Saturday, March 20, 2010

YES I Won!

Elijah's Birthday Party

  • Our nephew's Evan and Elijah are only a few months older in age to our kid's.
  • Elijah turns 2 this Wednesday. We celebrated his party tonight.
  • We got him a bucket of safari animals from Animal Planet and the kid's CD from Juice Box Hero's called No Sugar Added. My younger sister Terra is the one in the photo with Elijah.
    Ready for cake!

Old Man Eric

  • Here's my Brother-in-Law caught sleeping at my nephew's birthday party.
  • It always seems to be a male that is caught sleeping in my family.
  • He looks like someone that you wouldn't want to mess with in fear that he'd kick your butt.
  • I assure you that he has a very kind soul under that bad ass exterior.
  • Uncle Eric is a firefighter, so he spends time saving people's lives.


  • A day of cleaning.
  • Since I was in a special shoe that was hard taking off and on the floor has been getting extra dirty.
  • The boy's helped sort of. Mica held the dust pan for me, while Isaak tried to sweep up the pile of dirt with his play broom, or just steps/sits in the pile of dirt. It's the thought that counts, right?
  • Mica told me that Isaak would help me vacuum. That was until I told Mica that we could vacuum up our hair like we did last time. They love playing with the vacuum. That's the only way I can get them to help.
  • Mica is really focused. He sticks his tongue out while he vacuums up the dirt.

Taste of Sun

  • On Thursday it was so nice to spend one on one time with Isaak.
  • We loved how it was nice and sunny!
  • My family was teasing us that we need to cut Isaak's hair. We want it longer. Aunt Terra puts it in hair clip on the top of his head. Is it not ok to have longer hair for a boy? Am I missing something. I've seen kids with longer hair. It just has to get past the awkward stage of being in the middle of short and long.
  • He doesn't get messy with food that often, and his hair is super thin. Mica's hair is thick, so we keep it fairly short.
  • I don't like that boy's all seem to have the same cut, short boy hair cut.
  • We want Isaak's hair to eventually look like this:
  • I admit that I do need to start using the Le Baby Hair Gel I have. If I just wet my fingers, apply a dab of gel, his hair stays out of his eyes pretty good.

Hop On Board the Potty Train!

  • Potty Train is one of the last books I got from Scholastic's.
  • I got it for Isaak, but Mica tries to steel it by putting it on his book shelf.
  • It's all about hoping on board the potty train and going poo poo, instead of toot toot.
  • I had never heard of the book, but thought it might be interesting to Isaak since both boys like trains. Sure enough it seems to be a hit.

Happy Birthday

  • Isaak was singing, Happy Birthday to "Melmo" Elmo in the car.
  • I so wish I could of captured it on video.
  • It was so cute!

Feeling a Little Nutty?

  • On our trip to MO. the boys got a special treat. Something they've never had.
  • They got their first taste of Nutty Bars. I know that they aren't healthy. I just gave them something fun for the trip.
  • They both LOVE them! We had extra's, and I gave them one this morning for a snack.

Easter Giveaway

Anne Geddes

Bouncing Robot

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bounce House

Warm Then Cold

  • I hate the mix of weather! It was very warm yesterday. Our kid's were outside with short sleeves on.
  • Today it's snowing, and starting to accumulate on the grass and rooftops.
  • Time to pull back out the long sleeve shirts and warm jackets.

Taking Care of Business

  • I had to go to the DMV today. We received a title for our car, but it had Daddy's middle initial on it wrong. I already called Honda about it. They said that it must of been the Treasury's fault because it's right on their copy of the title.
  • I took it in, and they have to look into it. They'll charge us a $10 fee if they find out it's our fault. It could be our fault if we had signed something in regards to our car with his middle initial wrong.
  • This is so annoying considering that I already checked into it, with Honda.
  • I miss how in the south the DMV's are in the grocery stores! That was so convenient!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Picture People

  • I took the day off today. Daddy has a one day art show today that my friend's Mark and Andrew invited him to put some of his work into today. He was getting ready for that, and I decided to take Isaak to get his pictures taken.
  • Later on I'm getting both boys together. Then in August I'm taking Mica to get his pictures taken.
  • The first two are the one's I got. I thought Daddy would like the football one. I got the chair one because that's the one I like. The chair one is the one I got for family.
  • There were about 3 or 4 pictures of Isaak that were cute, but Isaak had a funny smile. He was biting his lower lip.
  • Then these were others that I like, but didn't get.
  • I kind of hate going by myself, and deciding. It's so difficult. A few times I came home with photo's and Daddy was like, "Why did you get that one?" I'd much prefer a second opinion.
  • I base my decision on how his hair looks, shirt and collar are laying, composition and of course his expression. His hair kept getting staticky because it's so fine. A huge pet peeve of mine, it that sometimes picture places like to put their toes right on the edge of a photo.


  • I know Gymboree is a little more expensive then some other stores, but the clothing is so cute!
  • I went into other kid's clothing stores, and for Mica's age in particular, I can't stand their selection.
  • I had a 20% off coupon in Gymboree, plus all the shirt's were on sale.
  • I decided to get the boy's Easter outfits that the Easter Bunny will leave for them, and they can wear them for their birthday's too.
  • Isaak's really into puppies, his birthday party theme will be puppies. So I got him:
  • Mica will be 5 in August, so I thought it would be fun to get him this dog shirt giving a high 5.
  • Mica's going to have a robot party, so I got him this robot shirt.

Another Curious George Giveaway!

  • Jolly Mom is giving away a Curious George Prize Pack!
  • The Prize Pack includes: The DVD, CD soundtrack, and book.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Toilet Paper

  • Isaak got a hold of the toilet paper roll once again.
  • This time Daddy forgot to take the roll away from his reach. The last time this happened it was me that forgot.
  • Daddy walked in and Isaak did not look up right away. There was less then a 1/4 of the roll left on the roll.
  • Little Punk!
  • You gotta love his reading material, Everyone Poops.

I'm a Green and White Stripped Tiger

  • I'm wearing a green and white stripped shirt today in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I'm not too into St. Patrick's Day, but I try and dress the part if I have something green.
  • Dressing the boy's in green was a chore. The only true green they had were their green and white sweater's. It's slightly too warm to wear a sweater.
  • Mica said to me, "Mommy I really like your shirt today!"
  • I said, "Thank you Mica."
  • He looked at me again and said, "You look like a tiger."
  • I said, "I've never seen a green and white stripped tiger. That would be a cool site."
  • He smiled and said, "Yes it would."

Adorable Baby

  • My Wee View is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Adorable Baby
  • There are a few things I really like on this site.
  • I love their rock and roll lullaby CD's. They have a lot of them on their site.
  • I also like the Melissa and Doug Magnetic Calendar.

Curious George 2 Soundtrack

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bye, Bye Phone

  • Isaak talked to Grandma Spiehs tonight.
  • When it was time to put him to bed Isaak kept saying, "Bye, bye phone". He said it five times over again.

New Words

  • Like I said before Isaak says too many new words to blog about now.
  • There were a few that have been pretty cute lately. He pointed at the toilet paper and said that clear as day. After the first time it wasn't as clear.
  • Then I was listening to Mica and Isaak play out in the living room. Isaak was saying, "What dat?" (that) over and over again. Mica was answering him. One of the things was a Fisher Price Little People. Isaak said, "What's dat?" Mica said, "People". Isaak said, "Oh people". It was pretty cute that they were interacting.

Pendant Giveaway

Scrabble Tile Pendant - Colorful Peacock Feather I love this one because Mica loves peacocks.
Scrabble Tile Pendant - Create Dictionary Definition Typewriter Style I like this one because I work at a place where I see creation all the time.

Frappachino = Yummy!

  • Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous is giving away to 1 reader Starbucks Light Frappachino's (2 Vanilla/2 Mocha) AND a $10 Starbucks gift card!
  • I've never had a Frappachino, but they look tasty!

Eco Bebe Boutique Giveaway

  • My Wee View is giving away a $50 gift card to Eco Bebe Boutique.
  • I really like the Potty Praiser starter pack the most! I have to admit that I really like this just because this is where Isaak is at. He's doing well for me, but doesn't do as well for Aunt Terra and Grandma and Grandpa Spiehs.
  • The Potty Praiser starter pack includes 2 Potty Praiser washable hemp liners and 1 potty Praiser training underpant, 1 poster and a sleeve of matching stickers along with one magic doodle pen.
  • I love how you can draw on the training pants, and when they get wet the drawing disappears. Once the training pants are washed, you can start all over again with a new drawing.

Who is Your Favorite Princess?

  • Who is your favorite Disney princess? I think mine is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.
  • I love her name. Aurora was one of the names on our name list for girl's. It can be shortened to Rory. The only problem is that the name doesn't roll off your tongue easily.
  • Feisty, Frugal, and Fabulous is giving away two copies of The Princess and the Frog 3-Disc Combo Packs.

California Pizza Giveaway

  • I think their Mediterranean Plate looks good.
  • So does their Chicken Club Sandwich!

Curious Chef

  • Mica and Isaak fight over who is going to help me in the kitchen when I'm using the mixer.
  • They love to dump stuff into it (I make sure I turn it off before they dump stuff in).
  • They have a blast helping me out.
  • My Wee View is giving away a 6 Piece cookie cutter gift set from Curious Chef which includes:
  1. Large Silicone Mixing Spoon
  2. Whisk
  3. Nylon Cookie Turner
  4. Non Stick Rolling Pin
  5. Bear Cookie Cutter
  6. Butterfly Cookie Cutter

Now What Baby Turns 2!

  • The site Now What Baby is turning 2 years old.
  • They are celebrating by giving away many cupcake things. YUMMY :P
Cupcake Celebration

Lennah Jewelry

  • Since Daddy makes jewelry, I look at designs often.
  • I have to admit, I do like some of the Mommy necklaces. They are fairly new. I have one that I bought from Mom4Life. Isaak loves to chew and pull on it. I know it's ok for him to do that. It's for teething.
  • My Organized Chaos is giving away one mommy necklace from Lennah - Jewelry for Today's Mama.
  • I had a tie for my favorite. I like both Madison and Abby. I love that you have different options for stone shape.

I'm a Weiner!

  • I'm officially a weiner. I get to wean off my orthopedic boot! It should take 9 days.
  • The doctor said it looks great on the x-ray's and just by moving my foot around.
  • I'm starting the weaning process tomorrow since I didn't bring a left shoe to wear.
  • The only way I'll have to go back in is if I feel any pain in a month. The doctor said that sometimes they will send people to physical therapy if they are still feeling any pain. He said that I shouldn't have to go to physical therapy unless it does start to hurt later on.
  • So yes I'm a weiner this week and part of next. I'm weaning off my boot.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting Home

  • The boy's played with their toy's tonight like they were gone for a month.
  • Mica kept asking for Daddy to turn the car around, and go back to MO in the car, but I think he missed home too.
  • I got laundry done. We worked together to put most of the stuff away.


  • Our only stop in Kansas City this time, was Crown Center. We only went to the train restaurant, Fritz's and a toy store.
  • I wasn't expecting the long line at Fritz's. I just thought that since it was Monday, we'd be in the clear of a lot of traffic. Boy was I wrong. The boys did have fun regardless of all the people!
  • This train is in front of the restaurant.
  • The boy's got these conductor hat's. Isaak wouldn't wear his. He was just too busy watching the train's go around Fritz's.
  • Here Daddy is ordering the food. This is where the confusion began. He asked for 6 Chicken Nugget's, they asked him if it was for a kid's meal and he said, "Yes". Our food came and there were only 5 nuggets. We give them to the boy's to split, so we had to call back in. Needless to say, we had two hungry boys staring at food they couldn't eat just yet.
  • Here's how the food travels to your table. Of course the photo is blurry because the train was on the move.


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