Friday, February 20, 2009


  • One of my friends (Monica) kid has RSV. Keep her in your thoughts. It's a rough thing to go through for the family and the kid with it. She has two other sicklings at home on top of that.
  • When Mica had his staph infection, RSV was ramped. Some of the nurses would come into his isolated room without their garb on. I was so nervous he would get it! Instead he got the Rota Virus, which now they have a vaccine for.
  • RSV is so hard to deal with. Your child can't breath right. I hope little Ellie gets through it fast.

Clap Your Hands

  • Isaak learned how to clap his hands. All we have to say is, "Yay" and he claps his hands. Too cute!

Another Fever Last Night

  • Isaak broke another fever last night. The doctor said if he had a fever until Friday to take him in again. He was recovering nicely all day yesterday though. He had no fever this morning. Sometimes I just don't know what to do.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Projectile Commercial

  • I love the commerical's for UK's, Marmite.
  • The link is:
  • Every time I watch, I crack up.
  • The product is a spread you put on bread, and their slogan is, "You Either Love it, or Hate it".
  • In this case the mom loves it, but the baby that's breast feeding hates it.

Sick Doctor Appointment

  • Isaak just has a bad cold. He's on no meds, except Motrin. The poor boy won't eat, sleep is hard, whiny and wants to be held. If he still has a fever, we have to go back in on Friday.
  • My kids always get sick right after their well visits.

High Temp

  • Isaak has had a fever for 2 days now. Last night it got really high. It was almost ER time, but the nurse told us to go in today. Now I'm waiting for them to open up at 8:30 AM.
  • He was fussy, hardly slept.
  • My work and Travis' has been swamped. It's hard getting away. I miss the good old days; when the mom stayed home. Now it seems both parents have to work full time to make ends meet.

Pants On How?

  • This is how Mica looked after a nap at my sister's house.
  • He dressed himself. Pants backwards, pockets inside out. At least he tried to dress himself.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weaned From the Binky

  • Isaak has been weaned from the binky for about 1 and 1/2 weeks. It's nice to not have to remember that extra thing. Plus it's better for his teeth. He started to play with it more then anything, so I figured it was a good time to wean him.
  • He is getting harder to go to sleep because he stands up and cries. It's not like the days when he would stay laying down with a binky to sooth him.
  • I always wanted a binky like the one shown, but never got either of my kids one like this. This is Photoshoped.

Ni Ni Ni Ni

  • Isaak now says, "Ni ni ni ni" for when he is sleepy.


  • My parent's were nice and allowed me to tag along with them to Costco on Sunday. They had samples all over the place! Mica was in heaven. He went up to every stand and asked, "Can I please have a sample sir"? It didn't matter if it was a woman or a man at the stand. I had to do a lot of apologizing to the women.
  • At one stand, the guy asked if he wanted a sample? Mica said, "I have my mouth full, see..." He opened up his mouth wide to show him the food in his mouth. I had to laugh. Another apology. I'm still laughing about that one.


  • We had a Valentine's dinner at Applebee's. They had to sit us right by a bunch of train memorabilia. Mica wouldn't shut up about all that! He had to go on and on to the waitress about how much he likes trains. Of course it was a busy night for them.
  • Isaak had a poop blow out. I had to change his whole outfit. With that and the flat tire, I felt very unlucky that day!

Flat Tire

  • Between my sister's house and my parent's house I got a flat tire! I've never had one before, so I'm glad my dad could help and my mom could babysit! I discovered it in my parent's driveway. I had to get a new tire; because the hole was close to the rim. $96 later, and 1/2 a days work we got everything done. It was in the front tire, so we had to take the back tire off too. Then move the back tire to the front, and the new tire on the back. Fun times!

Kung Fu Master

  • After the doctor's appointment we delivered a Valentine to my sister Angela's house. My nephew, Ethan is in Karate, and had his uniform on. Mica thinks he's going to be a Kung Fu Master like in the movie Kung Fu Panda.

Doctor's Appointment

  • Isaak had his 9 month check up over the weekend. He is 28.5" tall (64%), 18 lb (14%) and 44 cm on the head circumference (14%). Both my boys are long and skinny. Mica is fatter in the face than Isaak, but Isaak is fatter in the legs and tummy than Mica. They didn't even bring up the head circumference thing this time; last time they talked about how good it is that his head circumference was ok (because he had the meningitis they worry about the long term effects of it).
  • Isaak was good the whole time. Except when they gave him his shot; even then he didn't cry much. Mica per usual was very talkative. I gave him a Valentine to give to the nurse and one for the doctor. He's actually learned to sort of sign his name through us holding his arm to sign all his Valentines. Practice makes perfect. Now if we can get him to hold a scissors right to cut, he'll be doing good.
  • Dr. Harrison walked in and said, "Hi Isaiah!" I had to correct him. I just sort of laughed. He's a very good doctor, and is moving a ways away. We'll still go to him. I'm thankful that they'll take Sat. appointments! I've also been impressed with how he has personally called me to talk about Mica's tongue stuff, staph infection and Isaak's meningitis. Most of the time they just have a nurse call the mom. Harrison also came into the hospital when he was supposed to be out of the office.
  • Isaak's good and healthy. He's doing everything he's supposed to be doing. I'm sure he's not supposed to be waking up in the middle of the night, but we didn't go there. I still think with me working full time, it's his way of keeping up his milk supply. Then there is teething pain too. He wakes up only once to eat, and goes right back to sleep. We have the ok to put a blanket in his crib.
  • Mica showed off by saying the Preamble to the doctor. Travis taught him that. Mica gets so excited to see the doctor.


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