Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cutting Two More Teeth

  • We had a sleepless night last night because Isaak is cutting his top two teeth. I'm sure it will be a week or two before they finally pop all the way through.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daylight Savings

  • Daylight savings is the devil on kids. My kids are generally on a schedule; breaking that is very difficult on them, and secondary on us as parents. We even try having them go to bed and get up at the same time on weekends as weekdays (since Travis works on Sat and Sun.)
  • Mica does not want to get up in the morning! When before he was waking us up. I even try putting him to bed at the same time as before. My boy that was sort of dressing himself before; I have to peel out of bed and dress him myself during this transition. Mica, my good breakfast eater, hasn't been delightful this week.
  • Isaak is difficult going to sleep. His little body is an hour off. Then he's over tired because we have to wake him up to go in the morning.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot Pepper Cookies

  • These cookies aren't actually "hot".
  • The stem's are from photo's, the pepper's are cookie's.
  • Mica likes sugar cookies plain as well as frosted. He gets plain cookies most of the time. I add a little orange flavoring in the mix. This gives the plain cookies a little punch in flavor. They taste a bit like animal crackers.

Cacti Cookies

  • These cookies make me want to go visit Arizona again. So much fun!
  • We'll have to visit Uncle Cris and Aunt Carole again someday.
  • Mica remembers their bird "Daffy" and Grandpa Apel's kick butt bike, and he wasn't even two years old when we went.
  • I crushed up baking m&m's to put on the cacti.
  • The rest is multiple pictures!

All the People That I Love

  • Mica picked up my sister Terra's family picture, listed off their names, and said "Mommy this is all people that I love". I thought it was pretty cute.

Personality Comes Out

  • Isaak is really getting a personality. He just smiles most the time. Even when he's crying and has the slanting eyebrows, I can get a smile out of him.
  • He claps when you say, "yay", throws his arms up in the air when you ask him, "How big are you?", and he waves backwards (sometimes).
  • He's on the move all the time now (crawls fast)! We have to watch what is on the floor because everything goes in the mouth. His favorite place is under the kitchen table (gross).
  • When you say, "Isaak come here" he actually comes.
  • He lights up whenever Mica is in the room. He thinks his big brother is funny, and is easily amused by him.


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