending with a child on the autism spectrum.

The cost is $20. Purchase tickets online here.

Giveaway Time! 

This is a quick giveaway. It's only open until Sunday, October 2. 1 winner will win 4 tickets to a Sunday showing at 5 pm. 

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Disclaimer: I received tickets for the purpose of an honest review.

Inflatable-Zone Fun

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Every time I look at someone in an inflatable product I smile because it looks so fun! Inflatable-Zone has been around since 2008. They are a true leader in their market. 

One product that really stood out to me is Water Blob!

I've never seen anything like Water Blob. It's an inflatable jumping air bag blob. It would be so much fun on a river. It's set on water. 

One person can jump up and down. They can try to stay on the Water Blob, but will fall off into the water.  

More than one person can be on it. If one person jumps full force onto it, while other people are close to the edge of the Water Blob, the people close to the edge will go flying into the air. No worries, they'll land in the water. 

It's for ages 7 and up. I can see why. Little tiny kids may not have the force to jump enough, or the skills to swim out from under the Water Blob.  

I want to play on this Water Blob!


As you can see from the picture above it's pretty big: 8mm in length and 3mm in width. It does go down in size to store it. 


I always worry about the material in inflatable things getting holes in them. Inflatable Zone has products that are made with thick PVC. It's much more durable than the standard water toys that you can get at a store. They do have a 1 year warranty just in case mishap were to happen. 


It's $769. It may seem like a lot. Just consider how many birthday parties, and gatherings you could have. It would more than pay for its self. Taxes are added on, but shipping is free. Get this...a printed logo can be added if you choose to add one. How cool is that?!

Another product that sell an Air Pump for Inflatable Bouncer and/or Waterslide.

This would make blowing up any inflatable so much easier. I always tell my students and kids, "Think smarter, not harder!" The Air Pump allows anyone to blow up something fast and easy.


It's $199. They do have a 1 year warranty for this as well.

Check out Inflatable-Zone for more things! Some of the variety that they sell includes:

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Water Game
  • Zorb Ball
  • Inflatable Bouncer
  • Inflatable Slide
  • Inflatable Game
  • Inflatable Tent
All the photos of on their site of people playing in inflatable things just makes me smile.

What would you like to have that's inflatable?

Visit Inflatable-Zone on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube

Live Paintings

I really love performance art that I can understand. Ha! There is sometime performance art that is so out there, that even I with a twisted mind can't get. This one was too cool to not share.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

WW: Loose Park {Linky}

When we go to Kansas City we always try to find a few spots where the boys can just run around. We decided to stop off at Loose Park. Prior to this time, I've never been there before. That was kind of surprising considering that it's walking distance to the Kansas City Art Institute where my husband and I went to school.

It's a very pretty park!

There are lots of flowers that were in bloom when we went.

There is a path that has more flowers.

They have a cactus garden. 

A patch of weeping willow trees.

There's a pond with lots of ducks.

Do you have a favorite park that you like to go to? I think in Omaha, Nebraska we like to hike at Hummel Park.

I Kept Thinking...

  1. I kept thinking, My goodness that font behind them is horrible. 

  2. Source
  3. I kept thinking, I can not get that Patrick Swayze song out of my head. Someone posted Patrick Swayze singing She's Like the Wind live on facebook. Of course both the song, and debate had to enter my dream last night. Donald was singing it to Hillary. His hair was blowing like the wind. Ha!

  4. I kept thinking, Mica really should go to bed, but he looks like he's amused with this debate. He stayed up an hour past his bedtime, and went to bed at 9.

  5. I kept thinking, This meme is really funny, but I should probably take it down. Someone defriended me on facebook before. It was because I posted something political. I don't post political things very much, like hardly ever. I left the meme on there last night, and took it off this morning.

  6. Source
  7. I kept thinking, Hillary isn't coughing. Really I sound just as bad as her a lot of the time. Trump isn't in that good of shape health wise either. 
Did you watch the debates last night?


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