Saturday, February 26, 2011

Make it a Hockey Night

  • None of us have ever been to a hockey game. I've always wanted to go to one just to see if it's as action packed as everyone describes them to be. 
  • My boss gave me tickets to go to one. Good seats too! 
  • Right before it was time to go Isaak was crying saying that his tummy hurt. He's been snotty, very snotty. I am thinking that his tummy hurting might of been because of post nasal drip. I've been trying to suck out what I can with one of those sucker bulbs, but only so much comes out. Then he snuffs much of it in. 
  • Anyhow, I ended up staying home with Isaak. He kept asking for Mommy. 
  • Daddy and Mica went to the ice hockey game.
  • The biggest thing Mica talked about: How much pizza he ate! Daddy bought him pizza because he didn't have to pay for the tickets or parking. 
  • Mica did ask Daddy to teach him how to ice skate, and how to play hockey. I really doubt Daddy can teach him all that. ;)
  • Daddy took a lot of pictures, but none of them have Mica in them. 
Mica liked this hot dog blimp!

Making His Bed

  • I washed Mica's sheets this morning. He asking me, "Mommy what should I do?" He had that board tone to his voice. 
  • I said, "Well Mica you could go make your bed." I was being sarcastic because I knew his sheets were in the dryer. The rest of his bedding was in a pile on his little table.
  • I was helping Isaak, and Mica was in his room having quiet play time. 
  • I didn't know he was in his room trying to make his bed.
I walked into Mica's room, and his bed looked like this:

Practically perfect for a 5 year old. Except for no sheets.
  • He did a great job! Remember the bedding was all in a pile on his little table.
  • I praised him, hugged him and told him that that he was a really good son. ;) Then told him the truth. I needed to take it all apart because I had to add the sheets on his bed. :(

A Few of Mica's Drawings

Mica worked hard on this drawing this morning. He used his Buzz figure as a reference. He got a little frustrated with the lettering because he has trouble with making the letter {S}. I helped him fix the letters the best I could. I feel like he's getting so good and observant!

This is a drawing he did yesterday of a house. That is a dog in the top part.

CSN | Stores Product Review

CSN | Stores contacted me for another product review. They have so many products in their stores!

We were in need of new salt and pepper shakers. I dropped our old pepper shaker. This is what it looked like:


CSN | Stores had quite a few salt and pepper shakers to choose from! We decided to go with OXO Good Grips Salt and Pepper Grinder Set that was originally $47.99, but now marked down to $39.89.

A few things about this product:
  • It's rated 5 stars on  CSN | Stores website. The rating is something I always look at before buying anything!
  • The set comes together. I found that a lot of grinders were sold separately.
  • The material is stainless steel.
  • It's easy to add the salt and pepper. Maybe a little too easy. Daddy didn't realize the bottle was loose and dumped pepper all over the counter. It's our fault for not checking it after it shipped to us.
  • The clear bodies allow you to see when they need to be filled back up.    
  • I was very happy to try our new salt and pepper shakers out for one of our breakfast's.
  • They really helped to make the perfect hard boiled egg!
  • The result: Totally yummy!!!!!!!!
Making a Perfect Egg:
Place eggs in a steamer. This way the eggs do not sit on the bottom of the pan where it's the hottest. We find they cook more even this way. Let them work up to a boil.
After the eggs hit a boiling point remove them off of the burner, but keep a lid on them for 15 minutes.

A perfect hard boiled egg!

Even more perfect with salt and pepper.

Please take some time to visit CSN | Stores! They do have such a great selection. If you are needing a new salt and pepper grinder set, I highly recommend this one!


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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pajama Time!

  • Today my boy's went to Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' house in their pajamas.
  • They didn't go there like that because we're lazy. 
  • Mica had Pajama Day for preschool
  • Mica's been asking about when it's going to be for two weeks. 
  • Isaak caught wind of it, and wanted to dress in his pajama's too. 
  • I brought clothing for them to change into if they need to go anywhere else. 
  • Later today pajama's might get a little cold. It's supposed to snow up to 3 inches by the end of the day. I'm not sure if that will happen or not. Nebraska's weather is unpredictable.

We Heart You Daddy - Sticky Notes

  • I had an idea. It was a sudden impulse idea. 
  • I told Mica and Isaak that when we got home we were going to do something special for Daddy.
  • I asked if they were going to help me? They were in!
  • I made tons of these sticky notes. Ya, this is not exactly an environmental, tree hugging plan. 
It Says "We Heart U Daddy". I made many of them!
  • Mica kept asking me where to put the sticky notes? Isaak kept needing help sticking them to things. But the boy's were super excited! 
  • It was like Easter watching them run around!
The sticky notes were all over the kitchen, stuck to the TV, stuck to Daddy's alarm clock, on all the doors, lets just say we put them everywhere!
  • Then Daddy got home. Mica ran to him and said, "Daddy you need to close your eye's." 
  • The boy's were on super speed then! They were running around sticking notes here and there. They looked like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off. Ok...not so nice of an image, but you get my point.
Daddy collecting notes.
  • Mica told Daddy where most of them were. ;)
  • Daddy enjoyed it!

Too Cute to Not Share!

  • Mica's really getting into art lately. 
  • That's not all he's into. He loves to write things out. They don't always come out spelled right. I love that he tries though!

This one say's, "Happy Birthday" only it's "Hapberthd". So cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Movie Night!

  • Now that Isaak will watch TV, movie nights are fun! We don't let our kids watch a lot of TV, but we do have an occasional movie night.
  • One thing we are not is with it when it comes to modern TV watching.  We don't have cable, Blu-Ray, high definition TV and more bells and whistles. 
  • Go Graham Go is hosting a great giveaway! 
  • Orville Redenbacher is giving away a whole movie package!
  • The package includes:
  1. A Blu-Ray Player
  2. $10 Snapfish Gift Certificate
  3. Movie Theater Candy
  4. 1 Free Rental From Redbox
  5. A Board Game
  6. Orville Redenbacher Pop and Win Popcorn

Wordless Wednesday - Proud of His Potty Accident

Potty accidents really are not a big deal to me. It happens. I just thought it was so funny that Isaak was so happy about his accident!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Travling Around Town

  • This morning we went to Borders to get a few books with Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs' Valentines gift cards.
  • The boy's were super excited!

Mica got this book:

I like the illustrations mixed with photography! It's a Caldecott Honor book.

Isaak got these books:

Isaak likes the shape of the bus. I liked that the Spot book was on the clearance rack, and it came with 3 stories on DVD!
  • Then we went to Nobbies. I had to get a few party game things for my cousins baby show next week.
  • Our last trip was to Costco. Isaak kept saying, "I want bamples please!" I could not tell what he was asking me at first! He was getting frustrated with me. Finally I figured out that "Bamples" are "Samples". He kept asking for samples over and over again. A few people laughed and one lady said, "He knows about the good stuff!"
  • In the car Isaak untied his shoes and said, "I tied my shoes Mommy." Little stinker! He also unraveled one of my favorite hats he has a week ago. 
  • Today the boy's both got an A+ while running errands. They were really good. No complaining. Isaak stayed dry.
  • I didn't need to make lunch when we got home thanks to all of Costco's samples, or should I say, "Bamples"! ;)


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