Friday, November 17, 2017

Random Tid Bits

  1. My mother in law came to visit. The Father in Law got left behind this time. It all went well, but I have to admit I got behind in blogging. 

  2. It's been 4 years, since we've seen my husband's parents. That's almost 1/2 of Isaak's life. I hate that we don't see them more. We're so close to my family.

    Here's some Apel's: My nephew Payton, my sister in law Laura, my mother in law Grandma Apel, then of course my boys. I took the photo, so I'm missing. My father-in-law was back in Arizona keeping their cats company.

  3. Isaak had a few days off of school when my mother in law was visiting. That was great for him. He got to spend time with his long lost grandma. :) To a youngest it feels like the oldest always gets all the perks. I was happy Isaak got to spend time with Grandma. 

  4. Isaak's won most of his basketball games, but of course when the grandparents come to a game his team lost big time. At least he made one of the few baskets. 

  5. With the Grandmas:

    Just Apel's:

    My Parents:

  6. Isaak was so excited to see his name in a graphic novel series AmuletHave you ever seen your name in a book?

Thursday, November 16, 2017

@MapleHolistics Argan Oil Shampoo #Giveaway

I've used argan oil on my skin, to flatten my fly away hairs, but have never used it in shampoo before. That is until now. I have to be careful with skin irritations because of my allergies. Argan Oil is super great for you! No worries about breakouts for me.

Maple Holistics makes some of the best shampoos! I got Argan Oil Shampoo to review and giveaway!

About Argan Oil Shampoo:

This shampoo has really a great haircare formula. It has not just one, but six healthy oils packed into this 8 ounce bottle. It's great because during the winter time especially my scalp gets super dry, so these oils help prevent the flaky scalp that leads to dandruff.

The oils also feel like you get a head massage. Who doesn't love a head massage? I've always sworn that there should be back scratchers, and head massage therapists out there. I think I'd go to either or those before I would a traditional massage therapist, and I don't like anyone messing with my feet. Seriously this shampoo feels wonderful on the scalp!

Maple Holistics is proud to support The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence! For every bottle of Argan Oil Shampoo sold $9.99, Maple Holistics will donate $1 to NCADV. Buy your bottle today!

  • Aqua
  • Argan Oil
  • Botanical Keratin
  • Peach Kernel Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Camellia Seed Oil
  • Natural Vanilla
  • Honey Fragrance
  • Avocado Oil
It's for all skin types, which is great because I tend to get a bit dry in the winter and my husband is always the opposite. It's also sulfate free, which totally makes things better for my allergies. 

All these oils help not just with your hair, but also your scalp. This shampoo will help tame unruly hair, and will prevent hair from breaking. 

  1. Rinse your hair
  2. Massage a quarter-sized amount throughout the scalp
  3. Let it sit for 2 to 3 minutes
  4. Rinse
It was really easy to use for sure!

About Maple Holistics:

They aim to make their products to be natural. This will improve one's health and enhance your hygiene experience.

They strive to be sulfate free and BPA free.

They make their products right here in the United States.

What Else Does Maple Holistics Sell:
  • Oils: Almond, Apricot, Argan, Argan Oil Shampoo and Hair Conditioner Set, Avocado, Assuage Beard Oil
  • Lubricant: Berry Flavored, Cooling, Mint and Personal
  • Soaps: Botanical Therapy Shampoo, Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Castile Soap, Eucalyptus with Bubble Bath, Lavender with Bubble Bath
  • Dead Sea Salts: With Lavender, With Eucalyptus, 
They even sell food!
  • Berries: Goji Berries, Milberries
  • Nuts: Brazil, Macadamia, Pistachio, Almonds
  • Seeds: Flax, Pumpkin
  • Honey
  • Essential Greens Superfood
You can sign up to get free products from Maple Holistics here.

Win the Same Argan Oil Shampoo I Reviewed:
Rules: You must be 18 years, or older to claim this prize. Please get back to me within 48 hours if you win this giveaway, or I'll have to pick another winner. No PO boxes please. This is a US giveaway.

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: I got this Argan Oil Shampoo in exchange for an honest review. This company didn't influence my review. I only review products I think will fit my family, or my readers.

@softsurrounding Merchandise #LiveSoft Fox Throw Review

I've never had a really cozy throw blanket, but now I do. Say H-E-L-L-O to this Fox Throw from Soft Surroundings. You won't want to cuddle up with anything else ever again. 

Top Side: 

Bottom Side:

My Christmas Present! 

I said to Isaak when I got it, "Ok I'll open it. You can cuddle with it, since it's your day off of school. It's going back in the box to be my Christmas present.

It was hard to have him give it up. He looked so cute with the Fox Blanket!

I too tried it out!

Oh my goodness it's so soft!


It's so soft! They have other soft blankets to choose from besides the Fox Throw: Winter Bear Throw, Leopard Throw, St. Moritz Faux Fur Throw, Snow Leopard Faux Fur Throw, and Paris Faux Fur Throw! It has 2 sides, which look different. If you want to display another side go for it. Soft Surroundings re-creates the rich hues, natural weight and softness of genuine fur.

They're so perfect for any gift: Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, Valentines Day and more.

They are 100% acrylic faux fur. The backing is a plush polyester fleece backing. It is heavy, but that adds to the comfort: 50"W x 70"L - 7lbs. It is washable: Machine wash cold, and hang to dry. This throw is made in the USA, and exclusive to Soft Surroundings.


It's $148.95. Kind of pricy, but well worth the cost! They have Fox like I reviewed, and Winter Bear that's similar.

What I Think:

I was kind of glad to read up on it a bit. I didn't think about my allergies. Travis said, "Is this really fox fur? You can't have it. You're allergic to it." It's faux fur, and can be washed. My goodness that's a relief because it's an expensive throw; that I most certainly didn't want to give up!

It goes perfect in our living room and bedroom! We could have it in either spot in the house. The living room is probably be where it stays. That's where we watch movies.

When I was younger my sisters and I used to make what we called A Paradise. It was really just lots of blankets and pillows on the floor. We'd cuddle up, and stay there for awhile. This throw reminds me of those Paradise days; only better!

I have to say that I'm going to have my other family members sharing the Fox Throw with me a lot. When I went to take pictures Isaak's like, "O just let me cuddle with you Mom!" How can I say, "No" to that? So I let him cuddle with me. It wasn't too hard to get us to smile!

I had to take a picture of my Buddha on it. I've been listening to Book of Joy with the Dalai Lama, and it's so peaceful! Peace, joy and harmony is what I feel when I cuddle up in the Fox Throw.

Do you have a favorite blanket? Have you started your Christmas shopping - if you celebrate?

Follow Soft Surroundings on facebookpinteresttwitterYouTubeinstagram, and google+.

Disclaimer: I received a bag of merchandise from Soft Surroundings in return for writing this post. I only review things that I think my family or readers will enjoy, or find useful. Soft Surroundings didn't tell me what to write. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Canvas On Demand

Canvas On Demand has awesome gifts for everyone on your holiday list!

Have you started shopping for Christmas? That is, if you celebrate it. I pretty much hang on to much of what I get for reviewing, and things I've won to give for Christmas. I get stuff along the way.

Canvas on Demand is based in Raleigh, NC, @canvasondemand has everything you need to get your shopping done early. They offer more than just canvas prints. From incredible photo-to-canvas art for parents, Coloring Canvas for kids, and customizable photo gifts, including ornaments & more, Canvas On Demand can help with your holiday haul.

For a limited time, they're offering my readers a whopping 60% off your entire order at Canvas On Demand with code USFAM. Select from canvas prints and more! Valid until 12/12/17.


Disclaimer: I will receive a 16x20 Premium Gallery Wrap Canvas + 16x20 Coloring Canvas to review in exchange for writing this pre post. There will be a follow up post after I get the canvases. 

Fall Craft: Making an Acorn Gem

My next post is up on ParentSavvy: How to Make an Acorn Gem.

When it's fall I feel like digging a hole, and crawling in it. It's colder, and the most annoying thing is that it's dark when I get up, dark when I go home, so daylight is so limited with taking photos for blogging. 

My whole family got out and about to look for acorn caps for this next craft project. Thankfully we did this before it got too cold.  

At first we had trouble finding acorns. I'm like, "We need them for this next project!" We went to a few parks before we found our stash.

Isaak picked up pinecones as well. He's always been my nature collector. You really only need acorn caps for this craft - nature wise. We found a lot of acorn caps on the ground. The ones that were still attached had to be It really isn't that hard to pry off acorn caps. Many twisted off, and the rest Travis just grabbed a flat head screwdriver to pry them off.

Dig Out the Markers!

We have lots of markers. Some are better than others. I just asked Isaak to get them all out. 

Color the inside of the acorn caps with different markers. 

Some colors show up better than others. If they ware lighter this craft will still work.

Fill the Acorn Caps With Glue

This is where I needed to get creative. I had Isaak get a Lego base plate, add Legos in different spots to help hold the acorns caps. Then I filled the caps with glue. You can use modge-podge if you don't have any glue.

I think an ice cube tray, or egg carton would work to hold up the acorn caps as well.

At first the acorn caps will be milky white, but they'll dry clear enough to see the color.

Isaak loves glitter, so we added some glitter glue to the tops of some.

Isaak and I both enjoyed this craft! The last part you just wait for them to dry.

Dried Most of the Way:

Remember the Glitter Glue? Here's what those ended up looking like:

You can display them in a Mason jar, vase, pot, terrarium glass container, fishbowl or bowl:

Acorn Gems:

I heart the glitter ones:


Greens, Blues and Purples:

Reds and Pinks:

Perks on This Craft:
  • It's for anyone 
  • You don't have to pay a lot
  • We got out in nature 
  • It's colorful
  • It gave me time with Isaak
  • You can talk about what to collect and discuss colors with your child
What color do you like the most?

@nomadfootwear is the Place to Get Boots!

A few months ago I was excited to win boots from Nomad Footwear. I haven't have rain boots, since I was a kid. I was so excited to win!

Right when I got them I put them on because it was raining outside. I was thinking about saving them for my husband to give them to me. I just couldn't resist wearing them. Aren't they cute?!

I had a few struggles on my end when I won: 

What size do I get? My feet have grown after I had kids. I never thought that would happen. I wear special arch supports, so my shoes are a bit bigger than they need to be. I was happy that they fit just fine! 

What color should I get? I was torn between Kelly B Wine (Red) or Kelly B Black. What's one to do when they are torn between what to get? I asked them to send me one of those two. Whatever they had in stock the most. I would have been happy with whatever I got. Black does go with more, but I do have lots of grey, black, and wine colored shirts, and a coat for each of those colors. Black it is. :)

Now I have rain boots for the first time in years! 

Do you have rain boots? What color would you pick on this page

Join up with Nomad Footwear on facebook and twitter, so you can have the same opportunity to win some boots on their next giveaway like I did. 

Disclaimer: Nomad Footwear did not ask me to write this post. I'm writing this because I love the Kelly B boots they sent me.


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I am not compensated to provide opinions on a variety of topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are my own. If I claim to show knowledge of certain topic or product I will only endorse products or services that I feel, based on my expertise, are worthy of such endorsement.

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